Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ode to an EpiPen

A poetic look at how an EpiPen can change your life...

Ode to an EpiPen
How can I explain
The uncertainty, the fear and the pain
This could be my last breathe before I die
You could save me, you could be the one to make me feel alive.

The inner conflict on what is right and what is wrong
My need to live is so very strong
One simple error could be the cause of my demise
And the never-ending sad and lonely cries.

My thoughts are muddled and don't make sense
If I use you, I would feel the rush of life- it would be intense
Is it right or is it wrong to do
I feel my pulse begin to weaken and I cannot choose.

I am slipping away into a dark place
My breathe is labored and my heart begins to race
Will someone find me like this, unprotected
Who knew one small thing would be regretted.

To feed my body, this is the thing of life
Instead, this morsel can damage worse than a knife
My brain comes alive and weakly I reach for you
Suddenly, common sense kicks on and I know what to do.

I push down blindly- counting, hoping, praying
There is no movement, I feel my dimension swaying
The pain is not there
All I feel is the rush of air.

I feel my life begin to come back to me all at once
The gurgling of my open throat and the grunts
Tears stream down my face as agony disappears
The true feeling of just being alive is so sincere
Now I know what to do and when
With one simple device- my lifesaver, my EpiPen.

Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away, which mean food, food and more food!
Remember to always have your Twin Pack EpiPen with you- an allergic reaction can happen at any moment. Not having an EpiPen could be the difference between life and death. There is no excuse- love yourself enough to keep it with you, always.
~ Tracy

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