Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Where Can Go Veggie Go?

I blog. I have random thoughts. I love product reviews and I am a self-professed #KitchenGeek. I cannot explain what happens inside of my mommy brain other than I just go with it and I believe having fun is absolutely a must in this day and age. Life is too crazy and stressful and having food allergies will always be stressful. So when we can steer away from the everyday stress and fears of dealing with food allergies, I do my very best to get everyone around me to do the same. You must laugh, you must allow your food allergy fears to give you new perspectives on life and you must remember that food allergies are a blessing in disguise....see, I bet some of you are laughing at that.

So what does a food allergy blogger like me think of when I receive a box of Go Veggie Foods Chive & Garlic Vegan Spread & Dip Minis to try out before it's even on their own website? I can tell you that we have used their 8 ounce size products for awhile now and in my strange, blogger-brain that runneth over, the first words that came into my head when I asked myself where I would eat this was "Everywhere". Low and behold, one of my favorite books came into mind and I felt it was my duty to pay homage to both of these items that I enjoy so much. Think about it- I'm having fun, I am being creative and, well, I did get a lot of strange looks but that makes it even more fun!

Ladies and gentleman, may I present my Go Veggie Foods product review Dr. Seuss style-

Would you like them here or there?

YES! Between the two, I do prefer here rather than there only because the grass was wet with morning dew and I had heels on while taking the picture. Do the minis that are "here" taste any better? NO! Just as good, just closer. I do want to assure all of you that I did not leave the other minis "there" as I refuse to share with the backyard wildlife. Sharing is nice but only with friends and family, Plus, I recycle so....

Would you like them in a house?

YES! I would like them in a house! And, for the record, I usually am in a house when I eat them (how convenient!)....the book does not stipulate what kind of house, what size house so I figured, why not give NutriDaughter's dollhouse a chance too?! Sharing, it's all about sharing and these minis are the right size for that. Plus, if they spill, it's not my kitchen to clean up (just sayin').

Would you like them with a mouse?

Um.....well, maybe not with a mouse. Definitely alone, maybe even next to the mouse but this photo required me to find a local (not so fresh-smelling) pet store and if I had to eat the Go Veggie mini there, I would but I prefer not too. I mean, the mouse sure seemed all gung-ho but I would be concerned that my Go Veggie might pick up a little something icky if I chose to eat with a mouse. Sorry mouse.

Would you eat them in a box?

Trick question! Technically, they are already in a box. So, am I required to climb into the box while I am eating it? Do I need to take it out of the box, prepare something and then put it back into the box...like a self-carry kind of thing? This was unclear and I don't think cardboard and Chive & Garlic minis would taste very good together. I WOULD, however, lick any that may drop onto the box while smearing but only if it was the inside of the box (because the outside...how many people have touched it, including the mouse) and only if nobody was looking or everybody would be like "Yeah, gross, Nutrimom just licked the GoVeggie box, what's up?"

Would you eat them with a fox?

YES! I mean, look how polite he is and all- sitting at the table, he brushed his fur and washed his paws. Definitely a bit more sanitary than the mouse. And he's patient- he posed for the picture so I'm thinking a fox is ok in my book. But, being a fox, he may also not understand that the Go Veggie spread needs to be removed from the packaging before eating so I will clarify this to save any possible wasting of the product.

Would you? Could you? In a car?

YES- but very, very cautiously! Same principles apply as with driving and texting- you must be parked and you must be pulled over. Eating and driving can take innocent lives people and innocent Go Veggie minis in the process. Always enjoy your Chive & Garlic spread responsibly. That and if you drop it in the car, you know that stuff is gonna really smell strong once the hot weather rolls around again.

You may like them in a tree!

Yes, we may and we do! NutriDaughter decided that she was feeling kind of left out since she loves the Go Veggie minis too. Do you see the sheer intent in her smile?! Trying to look all innocent but in reality, she is taunting me! She did like them in a tree but then she promptly ran into the house (our real house, not the doll house) and refused to share....she must get that from her father.

A train! A train! A train! A train! Could you, would you on a train?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I would on a train! As you can see, the minis are compact enough to travel just about anyway. Just a thought- if you are attempting a smaller train, as pictured above, make sure the mini has not been previously opened by someone who is attempting to eat your product stock. Such an occurrence causes leakage, oily train tracks and mothers that are left with the empty hopes and wishes of indulging in a treat that cannot be indulged in. Plus, it's just plain rude to waste it the precious cargo.

In the dark? Here in the dark! Would you, could you, in the dark?

I could. I did. But you would not see me if I ate it in the dark so what would the point of that be? Unless, you are a mom who now eats in hiding because you have learned that this is the only way to eat something without having to share, forfeit or just "give a bite" to and not feel guilty for wanting your own food...without second-hand slobber. Don't get me wrong- you love that slobber and I would most definitely give my child anything but it's so nice to eat just one thing for yourself. But the dark- my other issue with this- SPIDERS! I don't like them, they may be lurking in the dark and then I would just plain freak out, not eat the Go Veggie mini and probably run into something on the way out while screaming. (Did I mention I hate spiders?)

Would you, could you, in the rain?

Yes. All things are possible in the rain! Except to stay dry. And maybe roller skating.

Could you, would you, with a goat?

OK, let me explain this one- obviously, no goat. I tried to find a goat, I had tons of people sending me weird pictures of goats, asking if their goat could be in the picture (who knew a goat was such a hot topic?). So instead, please enjoy this lovely picture I took when I was overjoyed to find the Go Veggie minis right at our own local Whole Foods.

Would you, could you on a boat?

Yes (not on this boat, per say because I would definitely break it) but I would. However, if you are the seasick type, I recommend you either skip Go Veggie or pre-treat with anti-nausea meds. The only thing worse than wasting a mini is to watch it return (hack, gag)...oh, the horror!

Final Thoughts In all seriousness, my family has been a huge fan of Go Veggie Foods and I appreciate them allowing me to not only post a product review on this brand new item but also allow me to utilize my blogger weirdness along the way. If you are ready to try them out for yourself, you can visit them at http://www.goveggiefoods.com/. Although I was not compensated to write this product review other than getting the products themselves, please be kind and let them know that Nutrimom sent you over.

<3 A special thank you to Dr. Seuss for being such an inspiration all of these years <3 

As always, never any compensation except for the products themselves to review as all of my reviews are always honest