Monday, July 18, 2016

Is Gluten Free Lipcare REALLY Worth It?

Drama by Red Apple Lipstick
Gluten can hide in anything- food, soaps, even our cosmetics. Although some of us may not be effected as much as others when it comes to gluten products, is there another reason to avoid it anyway? Does avoiding gluten in every single item truly make a difference? Sometimes, it's also about what you are introducing to your body rather than what type of foods you are avoiding. Sometimes, it's about what can actually be worse for you all around.

Kiss Your Lipstick Goodbye
Or, try to. I know for women, cosmetics are a very specific thing. You need the right colors, you may be picky about which brand you use or even how much you spend on them. I do admit that I am a dollar store junkie- I am that person pulling items off the shelves and out of the bins to get all of whatever I have found. Why not? The same brand of lipstick that I find in the dollar store for $1 is what I also see at other stores for $10+. It's simple budgeting. But what happens when you realize that your favorite lipstick is just not letting go? I give you Exhibit A:

(did everyone hear the music intro in their head? Dun Dun DUUUN) THIS is what I was finding on my glasses AFTER I ran them through the dishwasher with my other brand of lipstick. I mean, how gross! What's worse is that I wondered how many times I gave a guest one of my glasses to use without noticing these awful lipstick leftovers, ugh! So not the type of leftovers one would expect at Nutrimom's house.

Nutrimom Turns Into a Detective 
Who knew I, Nutrimom, would some day gain private detective experience?! With evidence staring me in the face, I felt I had too. I was definitely curious to find out if the products by Red Apple Lipstick would hold up to the leftover lips test. I was met with some caution that overall, it is difficult to remove ingredients such as waxes and parabens that are found in most lip products and that although Red Apple Lipstick is a better product on many other levels, this may not turn out as successfully as I was thinking. Did this stop me? Heck no! When people tell Nutrimom it may not be possible, that is an immediate "Let's do this!" for me. So I gathered all of the necessary items and got to work.

Even A Detective Should Look Good 
Not only did I get to go undercover for the week but I was also excited to try out new shades of Red Apple Lipstick - Drama lipstick and Cabernet Kiss lipgloss. The shade of lipstick was perfect but this was the very first time I was applying the Mint To Be lipgloss. I have to say, I fell in love with both of them but the lipgloss- oh my! I LOVE it! It's got a slightly minty smell to it (thus, the name) but it also made my lips look shimmery for my summer days- almost as if I had been kissed by the sun in a lovely shade of deep red. Another thing I learned while being undercover (since, you know, undercover means wearing sunglasses) if you want an easy but cheery look for the pool without spending a ton of time on makeup just apply Red Apple Mint To Be Lipgloss, put your sunglasses on and you are done. Not only will you look fabulous, your lips will be protected by Vitamin D too. As for your other glasses, check out the minimal traces from my before picture. You can barely see it on the glass while you are sipping away. I was already off to a good start.

The Secret is Out
My expert opinion for the case of the everlasting lip stain? My Red Apple lipstick and lipgloss were hands down almost non-existent after being run through the dishwasher. I have proof! Take a moment to scroll up and glance at what was hanging out from my old lipstick. Now, take a peek at my after photos when I used my Red Apple lipstick and lipgloss:

Red Apple Lipstick is barely there, as lipstick should be

No explanation needed

I can honestly say that ingredients in lip products does matter! What bothered me the most is the fact that I was using a lip product that was so full of unhealthy ingredients that even a dishwasher could not remove them with boiling water. Your skin filters in everything so all of the gunk on my glass was also becoming gunk inside of my body. Are you still unsure yourself? That's ok, I understand trying new products can be scary. We all have our own routines that make us comfortable. But I have an awesome, easy chance for you to try out that Red Apple Lipstick products without costing you a dime. YOU could win a $50 gift certificate just by entering this contest. You have nothing to lose (except that current questionable product you are using).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Details: Contest will begin Tuesday July 19, 2016 and end Wednesday July 20, 2016 at midnight. 1 winner will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter entries. Winner shall receive one $50 Red Apple Lipstick gift certificate to use as they please. No purchase necessary. If the original winner does not claim their prize within 48 hours, a runner up winner shall be chosen. None of your entry information shall be shared as that is most unprofessional and definitely not what I am about. Prize contributed by the wonderful peeps at Red Apple Lipstick.

Why Use Red Apple Lipstick Products? They are free of gluten, paraben, petroleum, animal bits, corn, harsh chemical and GMO's ~

You Are My Winner


  1. Definitely eye opening as we start looking at all of our cosmetics and realizing what we put on our faces!

  2. Oh wow that leftover lipstick on the glasses AFTER cleaning them is gross.

    1. I know, right?! poor guests if they got any of those!!

  3. Very cool that Red Apple doesn't leave a mark. Will have to check them out.

  4. This sounds like a great lipstick that I need to try. I hate lipstick on glasses.

  5. I LOVE Red Apple!

    I *hate* when I am at a restaurant, and the glass comes out with someone else's lipstick on it. clean glass. ew. ;)

  6. I've heard such great things about that brand! I think people forget that they usually EAT whatever they put on their lips!

    1. It's a simple thing to overlook but so scary when you actually see the evidence

  7. You gave me something to consider. I never really gave any thought to lipstick affecting our health. Thanks for you detective work!