Saturday, January 31, 2015

GF Jules Flour Review

Recently, Vegetarian Mamma had a special limited time offer of a free sample of GF Jules flour (missed it? Click here). STOP!Wait, FREE?! You all know that I am a freebie junkie so after I shared this offer, I quickly applied myself as well (yeah, I said it and I am proud of it!). In my defense, I am a mom on a budget just like all of you and I was able to see what everyone raves about with her flour. Can I just say that I was surprised at how fast it arrived as well? Jules is definitely on the ball and knows her stuff! Free, gluten free and fast- awesome.

Flash forward to Saturday morning when I didn't have a clue of what to make for breakfast. Alas, the sample packet from Jules taunted me, stared at me even. Upon checking the ingredients needed, I was excited to see that I had everything that I needed (even the frozen blueberries that I needed to use up). So on this cold morning,on went my oven and out came my apron. I substituted the butter with Winona Pure Oil Popcorn Butter Spray, used Ener-G powdered egg replacer for the egg and Almond Breeze Almond milk (we are peanut allergic, not almond allergic). I followed the enclosed recipe (thanks Jules!) and even channeled another great allergy-friendly cook via kitchen utensil (hey, it can't hurt, right?). The recipe states the mix makes approximately 6 muffins so I decide to go mini on this one- perhaps I could appeal to my picky children's visual temptation for them to look similar to those horribly processed, already-bagged blueberry muffins that you see in so many store. I also admit that while I was filling my mini muffin tray, I thought of my sweet friend Gratefulfoodie and silently wondered if she had a mini scoop for mini muffins....this is just how Nutrimom's brain works- constant, random thoughts but usually in a good way.

The verdict? Not only were these the most delicious smelling muffins but they were completely yummy! The texture was perfect- fluffy and light, almost as if there were marshmallows in them (if that makes sense) and I was happy that they came out so well with no "tweeks" (I have often found that products I use still require tweeking to come out successfully good). Check them out- aren't they adorable and delicious looking?! (I know, I have a strange fascination with foods but I am ok with that).

Did they pass NutriSon's Test? I am constantly sharing how picky my son is..which is unbelievable to me since I am Nutrimom, he is my son and he should (technically) be eating everything, right? (Buzzer) Nope- picky, picky, picky! Texture issues. As I digress.... And what was his take on these blueberry muffins (and, did I mention, he doesn't like blueberries?). Let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words~

NutriSon hates pictures but was ok with his hand showing
You will notice there are NONE LEFT! I had one, ONE!!! Because, for some odd reason, my children think that I have a secret storage building under the house that contains endless, already-cooked foods for whenever I need it. Moms, I know you all know what I am talking about.

Thanks to GF Jules & VegetarianMamma for doing this for everyone. They did not ask me to post a review- I was so happy with the outcome that I felt it was just necessary. Please stop by both of their websites and give them a peek as well (make sure you tell them Nutrimom sent you so they give you some TLC).
My son is still walking around the house repeating "That's really freaking good!" (the Jersey in us)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Have YOU Paid it Forward?

photo courtesy
After the holiday, I came across a Facebook page for "Pay it Forward". For those of you who are unsure about this, the Pay it Forward movement is a yearly event (although everyone is encouraged to do this anytime of the year) where people do something for someone else without expecting anything in return. This could be anything at all- buying someone a cup of coffee, helping out if you see
someone struggling with a door, giving out a coat to someone who doesn't have one, etc. When I saw this, I realized it was an opportunity to mix my passion for helping others and some great companies that would want to do the same.

I am happy to say that in the minimal amount of time that we had to pull this together, my plan was put into action and today, January 26th, there will be ten local families that will be getting a surprise bag of food items sent home to them. These are ten anonymous families that were chosen byMrs. Debbie Williams and although I may never meet them, I hope that our Pay it Forward bag helps them understand that there are people out in the world who wanted to help them, even if it was one bag of food. NutriFamily had a blast putting these bags together, knowing they were more than just bags. My only wish is to be able to do even more next year.

For the most part, we tried to keep the selections allergy-friendly in hopes that if the family has someone with food allergies, they would know that we were thinking of them but also for a family who does not have food allergies, I wanted to be able to share great foods that they may not normally look for or even know exist. As you can see, each bag contains enough food items for a few meals as well as a note explaining why they were getting the bag of goodies.

I would also like to thank the people that helped me with this as well:

I hope that these families enjoy what we have put together for them and I hope it let's them go to sleep tonight with a feeling of a bit more comfort and peace. I wish I could have done more, helped more families or provided more but this gives me a goal to surpass each year going forward. I encourage all of you to show someone that there are still good people in the world. There should be no looking back, only looking forward- how will you choose to do this in 2015 and the years to follow?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

After-Holiday Giveaway NOW!

In true Nutrimom fashion, I could not help but gather bunches of wonderful companies together to give everyone a chance to enter yet another contest. I like to give back when I can, I like to share products that I find along my journey and I am so grateful when they help me to give back to all of you as well. And, it seems that perhaps I just cannot help myself as each giveaway seems to get bigger than the last one. Don't believe me? My last giveaway was 9 brands, 36 items and that was so much fun for me to watch all of you enter & share (missed it? Click here). But alas, my spirit grew listless again and so, I began my new quest and I was again surprised at how many companies were just as excited as I was to give all of you a wonderful gift after the holidays.

Details, we need details, don't we?! 
In short, this contest will run from January 8-16th (2 winners to be announced on January 19th). And although I arranged all of our companies, Brothers-All-Natural was kind enough to be our giveaway host on their site (thanks guys, you rock!).

Prizes, What are the Prizes?!
Ok, you asked for it. Hold onto your seats because this one is a doozy! 2 winners will each receive:

Ready to Enter? 


Enter and share, share, share (please share) 

Just a gentle reminder- to show how grateful you are that all of these companies wanted to do this for you, please make sure you visit their sites and give them a "Like". The more attention they get, the more we get too!