Monday, April 4, 2016

The Day The Food Died

For those of you who read my blog and follow my pages (Website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) you all know that I also share the honest side of food allergies and cooking. How could I not? I am not one of those people that expect everyone to try a new recipe (not even one of my recipes) and not have the possibility of it just turning out badly. For instance, one of my personal pet peeves are the commercials that will often air on t.v. with the family making crispy treats. Why does this bother me? Simply click HERE to get all of the previous intel, moaning and groaning but I'm willing to bet that you will laugh with a shake of your head up and down in silent agreement. Let's put my griping into a visual so that everyone understands what I mean-

NOT my photo & can't remember where I
got it but thank you to who posted it

photo credit Fork & Beans
So What Now?! I was flipping through Instagram..ok, wait, nobody flips through so I was scrolling through and saw this tantalizing picture shared by Enjoy Life Foods and posted by Fork & Beans for a recipe called Vegan Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. Behold the goodness! Tell me these don't make you want to cook no matter what time it is and lick the screen?! Ok, so our family loves Cinnamon Rolls and for YEARS, I have tried multiple recipes to try to replace the horrid, unhealthy cinnamon rolls in a tube that I allow us to eat about three times a year. Bad Nutrimom- sooo very bad but I am honest about it. So when I saw this my heart skipped a beat, my eyes lit up and I knew in my heart of hearts, this would be THE recipe! This would be the answer and my children would praise me throughout the year, begging me to make them every single day. This is how the recipe fairy tale goes, right? .......... can you feel my frowning? Can you feel me wiping the ingredients off of my apron, my griddle, my spatula...counter...and off of my Yay List?

Reality So, here we go- sharing time. First, I would like to say that I would be honored if Fork & Beans could help me out on where I went wrong and why my food hated me that day. It happens- I get it but (sigh)...I had such high hopes. I prepared the batter as directed. I prepared the frosting as directed and I preheated my griddle to ensure proper pancake fluffiness. Let's proceed to my mini slide show of what mine looked like (remember, I'm visual so you will always get pictures from me):

Step 1: You will notice that none of my pancakes look anything like the picture!!! There were semi-swirls, chunks of burned cinnamon mix all over the place and just plain pathetic looking blobs on my pancakes. Where did the swirls all go????

Step 2: So this was the finished first batch.... go ahead, snicker. Not sure how to even describe what I thought they looked like. And hey- cleaning a griddle with all of that burned on cinnamon gunk- THAT was a real bonus!

Step 3: Gave up and just mixed in the cinnamon gunk directly into the pancake mixture. After all, I'm cooking it and they will eat it. Enough said... Actually looks kind of pretty and artsy ;)

Step 4: My (better) final food photos. STILL not the beautiful picture as featured on Fork & Beans but better than the first shot.

Food is NOT a Dead Sport: I have to admit that even though they didn't look very pretty, they were delicious and they did, in fact, taste just like a cinnamon roll! Reheating was also a bit of a messy, slightly mushy issue but I may just give this recipe another shot. Fork & Beans peeps- you'll just swing by and help me out, right?

For the original recipe simple visit here (don't tell them I sent you...goodness knows what they will tell you about me after this post) ;)

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