Monday, November 30, 2015

Cuz It's Banana Your Business

Today is December 1st. (please tell me you did not just recheck your calendar or schedule- ha!) I wanted to let all of you know that I have a special December giveaway with chances to win for all 31 days!!! Are you awake now? Did I peak your interest? Ok, here's the deal-

A few weeks ago, I came across Banana it's not water from a banana but I will let that one slide since both NutriKids already asked me that (and, during the holidays, it's good to be funny). You all know I like to share and you all know some of my past giveaways have been pretty decent and fun. 2015 has been an awesomely busy year and I realized that I haven't had as many giveaways as I had in the past. This made me sad. You know I love all of you and I am all about keeping my peeps informed as well as happy. So when Banana Water reached out, I had a thought pop into my head and they were on board too. They are fun people too and allergy-friendly + fun = awesome!

The Prize Of course this should be explained because, honestly, everyone wants to know. There will be only 1 winner and that winner will get (basically) everything that is in the picture to your left.

Well, actually - I was informed by my Banana Water rep that there will be even more!!!  Is everyone putting on their banana-themes clothes and doing the happy dance? I would but alas, I have no banana is this even possible?

To Enter Every day from December 1st - December 31st, I will share a picture on my Facebook page. Here are the directions:

  1. Go every day to find the newest photo of what Sippy the Elf & Mr. Nanners the reindeer have been up to with Banana Water
  2. Comment according to what I have posted (could be a question, maybe a caption, who knows)
  3. You MUST include #ENBananaWater to be considered a contest entry 
  4. For extra entries, tag a friend (because the elf & the reindeer like tags & shares)
  5. Additional entries on Instagram & Twitter! Snap a photo, caption something or show your own Elf with Banana Water and tag me (TracyBNutrimom) so I can make sure I count the contest entry.
*Contest is open to US and Canadian citizens only. 1 winner will be chosen randomly. The winner must reply within 72 hours or an alternate winner will be chosen. Once contacted, please allow 7-10 days for shipping, especially with the holidays and possible inclement weather. 

So, Wait, There's an Elf & a Reindeer?! Yes but I promise all of you that both Sippy the Elf and Mr. Nanners the reindeer are fully open & holiday-aware to everyone. In fact, here's a sneak peek of what they look like-

Does Mr. Sippy & Mr. Nanners Come With The Prize Too? Nope. Finders keepers and they both belong to the Nutrimom household ;)

I Didn't Even Know There Was Banana Water No fears! Simply visit them on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you tell them thank you and that Nutrimom told you about them (this may, in fact, entice them to have future giveaways).

Good luck to everyone and remember- keep your eye on the Banana Water (or, the elf, or the reindeer...or well, you get it).

<3 Special thanks to Banana Water for providing such an awesome prize pack <3 


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Are Your Kids Barfing?

"Are your kids barfing? My kids are barfing.".....this is not how you want to start a phone call with your best friend who was just at your house.

Back to school, the weather changes, children being so nice and sharing their coughs, colds and sniffles- all the joys of being a parent each year. So what happens when you have an allergic child and your family is hit with the newest wave of viruses? What foods can be kept in your home that will not only soothe your allergic child but also be safe? I mean, nothing would be worse than a child with a temperature who is trying not to throw up and then handing them a food that spurs into an allergic reaction. Not only is it horrifying to think of but, as a parent, you would have a hard time figuring out if it was a reaction from the food or if it was related to your child not feeling well.

There are a few products that our family has found to get us through the toughest of times when we have been hit with the crud so I thought I would share them in case anyone else is looking for some "sicky" tips as well.

Ian's Natural Foods Alphatots Yes, NutriKids are getting a bit older and these letter potato products may be a bit young but they still love them (shhhh! So do I!). When your stomach is not feeling well, you just want a starchy food to make you feel better. Add a dash of sea salt and these seem to help any age tummy from gurgling a little less.

Peppermint Tea Honestly, not the most favorite thing that NutriKids like but they have both learned that mom usually knows what she is talking about, so they sip it. Just be aware that I recommend peppermint only for things like stomach cramps and repeat visits to the bathroom and not for heartburn.
Photo courtesy Crispy Green

Banana Chips Banana is great for stopping up those who can't seem to stop going to the bathroom...and going to the bathroom...and, well, you get it. So why banana chips? Ok, have you ever tried to eat a banana when you are nauseous? Ugh! Nope, not happening. Banana chips are just dehydrated so you get the benefit of the banana but it's dry and usually sits better in the tummy. Two of our favorite brands areBrothers-All-Natural and Crispy Green.

Philly Swirl Popsicles Ok, before you start to rant about the artificial colors and flavors, I know. But I am always honest about what we use in our home. So, yes, we use these popsicles even though they are not 100% natural. Why? Because they are safe for us, my children love them and when my kids are sick, I do whatever I can to make them happy at that moment. So if they want a brightly colored popsicle for their sore throat, this is our #1 go-to. (BTW, most Dollar Tree stores carry a box of 6 for just $1...budget-worthy).

Dry Cereal This is a no-brainer. As with anyone who is trying not to barf, you want bland, dry, but good. In our home, we try to maintain gluten free as much as we can. So gluten free dry cereal is usually in our cabinets. Freedom Foods Cocoa Crunch, Tropico's and Maple Crunch are typical for us (I do recommend starting out with smaller amounts because everybody loves their favorite cereal 'til it comes back up..eww).

Vitamin C Pops Sore throats and coughs also need some extra TLC. We have used YumEarth for many years. Plus, they are organic and have vitamin c so, yay!!! Better than candy,better than the usual sugary pops and they are rather tasty.

Gluten Free Waffles This is a two stage food item. First stage is just dry- dry, dry, dry because icky bellies don't like anything on waffles when they are upset. Once everything calms down and my children seem to be ok with eating a bit more food, I add a little bit of protein onto the waffles to try and get them some nourishment. Usually the best tolerated is a thin layer of SunButter. Our freezer staple waffles are Nature's Path Chia Plus and Buckwheat.

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Again, this is for later in the illness saga. We stock up on Applegate nuggets because it's a good belly combo (and, because they are yeast-free, I can eat them too). My kids get their protein, they feel as if they are getting a treat and their upset stomach likes the dry yet not greasy factor of the nuggets.

Extra Hugs This is a no-brainer :) Stop what you are doing, sit and watch the same episode of Spongebob for the 572nd time, hug them and just know that this is the best medicine of all, ever. And it's guaranteed to be 100% allergy safe.

Got an allergy-friendly tip for dealing with your families illnesses? Please share a comment ~

THIS would have been a big help too!
Go here for more information

As with ANY items, always consult with your physician and read labels to make sure it is safe for your family to use. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Allergies Are ALWAYS Fun!

As one of the bloggers that has worked with Mylan in the past, I sometimes receive information, updates and materials*. But this time around, not only did I get information, I got an entirely adorable box that proves having food allergies is always fun and never limiting. In case you haven't heard, Mylan has paired up with Disney and My Allergy Kingdom to provide our food allergy community with gentle reminders that life with food allergies can always be enjoyable- even for those without food allergies. Rather than exclude your guests that don't have food allergies, include them with your allergy-friendly safe party plans. Chances are that this won't make any difference in the level of fun and food that is planned for everyone. The safer the foods and crafts are for everyone, the less their is a chance of an allergic reaction for that event.

Who Wants to See the Box? I could have written a post about it but let's be honest- we are a visual world and we all want to see everything as if it was in our own homes. So NutriDaughter helped me out and we wanted to open the box with all of you. Ready? Just click & watch -

You are NOT Limited by Your Foods, Only Your Knowledge on What to Do With Them! I have said this before and I will continue to say it until I am blue in the face (or, in this case, teal since that's our official food allergy awareness color). This kit is just another example of how food allergies do not limit our lives but actually bring us closer together. With information, there is always power and strength. And when there is food, well, we all love food so why not share it (safely)? And, of course, always have two doses of epinephrine with you at all times because (as we know) an allergic reaction can happen anytime, anywhere so always be prepared!

Who Wants One Too? What perfect timing with the cool weather and so many school holiday breaks- this kit would be a great surprise to your children to pass the time. It's fast and easy- simply visit HERE and you can get all of the details necessary to have your own movie night too. My Allergy Kingdom also has bunches of information, crafts, articles, recipes- you name it.

Thank you to Mylan, Disney and My Allergy Kingdom for continuing to support our food allergy community in such a positive way.

Need more information on what's what in the world of epi? Click here

*In the past, I received materials and information for providing my thoughts and ideas to Mylan. All comments made by me about medical treatments or Mylan are at my own discretion and based on my own opinion. #materialconnection

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Food Allergy Awareness Alert!

In every day life, it can be tricky to figure out how to let others know about your food allergies without seeming as if you are a walking billboard. It's a fine line that the food allergy community walks- it can be easy for some of us while others may be viewed as the "helicopter parent" or even those that can just be, well, quite blunt at times (ehm, me, such as here. Hey, it happens, I apologized but I am honest about it.) But when I find products that take away the burden of having to break the ice about food allergies, I am not only appreciative but I need to share them.

Food Allergies and Me sent me a selection of four adorable buttons recently. I have to say, they are not only cute but the artwork is family-friendly while getting the food allergy alert across to others. As a parent, I could see how they would easily be a trend-setter with younger children. You remember when you were in school- anytime somebody had something new and cool, you wanted one. Kids always collect, they want to share and very often, it's the kids that are on top of being aware of their friends' food allergies before the adults are. (No judgement meant- this is just an awesome fact and I love it!)

Not Just Buttons
I assumed they only had buttons, which I was totally cool with but then I checked out the Food Allergies and Me website and they have other items too! I highly recommend that you visit them but for those of you who are like me and want instant information, I'll share here and now:

  • Buttons but also custom food allergy buttons! This option is a plus, especially since food allergies have become more than just your typical top 8. You can contact them, let them know what your allergy is if it's not available in their usual collection and you get your very own special food allergy item. Besides, we all knew that having food allergies is actually something to brag about so now you have another bragging point. 
  • T-Shirts! Food allergy awareness and a comfy t-shirt, I am in! They offer sizes from Youth XS to Adult XL and have 8 different colors to choose from. I'm thinking great holiday gifts, a good item for a family picture or even a special just because shipment to show your favorite person with food allergies that you were thinking about them.
    Hey, how about a school event, a teacher's gift or even something for summer camp? (I know, so not summer camp weather right now but better to prepare early). 
  • Magnets! Simple and yet brilliant. Our family always has magnets on our fridge and even as my children grew up, we used many different types of magnets as part of our teaching processes too. These would be a great way to start teaching your allergic child very early on about what to look for, labels that they need to seek out and wording that they will need to use to advocate for themselves. The earlier the better- even when my son could not read yet, I always showed him box labels and repeated them out loud so that it would be ingrained into his young mind for future use.
Ready to Order? I made it easy -peasy for all of you. Simply click on the items that I've listed or on Food Allergies and Me and you will be delivered right to their website pages. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram so make sure you check in with them their too- you never know what new information and deals they may be sharing. Please tell them that you found them from me (Nutrimom, that crazy blogger lady)- I don't get anything other than some thank you's. 

*As always, I never receive any compensation for product reviews other than the products themselves. My opinions are always honest and my own.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Giving Gluten Free Thanks

No matter what holidays you celebrate during the cooler months, all of us have similar things in common- leftovers! How do we use every bit of them up but still make sure our families don’t get tired of the same recipes over and over again? Especially during holiday months, we could all use a little help with maximizing our budgets as well as our foods. Here are some easy ways that will not only be gluten free but so delicious, even those who aren’t gluten free will not be able to turn these down.

Turn it Inside Out Many of us make corn bread or corn muffins since they are so versatile and go easily with many meals. But sometimes, they can also tend to be left out just a little too long. Rather than throw away your slightly stale sides, why not pull them apart and put them back together again as a new recipe? For instance, did you know that cornbread makes excellent gluten free French toast? And those broken pieces of Glutino Frosted Blueberry Toaster pastries add just the right touch for a new, sweet treat.

Click HERE to print a recipe!
Inside Out Blueberry French Toast   
(For a brief video tutorial, click here)
Prep Time:    5 Minutes
Cook Time:   35 minutes in the oven (or) 15 Minutes (stove top)

Spray oil of your choice (I use Winona Pure Oil)
2 Eggs
¼ Cup milk of your choice
1 Teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Cup day old prepared Glutino YankeeCornbread Mix, cubed
1 Glutino BlueberryFrosted Toaster Pastry (broken into large pieces)

1.       Preheat the oven to 350°.
2.       Generously spray a 4 x 6 casserole dish with spray oil and set aside.
3.       In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, milk and vanilla together.
4.       Add the cornbread cubes and blueberry toaster pastry pieces.
5.       Combine well and pour into the prepared casserole dish.
6.       Bake until bubbly and egg is cooked (test with a toothpick).
7.       Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container for up to two days.

This recipe can also be made the night before and reheated.

* This may also be prepared on the stove top like your typical French Toast. However, it is more difficult to flip.

Serving size is approximately 2 servings

Didn’t Your Mom Tell You To Freeze Leftovers? I know my mom did as well as my Grandmother. Seal it up, store it away for another day or another meal to keep your kitchen stocked. But what they did not tell me is that you can do this in so many creative ways with so few ingredients.  They also never told me that creative cooking can be a lot less stressful and time-consuming as I always imaged it to be. Sometimes, your Blueberry Toaster Pastries break but have no fear- a new, easy dessert is here!

Click HERE to print it now!
(For a brief video tutorial, click here)
Prep Time:  5 Minutes
Cook Time: None, Freeze until Firm

1 Pint non-dairy dessert (I used SoDelicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert)
Ground up allergy-friendly cookie crumbs (we used Enjoy Life Foods Sugar Crisp Crunchy Cookies)
3 Sleeves Glutino  BlueberryFrosted Toaster Pastry (broken into pieces)

1.       Place the pint of non-dairy frozen dessert in the refrigerator to soften for easier stirring (approximately 45 minutes).
2.       Using a mini chopper or food processor, grind up the Enjoy Life Foods cookies.
3.       Sprinkle the bottom of a casserole dish with the cookie crumbs.
4.       In a large bowl, combine the softened frozen dessert with pieces of Blueberry Frosted Toaster Pastry (size of pieces does not matter).
5.       Using a spatula, spread the toaster pastry and frozen dessert mixture on top of the cookie crumbs, then top with additional cookie crumbs.
6.       Cover tightly with plastic wrap and place in the freezer until firm.

*These may also be made as popsicles for a great pick-up dessert- just remember to keep them sealed in an airtight container to avoid freezer burn.

Serving sizes will vary

Use it; Don’t Throw Away The number one rule of any allergy-friendly kitchen is to get every penny out of your products and foods. One of the things I am thankful for is that there are so many wonderful gluten free items for our families to use. Why not make sure we put them to all possible uses? You have some leftover pie crust, you have that middle section of the apple that you almost always don’t eat but now you can. The best part is that having this dessert as a single serving makes anyone feel special (and, it makes your house smell divine!)

Prep Time:  10 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes

1 Mid section of an apple (core removed)
1 Teaspoon raw honey
Print & Share here
1/3 Teaspoon each of cinnamon and allspice

1.       Preheat the oven to 375°.
2.       On an ungreased baking sheet, form two circles with the pie crust slightly larger than the size of the apple slices  with the center cut out and set aside (thinner is better).
3.       Using a frying pan, heat the oils on medium heat.
4.       In a bowl, combine the honey and spices, mixing into a paste. 
5.       Slice the apple, making sure it’s at least 1 ½ inches thick (otherwise you will lose the taste of the apple)
6.       Add the apple slice, using the mixture as a paste to cover the apple.
7.       Place the coated apple in the preheated skillet and cook, flipping once, until the apple browns (about 7 minutes).
8.       Place the cooked apple slice onto a plate to cool for 2-3 minutes.
9.       Gently place the cooked apple slice onto one of the pie crust circles, and then top with the second circle.
10.   Gently fold and mold the crust around the apple. Still have extra pie crust? Use it to form small shapes (such as a heart) to attach to the top of the crust for decoration.
11.   Bake for 20 minutes, then spray with additional oil and sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar.
12.   Bake an additional 10 minutes.
13.   Allow to cool before removing from the baking sheet.

Makes 1 serving

Be Thankful, Always No matter what obstacles are brought into your life, always be thankful for the things that you have. Be thankful for family, be thankful for those who help you through the journey of allergy-friendly cooking and be thankful that there are numerous gluten free options for our families to use. All it takes is one good product to create one good recipe, then another. Fill your kitchens and homes with love and gratitude in a way that only your favorite products can provide.

#PurifyYourLife #EatFreely 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pure Oils & A FABulous Giveaway

A few years ago, I began looking at our allergy-friendly foods a bit more closely. I have been an avid label reader ever since NutriSon was diagnosed with food allergies but when my own intolerances became apparent, I had to look even closer at ingredients. Being the kitchen geek that I am and always cooking, trying out new allergy-friendly products and perusing the baking aisle of the stores, I was intrigued when I came across Winona Pure Oils a few years ago. Since, then, I have never had another brand of oil in my kitchen pantry. Or, even under my bathroom sink (whaaat?! What is she talking about? Click here).

Pure Oil, Nothing Else- That's what I said and it's completely true. Winona Pure Oils are spray oils that are in a non-aerosol cans with no additives, propellants, soy or anything else, JUST OIL. As a food allergy mom, I love this and as a woman in her forties (hey, very early forties!!) having no soy added into the oils I can use safely for my entire family is a life-saver. (FYI- soy has been shown to effect hormones so we try to avoid it as much as possible). 

Tell Us, Winona! I reached out to my contact at Winona Pure Oils and they answered a few questions so I could share with all of you. 

Q: How long has Winona Pure been in business?  A: The brand has been around for five years but the family company has been in business for twenty years.

Q:  Is there anything that your oils cannot be used with or on?  A: They can be applied to any food and also many household and beauty uses. They are pure oils.

Q:  How did the idea of a pure oil come about?  A: Our owner brought the technology over from Germany and wanted to be the first company to offer a healthy spray cooking oil option after his wife beat breast cancer.

Q:  Sprayed, streamed or dripped- was this a consumer request?  A: No, this was developed for ease of use for consumers. We have an actuator that is patented.

Q:  Will you have additional products in the near future?  A: We are always developing new flavors and watching consumer trends.

Q:  Not only are your oils pure, your website states that the container can be recycled, is it true?  A: You bet!

Q:  Winona Pure is a sponsor for the Food Allergy Blogger Conference this year- tell me more!  A: We find it important to support the food allergy community because our products are safe for those who suffer from the top 8 allergens.

Everything is Always Better with a Giveaway! Yes, I have teamed up with Winona Pure Oils to host a special Food Allergy Bloggers Conference giveaway! Just a few simple rules and YOU will be entered to win. Ready? All you have to do is:

  1. Find your bag of Winona Pure Oils products (you know, those awesomely wonderful swag bags!)
  2. Snap & share a picture of you and the Winona Pure products
  3. Tweet, Tag & Post with BOTH #PurifyYourLife and #FabLogCon (to be entered, you MUST include all of the hash tags and a picture of the products)
  4. Want an EXTRA chance to win? Tweet, Tag & Post a picture with me at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference including #PurifyYourLife #FabLogCon #TracyBNutrimom
NOT Going to the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference but still want to have a chance to win? We've got you covered! Watch for the giveaway reminders on Facebook ,Twitter  & Instagram then 
  1. Comment and include #PurifyYourLife (doesn't matter if you aren't on Twitter)
  2. Share a picture of Winona Pure on my page (doesn't have to be yours, as long as it's one of their product pictures)
  3. Comment as much as you like (more comments, pictures and hash tags = more chances that you will win!)
  4. Share (because Winona Pure Oil should be shared and, honestly, we both love the extra love)
Prizes? What Are the Prizes??? There will only be 2 winners (1 winner participating from the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference and 1 winner that did not attend the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference but played along online). Both of the winners will receive:

A surprise gift box of goodies from Winona Pure Oils  
A copy of my ebook "The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies"& a surprise gift from me 
1 EpiPen pouch (embroidery possible) donated from Jennifer Ferguson*
  (Contest begins Friday, November 13th and ends at midnight on Sunday November 15th. Entries will be chosen ONLY if all of the contest details are followed and posts contain all of the required information. Both winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 18th. Should a winner not claim their prize within 48 hours of announcement, an alternate winner will be chosen. No replacement prizes will be given and items included in the surprise gift boxes may not be safe for any specific allergy need so please check all labeling and ingredients.)


Love and gratitude to Winona Pure Oil for what they do and for sponsoring me for the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference.

* Extra hugs to Jennifer Ferguson who jumped right in to help out and is donating the adorable EpiPen pouches for the giveaway (thanks Jen!).

Friday, November 6, 2015

Keep Calm & Epi On

photo credit SnackSafely
As many of you know, there have been a bunch of recent updates in the news about the Auvi-Q recall. If you have been out of town, taking a break from the news or just not paying attention, ALL Auvi-Q's have been recalled and production has been put at a standstill until further investigation by Sanofi is complete. Am I upset- yes. Is my teenage son making a huge stink every time he has to carry the larger EpiPen epinephrine auto injector ? Yes. Am I a nervous wreck since all of this has come to light? No. And neither should any of you.

Everyone Wants Answers - I think it is more than safe to say that everyone does, including Sanofi. Of course we are on edge and want to know what happened, why, how long it will be, etc. but things just take time. When we get the answers, we get the answers. Believe me- I am super happy that my child did not need to use an Auvi-Q and have it fail. I am just as equally happy that there were no other deaths or tragedies due to the malfunctions. However, we all need to just chill out a tiny bit, breath and let Sanofi get us our answers. That's it- simple, still not what we all want to hear but true.

photo credit SnackSafely
Asking NOW Before the Answers- There was a recent posting that shared a new petition for Auvi-Q devices to be reintroduced quickly so consumers could continue to use them. That's great we truly want to put more pressure on Sanofi? Do we really want this process rushed through just for convenience sake? After all, lives could be at stake and in my book lives always trump convenience. Always. (Every single time, even when my son is whining again) Sanofi simply put a halt on further production until they get answers- this doesn't mean they will never be back.

It's Simple Science, NOT a Planned Spy Attack- OK, just hear me out on this one and I am not trying to poke fun or say my opinion is the opinion but when I saw comments suggesting that this was all set up by competing epinephrine brands to shut down Auvi-Q?...Come on now people, really? I mean, yes- it could be possible, all things are. However, am I so wrong in thinking that in this time of need, we should all be directing out energies to help get us the answers that we seek? Can we focus on what needs to be done, what needs to be researched and revamped so that all of us can use the Auvi-Q if we choose too? And if I'm wrong, remind me and I will happily write a follow-up article.

Large, Small- We STILL Have Epinephrine- I will admit that I realized how comfortable and spoiled our family had become with the options of having two types of epinephrine. Our kitchen is stocked with EpiPens, the school nurse has EpiPens and my now High School son felt more comfortable having the smaller Auvi-Q to self-carry. So when I told him he couldn't, the EpiPens were left in the care (ugh, what a waste!) and there have been several fights about him going out with friends without it. The point is- WE STILL HAVE EPINEPHRINE! Our children, our spouses, our family, all of our friends are STILL covered in case there is an allergic emergency. I, for one, am grateful this is the case. Doubtful, not feeling the love? There are countries that don't have any and if you don't have epinephrine, well, there is no choice. Next time you feel the recall is unjust, ask yourself if you would send your allergic child to school without an EpiPen.

Keep Calm & Epi On- Plain and simple- we all need to remember a few things until this issue is resolved. And please, I did not write this post to seem negative or point fingers- I always try to see both sides of a situation. Panic doesn't get us anywhere, but these can:
  • No matter what your family's preference is for an auto injector, ALWAYS keep two on hand to help prevent any unnecessary tragedies
  • Stay informed so that, as the epinephrine news changes, you can also decide what to continue to do for ultimate safety
  • EpiPen STILL has the $0 copay available through December 31, 2015 so if anytime was a good time to use it, now is. Link here
  • Use this as a time to reintroduce family members & friends to retraining, where to keep auto injectors and see what types of allergy carriers you can order to help with the process (examples here)
  • Reach out to others within the food allergy community- THIS is so very important! We are keeping each other together so let's keep doing just that
  • Be thankful that these companies care enough to post a recall to ensure that all of us have auto injectors that will save our lives if we need them too
Read This, Share This & Hug Your Family - This is just a must and sometimes, we forget that hugs can ease any stress, any time so just do it (even when you have cranky, teenagers that just HATE affection, even more reason).

*Our family uses both and I disclose that I have been included in discussions with both Mylan and Sanofi but these were informational only and I am in no way paid for my opinions of either product.

Do NOT throw away your Auvi-Q's! 
Please click here for return instructions