Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LUNA and the Bear

Reading my posts, you all know that this food allergy mama loves to sample her products but even (secretly) loves it more when only I get to taste them. Selfish...yeah but I think many moms will agree that once you have children, it's almost a fight to enjoy your own foods without little faces finding you wherever you may be hiding. Don't get me wrong- I absolutely love those little faces but I also love being able to start and finish a meal without the added bonus of backwash, teeth marks, second-hand slobber and so on. Come on mommies, don't make me look bad many of you now eat standing at the kitchen sink in silence, hoping you can escape the pitter patter of little feet? (hand raised) It's not that we are selfish, it's that we are just hungry!

Backtrack to when I got this sweet package from LUNA Bar in the mail to try out. I mean how adorable is this? It's all matchy-matchy and it's got a theme to it. Mom's are suckers for themes! Along with the new flavors of Lemon Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut Almond, they sent over a headband, face towelettes, a nail file and lip balms that are in the same flavors as the bars!!! It's like a little mommy-spa box. I'm in!

So imagine my horror when I went to try it out and lo and behold, my goodies were already being put to the test! Who is sneaky and devious enough to accomplish such a thing? Never in a million years would I have suspected....

Gasp! Are you rubbing your eyes too?! I mean really, come on now! Mr. Bear- who do you think you are exactly? Taking my bars and trying on my headband, the nerve! (Although, he does look really cute and stylin', you have to admit). Ok, I'll let that one slide but let's get this put in a nice safe place for my product review later.

(Shortly in the near future) Mr. Bear, shame!!! You have already opened the Lemon Vanilla LUNA Bar and I haven't even picked it up yet! Well, you do look cozy and it does look mighty tempting so let's get a closer look at what we are dealing with here....Hmmmm. OK, I'll try it out. Do you have any coffee left in that teeny, tiny mug of yours to wash it down? Mmmmmm! It's creamy and lemony. Kind of like an iced lemon tartlette! Definitely an easy gluten free treat that I could eat again. Not too sweet but it has just enough to make me feel like I am eating something that I should not be. Good choice, Mr. Bear. Now let's wait until tomorrow to try the other bar, ok? (Mr. Bear nods and winks)

Mr. Bear, I almost stepped on you, what on earth are you doing down there? Oh, I see, you have gotten into the LUNA Bar box again! Very cute and yes, I cannot do that. Yes, it does look good, I do love chocolate and you do look extra cuddly like that. Alright, you win. Besides, is there ever a bad time for chocolate? I think not. Chocolate Coconut Almond LUNA Bar, here we go! (chewing, sharing with Mr. Bear because it is gluten free and he is allergic to gluten. Makes his paws swell.) Yum! It's like Hawaii meets an Almond Joy candy bar (sorry, LUNA, no offense by using the other product name, just my way to describe it). Wait, just to make sure, I should take another bite to confirm. Yep. Wait, maybe just one more. Oh my gawh..... good, so so good! I mean, both are good but I am partial to chocolate.

Wow, I am stuffed and I am ready to get back to work. Mr. Bear, I think it's about time you took your afternoon nap so that I can - Mr. Bear? Hello? I caught you! That's it- you are in a time out, buddy!

Many thanks to the folks at LUNA Bar for sending me such delicious samples to try out. I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of your products and what better way to be involved? For more information on LUNA Bars, please visit them at

**Please note that while LUNA Bars are free of gluten, they do contain other possible allergens such as soy, milk and nuts. I recommend that everyone read the labels and check with LUNA Bar directly to ensure your safety. Always better safe than sorry.

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