Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Love Two Men and I'm Keeping Them Both - Part II

Well, after much criticism and nagging from my husband (love you, honey!), asking me who the second man that I love is, I am here to continue my personal saga.

My strange symptoms that were undiagnosed by many of my Primary Doctors and dismissed by many of the Specialists were finally given names. Now, many people would say that "misery loves company" but I was so happy to have something that explained my aches and  pains that I really didn't care what other people thought at that point. I was given instructions on how to fix it and that's what mattered to me. That and the fact that I could be fixed. I could drive my children to school again and not feel as if I was going to pass out. I could clean my house without having to lay down on the couch for a week afterwards. I could start to think clearly again and just to enjoy the simply things that I had missed. That is priceless to me.

The next hurdle was dealing with my Primary Doctor. Why? Because sometimes I do need to see my regular Primary Physician and if I have to, the last thing that I want to see is another person rolling their eyes at me when I list off the supplements that I am taking. I don't care if they have been to Medical School, I don't care if they have read studies that say that the supplement that I take has no known factual evidence to fix my issue. I don't care if they don't believe in what Dr. A is doing for me. What I do care about is being able to be seen, not having to wait one month to see them and to be treated pleasantly when I am there. I am a very simple person to please. And, in my last Primary Doctor's defense, I do have to say that she did try her best to help me. For the most part, it was her associates that were horrible and the scheduling that did not allow me to see her.

Onward. This led me to my second "love", another Integrative Doctor who we will call Dr. B (get it, Dr A, Dr B...). The same thing happened as the first time- I had been discouraged with trying to see my Doctor and I asked the universe for help. (Please don't think I am strange, I was just at that point and I needed answers, so you do what works for you) Then, one morning I was driving the kids to school and the sign was literally right in front of me. Well, on the side of the road but it seemed like it had been put there for me. Did I read that right? Integrative Family Practice? Avoiding a car accident as I tried to read the sign the next time I passed, I decided to search online.

To my satisfaction, yes they were a real medical practice AND they take insurance! This may sound silly but many Integrative Doctors in my area either don't take insurance or they don't take MY insurance. So this was extremely helpful as well. The office staff was pleasant and cheerful and other than having to complete a mini book on my life for the appointment, I was very happy with the visit. Again, I had found a Doctor that listened to me and did not roll his eyes. I left feeling like he not only agreed with what I was doing to change my health but I felt comfortable bringing my children to him as well because they are a Family Practice.

Why bring the kids? Do I not like their Pediatrician? Of course I do, but both of my children are old enough now where they only go to the Doctors if they are sick. And with much of the information that I have found over the past few years, I feel that it's important to be able to offer my children a better option at health as well. I am not saying that I don't believe in medicine or mainstream medical thought. I simply want to give them a chance to be treated and respected. I don't care if they are only children- they are my children and they are important to me.

That was six months ago. I am happy with my Doctors and my treatment options. I am healthier than I was almost three years ago but still fighting to get back to optimal health. I have been blessed to have met these amazing people as well as so many of my clients that have similar issues. Again, it's not misery loves company. It's more like knowledge is power. I have felt my new clients hesitating to tell me their odd symptoms and I can understand because they too are starting to figure out their own puzzle. They don't need another person rolling their eyes at them. I am here to support whomever I can. I am here to continue my journey and share it with other people to make them stronger. I am here to tell people that you should question your Doctors if you feel, deep down, that something is still not right. Would you rather have done too much or too little? Never second-guess yourself based on what someone else tells you. Don't let anyone take away your motivation to get better. It's your health, your life and in the long run, the most important person will not be the Doctors that didn't want to help you, it will be those who did.


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  2. That is quite the journey you and your family have been on! I know how frustrating it can be when faced with an illness that seems to have no end. My son suffered for many years from eczema...I did a lot of my own researching to help to find answers along with the help of paid off in the end! So far so good! Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles