Thursday, June 30, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Let's face it, running a business is not easy for anyone. Trying to recreate yourself, constantly thinking ahead to see what product or post will be the product or post to gain more interest for your audience is a constant game of marketing stress. But what breaks my heart is when I see a business that I have known for so many years suddenly say they are closing up shop. Our food allergy community thrives on helping each other out so I am reaching out to all of you to make the farewell of a special company be a heartfelt farewell.

Blue Bear Aware is ending their business as of July 15th. As sad as I am to see them go, my hope for them is that they will thrive in a brand new area to help others, even if their new path is not quite clear to them yet. I wanted to send them off with a nice post that would show how much I respect what they have done for our community over the years and all that kept coming to mind is the song from The Sound of Music "So Long Farewell"

(is your computer wonky? Click here to watch the video)

Perhaps my mental "So long, Farewell" is not so far off- The Sound of Music is a classic! It touches on numerous areas of what we should be doing to help ourselves as well as everyone else, to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for what you feel is the right thing. These are all of the qualities that the wonderful peeps at Blue Bear Aware have presented to us so, perhaps, it is fitting. 

Wave Farewell 
Let's join our food allergy community together and send Blue Bear Aware off to their next journey with the biggest virtual farewell wave ever! Need some examples? Try these:
  • Visit them Go to NOW 
  • Check out their awesome going away sales- they have ALL of their items waiting to be yours for up to 75% off
  • Share this post and include #BlueBearAware on all your social media channels to help them out
  • Refer friends- there are always people looking for allergy items so why not tell them?
  • Tag other businesses- Blue Bear Aware needs to sell their items and this means other companies can purchase their products too
  • Think Ahead- because the prices are so low, this would be a great time to shop for holidays, gifts or even larger sizes for next year
  • LOTS of goodbye itemsBlue Bear Aware carries autoinjector casesclothingbadges & labels and accessories. With their going out of business markdown prices, nothing is over $21! 
  • Contact them- send them a farewell note to make them feel loved 
Don't Be Blue
This is no time for tears, this is a time to support Blue Bear Aware. From one allergy advocate to another, I want to say thank you Blue Bear Aware. I applaud what you have done for us and I will always be here if you need anything in the future. This is not goodbye, it is simply "see you soon".

UPDATE! Blue Bear is Back!

Great news, folks. We're still here!! We're sure that wasn't what they meant by Christmas in July but we're celebrating all the same. 

Blue Bear Aware is now in the hands of another family active in the food allergy community and we are thrilled to be able to continue the Blue Bear mission. The transition was a fairly quick one so we have much work to do before we really "relaunch" Blue Bear Aware but we can tell you that this includes new products, both new to Blue Bear and the allergy apparel market in general. (EXCITING!!!) 

While we are busy working through all those details, Blue Bear Aware remains open for business. There are still items at a deep discount and we will continue to honor those incredible prices through August 3 (2016). If there are items that you are interested in but are not currently available or not available in a particular size, let us know.

Team Blue Bear

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Best Freaking Brownies Ever!

It's summer and I am still going through the wonderful goodies that I picked up at the Atlanta, GA Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly Expo (In case you have been living without the internet, click here for the recap). I do admit, I love expos and the swag that you come home with is absolutely a wonderful perk. But I also like to try the products to share with everyone as well as keep my promises to the companies that were gracious enough to ask me to try them. So when I got to this Gluten Free Fudge Brownie Mix from Ardenne Farm, it was an absolute must to get these babies baked. I mean, chocolate, brownies, no need to even ask me twice. Come on, I know most of you are shaking your head in agreement.

First, Double Check
Photo Credit Ardenne Farm
NutriSon has multiple food allergies (peanut, egg, uncooked dairy, shellfish, watermelon and a gluten intolerance) so I always, always double-check on how products are produced, what they are produced with and if their other products contain anything that he is allergic too. It's nice when I get to sample my products on my own (yeah, yeah- sharing is nice but sometimes mom's like to enjoy foods alllllll by themselves!) but it's really nice when NutriSon can eat them safely too. I know it can be discouraging to him when there's yet another product that he cannot eat. Luckily, the website for Ardenne Farm is very clear about allergens and what their products do not contain. Is this product safe for you? Check here because you can never be too cautious for your own allergy needs. Although the picture above shows eggs being used for the mixture, I am happy to report that their products are free of egg/dairy/peanut/tree nut/gluten and are Non-GMO. Another plus- we made our batch of brownies using powdered egg replacer and dairy free milk successfully.

Always Taste-Test
Of course, it's not usually recommended to lick the bowl or the spoon but like I tell everyone "It's YOUR kitchen, there are no rules."AND, when you are the cook, in my book that means you have an automatic right to taste, lick, gobble anything that you want too as long as you are not double-dipping because that's gross and can also cause cross-contamination (plus, ewww). This gluten free brownie mix was thick enough to stay nicely on my finger, see? Just don't wipe it on a white towel (as previously mentioned here) because then the nice mom that is finger-licking happy will instantly turn into angry mom that will refuse to make anything chocolate for a long, long time. So why chance it? Brownies are supposed to be something to make you happy. And by gosh, these brownies made me happy before they even got out of the oven. Literally, I poured the batter and then began with just a fingertip full- oh my! Then, I called NutriHubby in and gave him a spoonful. Then, I just felt it was necessary to hide in my kitchen while being a glutton and clean the rest of the bowl with the spatula (which also means sharing the gluttony on social media because being a blogger means nothing is embarrassing for us to share). Can you blame me? I've had a bunch of gluten free brownie mixes and honestly, Ardenne Farm is THE BEST in my opinion. And no, they did not pay me to say that- it's truly what I think.

Final Thoughts
One thing I noticed while I was mixing the batter was that it seemed fluffy, if that makes sense. Most gluten free batters tend to be a bit on the dry side, or wind up too watery. The preparation is to add just three ingredients (oil, egg, water) so I used my ever-favorite Winona Pure Oil, Ener-G Powdered Egg Replacer and water BUT I used only 1/4 cup of oil and added a 4-ounce applesauce (even though I love Winona Pure, 1/2 a cup seems like a lot to me). Regardless, the brownies were super-easy to make, only took about 20 minutes and they were gone by the next morning. Con: NutriSon only allowed me the small portion that I had that night....I love him but come on Dude, I freaking feed you and you can't even leave me any brownies?! Mothers remember these things and one day, I will be surrounded by a fort of Ardenne Farm brownie boxes and not share at all. Just a heads-up.

Seeing (and Tasting) is Believing
Like I said, this is the only actual taste of the brownie mix that I got (sniff.... blowing nose). It's not a great picture because they were still warm, just out of the oven but look at the ooey, gooey, fudgy goodness on a spoon! I downed this with some cold almond milk and I was a happy mom for the night. When I asked NutriSon what he thought about the brownie mix, his exact response was "This is how I expect all brownies to be." Kuddos Ardenne Farm- NutriSon is super, super picky about all of his foods. For him to say this means you have a five-star rating in his book and that's very difficult to do. I also stand by my title- Ardenne Farm, your gluten free brownies are the BEST FREAKING BROWNIES EVER!! Truly. It's that simple. I am so happy that out paths crossed at the GFAF Expo.

Do you see the fudge?! Yum!!

Do you want to know more about the Gluten Free Brownie Mix and all of their other products? Visit them at for more details. 

As always, never any compensation for product reviews except for the products themselves as all of my reviews are always honest. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Food Allergy Hoarding 101

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am a hoarder. I can't remember the first time I was afflicted with this condition- I only know that it's something that drives me to find affordable allergy-friendly products at dirt-cheap prices. I don't engage in this behavior often but when I do, I go full force. There is not turning back. There is no "Leave some for the others"- it's all or nothing. With today's rising food prices and food allergies rising just as fast, what is the secret to stocking up on your favorite products? I am here to share my tips with all of you (just don't expect me to leave you any if we live in the same area when I tell you about them. Sorry, nothing personal).

THIS is How it Began
It's another shopping day at Harris Teeter like any other day but I saw the word Clearance so naturally, I stopped and focused. To a food allergy mother, this word is like finding money on the ground.These Ian's Natural Foods Gluten Free Chicken Patty Fritters were $3 less than the normal price. There were four boxes. I didn't have a coupon with me but because there were only four boxes, I bought two to be safe. It all sounds nice and normal and not at all a little obsessive, right? WRONG! It begins the moment I leave the store and I begin to do the math inside of my head. I begin to pull out calculators and add up just how many I could have tucked away for pennies on the dollar. My children ask me what I am doing as I am grabbing my car keys and heading out the door in a frenzy as if people outside know that I am on my way to get more- like they are driving faster and they will beat me to the store and buy them all up. This is the beginning of the pattern- this is what sends me off the deep end into the hoarding abyss. Luckily, this is never a bad thing.

The Process
There is actually a process to food allergy hoarding. After you have found a specific product, you then search every single discount/coupon/money-saving options that are available.
Need one? Click here

  • Check store policy- many stores will double or even triple coupons but always ask beforehand since these policies tend to change from week to week. They may or may not double or triple on clearance items since they are already marked down. Always ask- it will help you figure out how to get the most product at the cheapest price.
  • Check the product sites- most companies will have either a printable coupon, a down loadable coupon or some type of money-saving offer if you sign up for something (like a newsletter). In this case, I was able to scope out an awesome $2 off any Ian's Natural Foods product by signing up for their newsletter. Not only am I saving money but I also get a bunch of future information and promos/discounts that they will send out so that's an added bonus.
  • How Many Can You Print- This also varies from company to company. Some companies have a limit of 2 coupons per person to print. Others you can actually save and print out as needed. 
  • Get Help- If there is a limit to what you can print for coupons, use all of your abilities. This includes:  A) Those multiple email accounts, use them. Extra email addresses means extra coupons. B) Ask family and friends to do the same- this equals more coupons. C) Allergy magazines- helloooo, these always have a coupon or two somewhere, leaf through them, NOW! Gluten Free & More is notorious for having coupons D) Competitor coupons- (most) stores now accept other stores' coupons .....get my drift? Pretty soon you have a nice little stockpile of coupons
The Prep Work
If you are going full force like I do, you need to think ahead. This means making sure you have the proper food storage in your car. These were frozen items and it was 97 degrees outside. I had an entire route planned out to hit seven different stores and nothing is worse than getting food that has melted and can't be eaten safely. I packed up a Styrofoam container and piled it with a ton of those reusable frozen bags that everyone uses for lunches (but we have a ton to use for travel and vacation).With each stop, I found myself giggling as I opened the lid and found less and less room for the boxes of chicken. Still, a food allergy parent must be dedicated, they must know when to pull out all stops and they must understand that, sadly, no matter how many boxes you are able to buy so cheaply, the children will devour them within  days. It was a risk I was willing to take.

Hoarding Completed!
How much time and effort did this actually take? I went through a quarter of a tank of gas, I spent one hour driving to seven different stores to buy them all out and I arrived home with eighteen boxes to fill my freezer with. Each box was originally $4.99 discounted to $1.99 with the Harris Teeter VIC card, I had coupons (but I did have to pay the tax) so I would up spending a grand total of $2.24!! Can you see me happy dancing? Do you hear the song This is How We Do It? In fact, let's see a side-by-side price comparison

Original price:  $4.99                      Clearance Price:   $1.99
                                                         Coupons               - 2.00 (for each box)
18 Boxes:          $89.82                    Final Price:          $2.24

Total Savings: $87.58!!!!!! (there goes the song again......)

The Downside
Although my day ended on a bit of a budgeting high, I was a bit sad that Harris Teeter would be discontinuing these delicious gluten free morsels. Because, as I mentioned earlier, they will quickly be eaten. If I (may) send a plea out to the peeps at Harris Teeter- please restock these for our families. Take a customer survey and I guarantee you that your allergic families need to have their favorite foods in stock at all times since it takes us so very long to find products that our families love. And, if you need any help with products, ask me- that's why I'm here :)

Do YOU hoard your favorite allergy-friendly products? 
Share your tips in the comments below

#NOTSponsored  (as I am just an insane blogger)

Monday, June 20, 2016

I Have Fruit, Then THIS Happened

I am not a huge fan of fruit except when it comes to summer fruits. Peaches, plums, nectarines- all so refreshing for those long, lazy days in the sun. I am also a fierce advocate that no food should be wasted, ever. Food allergies and budgets are even trickier than no food allergies and budgets so when there is a food, there is a way to use it up. Sometimes, it even turns into multiple foods. I like when that happens.

It's my messy kitchen and I can cry if I want too ~
My friend had one too many peaches. Her kids had had enough of them and she was like "They're really soft, mushy even" so of course I immediately chime in "I'll take them." Hey, a food allergy mom does what she must to feed her family and this means never being too proud to take advantage of some free food. Especially healthy free food.  Luckily, I had a box of Glutino Gluten Free Muffin Mix in my kitchen pantry so I prepared the mix as directed and added 1 1/4 cups pureed (peeled) peaches. But I was feeling like peach muffins just weren't enough. I did make some but I decided to see what else I could do with these lovely peaches. Enter, my newest #KitchenGeek item that I don't know how I lived without- a doughnut tin.

Trying to steal my food?
Doughnut even think about it!
Why A Doughnut Tin Because it's very easy to use. Because you can transform muffin mix or other recipes into delicious rings of yumminess. Because...because have you ever Googled allergy-friendly doughnuts?! Not only are they difficult to find free of the top 8 allergens but then finding one that actually tastes like a real doughnut- next to impossible. (I do remind everyone as previously mentioned that you should consider having 2-3 doughnut tins to be able to bake all of your mix at once, rather then fill, bake, cool, wash, refill, bake) The end result- although the doughnuts may not look as pretty as all of the food advertising, once you remove them and cover them, they are perfect! To Make Peach Doughnuts drizzle Winona Pure Coconut Oil in each doughnut area, cover thoroughly by using your finger to coat the cooking insert and fill. Bake 8 minutes or until the doughnut seems firm enough to remove without being too crumbly. Use a plastic frosting spatula to remove it, cover it with cinnamon & sugar and allow to cool.

Cake! I Want Cake Too! Yup. After I had a small batch of peach muffins and doughnuts, why not cake? I took a small casserole dish, sprayed it with some Popcorn Butter Spray, added the rest of my prepared batter and topped it with some crushed Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels. I covered it with foil and baked it for about 30 minutes (or until a toothpick came out clean). Talk about an easy, delicious, summery rustic peach cake! It has a hint of vanilla and crunch on top. This cake is tasty alone but it's also really good to have with your favorite frozen desserts. Just remember to cover the dish with foil (not covering it will cause the yogurt pretzels to burn) and that would be a waste of food, which is exactly what this post is trying to prevent).

Nope, Not Done Yet And still, I had a bit of pureed peaches. My brain was frantic on how to use them up. I opened the fridge and found a container of So Delicious Coconut Yogurt that needed to be used up. I started to grab a bowl but no! This was an easy, all-in-one-no-extra-bowl-needed kind of recipe. I added the peaches directly into the container, added a teaspoon of raw honey, mixed it and scooped it into small cups for
popsicles. And yes, I topped some with more of those crushed yogurt pretzels. In this case- those yogurt pretzels made these popsicles taste just like those typical ice cream man choices (Of course better since we know what the ingredients are and how much healthier they are).

Yes,it's ok to lick the crumbs off the plate

Leftovers! Honestly, this is always the best part, right? It's like the light at the end of the cooking tunnel. A bit of extra work here and there pays you back by leaving enough food so that you don't have to cook later on. These muffins went from snack option to frozen for when I need muffins in a pinch. Just be sure and seal them in an airtight container and label them to avoid any confusion and to eliminate a possible allergic reactions. Leftovers are good but leftovers that are clearly marked are best.  

What is your favorite summer fruit and how do you prepare it?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hang Out With Me Saturday

Calling all Winston-Salem, NC peeps (and surrounding area peeps) let's hang out this Saturday! School is done, you need a family-friendly free, fun thing to do with (or without, hey I don't judge) so why not stop in and say hello? You all know I am an event geek and that I love meeting you guys so here are the details (and just wait until you see what you could win!):

What Is It Nutrimom? I have put together a Gluten Free Scavenger Hunt with Lowes Foods Community Table. Saturday, June 11th (that's THIS Saturday) from 12 PM - 2 PM 3372 Robinhood Road Winston-Salem, NC - 

OK, But What the Heck Is That?! ALL customers are invited to stop at the Community Table for...(drum roll):
  • FREE gluten free sampling (even a hot dish of Veggie Fries!)
  • FREE magnifying glasses and stick-on mustache for the first 25 kids
  • Your own list of scavenger hunt clues
  • 1 Winner will get a Mega Prize from 9 companies (see below because this is good!)
  • PLUS a $20 Lowes Foods gift card 
Mega Prize? Ok Tell Me. I Like Stuff
Once you have completed your scavenger hunt, return your entry to the Community Table to be entered to win. Only 1 winner will get EVERYTHING!  And I'm not talking about some tiny, little items, I have pictures for proof. I would like to thank the companies who participated and gave such generous gifts - virtual hugs, kisses and appreciation to Veggie Fries, Crispy Green, SunButter, Massel, Alexia Foods, SurfSweets, Ener-G Foods, Milton's Baking and Home Free and thank you to Lowes Foods for hosting the event.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present your possible future prizes~

1 Veggie Fries T-shirt
2 chip clips
4 FREE Veggie Foods product vouchers 
Veggie Fries are free of gluten/nut/soy/top 8 allergens, Non-GMO & Vegan 

12 individual packages of Crispy Green freeze dried fruits & a reusable lunch container
 Crispy Green contains no allergens except the fruit themselves

A gift basket that contains multiple jars of SunButter & adorable other items
SunButter is free of peanut/tree nut/gluten/soy/dairy and is Non-GMO

2 soup mugs filled with a variety of their concentrated liquid stock, 7's bouillon cubes & ultra bouillon cubes
Massel are gluten free and Non-GMO.

2 Frozen tote bags, 2 oven mitts, 2 chip clips and 2 FREE product vouchers
Alexia Foods offer a wide variety of products that may or may not contain allergens. They also offer products that are Non-GMO, Kosher, gluten free, organic options as well. 

8 Packages of their products (sour berry bears, gummy worms, gummy bears, fruit rings and jelly beans
SurfSweets are free of corn syrup/artificial colors & flavors/gluten and free of the top 10 most common allergens

Ener-G Foods offers various products that are free of gluten/wheat/casein/dairy/egg/soy/nut and low/no sodium as well as products that may or may not contain allergens. 

A basket filed with a variety of their products
Milton's Baking products are free of gluten and are Non-GMO. 

3 Boxes of their cookies and and $1 off coupon when you purchase 2 boxes
Home Free is free of gluten/peanuts/tree nuts/eggs/wheat/dairy/fish/shellfish and sesame.

I have to admit, I am envious of the person who gets this! And, in case the pictures don't make you understand how much you could win, watch here to see it the pile of what you will need a van to get back home if you win.

See everyone Saturday ~

*Please be safe & check for details on what is safest for your specific allergy & dietary needs as everyone's allergies are different.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Not Just an Ice Cream Sandwich!

As you know, much of what I do is sharing. This also includes information and tips from other wonderful food allergy bloggers too, not just me. I don't have all of the answers, many of us don't but I do know that I am more than happy to share what I do know and to connect everyone to give them more resources. Today I'm happy to share a guest post from Rozelyn De Sagun. Rozelyn is a food allergy mother and blogger of The Frugalista Mom's Allergy Friendly Home.

A few weeks ago, I was called by the school because my son cried inconsolably. They said it was abnormal for a third grader to behave like that. What even concerned them more was when my child said, “Nobody cares…”  Acting like I’m clueless as to what caused such reaction, I asked them what led to that incident.  (Well, it just so happened that on my way, the class mom gave me a heads up and with genuine concern asked if my son is okay.) 

“Well, he looked like he was having a bad day already. He’s a little frustrated because he wasn’t able to finish a project today. While he still has time to do it tomorrow, he doesn’t seem happy.”

“So, he cried after that?” I inquired.

“Not really, it was after the ice cream sandwiches were distributed that he began to act up. It is just an ice cream sandwich.”

Gathering all my strength to be calm, I stated my points as objectively as possible. 
  • Children with food allergies like those with health issues have emotional stressors which regular kids their age don’t get to have.
  •  They don’t just eat like most do. Every label and ingredient must be scrutinized no matter how much they like it or hungry they are. Otherwise, they will experience painful physical consequences. 
  • They want to be part of the group and enjoy the same things as their friends. In reality, it is a challenge. 
  •  While they are trying to accept their unusual condition, they don’t want to be a burden to others at the same time. Do you honestly think they enjoy seeing their moms bake cupcakes or make pizza at wee hours or realize that their friend didn’t bring his favorite food so that he can sit with him at lunch? Or being told that you were the reason why your class can’t have a treat when in reality there’s something all of you can enjoy together?

At that time, that ice cream sandwich was something more. It touched my son on a deeper level during a tough day. Just like the happiness one gets when a complete stranger hands you a dollar in order  to complete a grocery purchase because you’re short that day or the aggravation you felt when someone cuts you off to get the last parking spot

I’m not asking for extra kindness. All I wanted is the enforcement of the policy which could have prevented the whole scenario.  Will the kids who were with my son remember it as one of the “happiest days ever”? I doubt it. The incident however, for one person will always be one of the worst. 

Do you have a scenario that you would like to share as well? Comment below- I love to hear about what other food allergy parents are going through. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Do You Like Seinfeld & Pizza?

One of my favorite television sitcoms to watch was Seinfeld. I loved the dry humor, I loved the characters and I loved that much of what they talked about was what anyone would on any given day. But there was one episode that came to mind when gfJules asked if I wanted to post a review about her pizza crust mix- The Fusilli Jerry episode. For those of you who also watched Seinfeld, you know that this episode is where Kramer makes mini statues out of fusilli pasta for each person. (For those who didn't watch it, I recommend you binge-watch it right now!) So what do Seinfeld, pizza, fusilli and gfJules have in common? Well, mostly it's my strange blogger brain that picked up a random memory and attached it to one of my favorite curly-haired cooks, Jules Shepard. She asked to send pizza, we love pizza and in an instant, my #KitchenGeek voice said "Fusilli Jules". After all, growing up in New Jersey, I often found specialty pizza that had just about anything any everything on it, including pasta. Take a peek at what she looks like-

gfJules Pizza Crust Mix, Winona Pure Oil
Egg Replacer & Tinyada fusilli
Now ok, I know Fusilli Jules doesn't really look too much like gfJules (I'm sure Jules is like, "Uh yeah!") but have you ever tried to make a curly-haired pizza? It's not easy! Facial features on a pizza are difficult to get correct- the cheese melts and then it could cook to look slightly mad or even evil. Luckily, no matter how Fusilli Jules looks the pizza is, in my opinion, absolutely the BEST gluten free pizza crust mix ever! Seriously. Not just saying this because she sent it to me, not saying it because I feel obligated. If you know me, you know that I don't promote anything that I do not like, period. The extra proof- NutriSon (the world's pickiest eater with food allergies ever!) would not leave me alone while I was making it. Between the delicious aroma that teases you while you are patiently waiting, the taste and the perfect consistency- ooohhhhh my! As soon as you open the package for the dry mix, you can smell the goodness. When was the last time you said that about your current gluten free pizza mix?

Pizza Process I did make the mistake of not starting our pizzas earlier. The gfJules pizza crust mix is a process- it's a little more than just mix and bake. I did ask Jules if I could pre-make the crusts and freeze them for easier bake & eat going forward. Because, well, my kids are always freaking hungry and they still don't understand the concept of making food! Jules shared this link on how to do just that. (Thanks Jules, you rock!)  I also want to add that I successfully used egg replacer for the crusts for those of you who cannot cook with egg.

Eat & Save Jules was also kind enough to offer all of you a special promo code to order and save! Grab a value box of her Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix, enter code NutriPizza and save 34% off through June 30th.
For those of you who need easy, visual budgeting proof-

  • One value box of gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is already marked down to $45.92
  • Apply "NutriPizza" and the price goes down to $30.00* 
  • Each value box of gfJules Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix contains approximately 8 (12 inch) pizza crusts
  • That equals $3.75 each pizza crust.  
* shipping and handling charges additional 

gfJules Gluten Free Vs. Regular Pizza
I decided to also test gfJules vs. your average regular, gluten-filled pizza with NutriDaughter. After all, one of the things I love most about good allergy-friendly products is to be able to share them with anyone (allergies or no allergies) and have them tell you how great they taste. The end result- NutriDaughter approved! It looks like I will definitely be making use of the NutriPizza promo code too ;) 

Test It And Tell Me
Don't take my word for it- order some and let me know what you think. I like honest feedback, I know Jules wants to know what everyone thinks so take the gfJules taste test. Save with promo code NutriPizza, host an end of school year, hello Summer, just because we want pizza pizza party! Leave a comment below and heck, order some for friends and family too (if you're really nice, you'll order it, make it, freeze it and then all they have to do it bake it). Right? ....wait, will anyone do that for me????

Plus, you don't want to have this happen ;)

Hugs to NutriSon's friend for posing

Thank you Jules for asking me to review your gluten free pizza crust! I will gladly do so any day, any time going forward as well ~