Friday, August 29, 2014

Food Allergy Bloggers Conference- I Will Be the "Smartest" Blogger There

Those of you who follow my sites know that the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is coming up in Las Vegas September 26-28th (yay!). Although I was unable to go to the first one last year, I was determined to get there this year! Between the guest speakers, the awesome line up of daily sessions and the swag (ohhhh, the rumors of the swag bags!) I cannot wait to get there and soak up even more food allergy knowledge to share with all of you. I do want to remind everyone that this would not be possible without my gracious sponsors that believed in me enough to help me make this into a reality.

With this being said, I would like to make a formal thank you announcement to my third wonderful sponsor Smart Flour Foods. 

Why I Love Them- I was lucky enough to find them at an expo in Georgia a few months ago. They were there, among the vast tables of foods but the pizza.. oh.. my.. gawh!! I tried to resist but between the smell, the oozy, fresh pizza and the taste- I could not help myself. I was in pure, gluten free heaven! Flash forward to me posting an ever-so delightful to do product review (missed it? No worries, you can read it now, HERE) and thus began one of the best, gluten free relationships I have had yet.

Why They Are So Special- We all know that gluten free products tend to be rice or potato based. Smart Flour Foods products have the advantage of being made with an ancient grains base, which include amaranth, sourghum and teff. Plain and simple- it means their products have more minerals, vitamins and fiber. And since everyone is always saying "You are what you eat" their items give you the added bonus of eating all of the right things and tasting delicious in the process.

Where You Can Try Them-  No worries, Smart Flour Foods is available in many places! Who has a Mellow Mushroom locally? (I do, I do!) I am happy to share that Smart Flour Foods gluten free pizzas are available all across the United States at the Mellow Mushroom. That means you can go out for pizza with your friends- woo hoo!

Smart Flour Foods also offers desserts, pizza crusts, gluten free flour blends and hamburger buns. Intrigued and ready to try them out? If you do not have close access to said restaurant, you can also use their product locator available right on their website at You can also catch them on Facebook or Twitter to see what other great information and deals they can offer you.

Again, a huge HUGE thank you to the wonderful peeps at Smart Flour Foods. I am honored and proud to be sponsored by your company at such an important allergy awareness event. I know together, we can rock the food allergy world one tasty meal at a time.

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