Thursday, July 14, 2016

You Can Do What With PhillySwirl?!

It's Summer, I live in North Carolina where we never have a Spring- we go from grey and dreary to HELLO, IT'S HOT! Everyone knows two things about summer: you need to stay hydrated and popsicles almost always make their way into the picture somehow. Who can resist the colors, the flavors, the melty, slushy treats that leave our lips and tongues all sorts of fun colors. How do you top that? By trying out new flavors. But not just any flavors- PhillySwirl flavors.

My summer began as any other day- at the food store. Big surprise, right? NutriDaughter was the one who asked for popsicles and when we looked, there were new PhillySwirl flavors. Did we buy them? No- only because we had some goodies in the freezer that we needed to finish up first. I think it was a sign because days after, I received a request to try out the very same items (OR, perhaps I, Nutrimom, have secret telepathic powers that allow me to channel specific product reviews to arrive in my inbox). I will never tell. Mostly because my mouth is full of popsicles.

Last year, I was asked to review some PhillySwirl popsicles (no arm twisting here since they are free of the top 8 allergens and you can find them almost everywhere which is a plus for a food allergy mom). In last year's post (here), I sent out a plea on behalf of all consumers (allergic or not) who love PhillySwirl products but still had the guilt of some of the artificial colors and ingredients that are included in their allergy-friendly treats. I am happy to share that they heard the request and they now offer two organic options that do not contain corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors. The Jungle Swirls flavors come in four flavor combinations:

Tropical Twirl (Swirl, twirl, I get it!)  Mango Pineapple
Leaping Lime Cherry Lime
Flutter Berry Blueberry & Lemon
Babble Berry Strawberry Pomegranate

Our package included the Organic Jungle Swirls but they also offer  Organic Sorbet Stix.

I don't know about anyone else but summer also makes me think of people sitting on a porch, drinking lemonade. We were on our front porch happily enjoying ours, just in a different form. Our taste buds met six flavors of the Lemonade Swirls popsicles and what a great way to spend a lazy, hot summer day. With lemonade flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Classic and Lime it's as if PhillySwirl revamped our relatives old fashioned drinks into a portable, delicious past time. AND, the Lemonade Swirls do not contain corn syrup or artificial flavors (not organic and they do contain artificial colors but I feel confident that we can persuade PhillySwirl to work on that as well). Who says you need to have lemonade in a glass and who says lemonade should only be made of lemons? I scoff at those who are limiting their treat opportunities.

More thoughts of my childhood remind me of trips to 7-Eleven (yup, they have those in New Jersey). The chain of convenience stores that have all sorts of junk food but mainly, that giant ICEE drink. Tell me you haven't seen these things? You can't miss them! As soon as you walk in, there is an over-sized, twirling cup to ensure that every child will see it and then follow their parents around the store pleading to get one. PhillySwirl has taken that pain away and now offer their ICEE MixItUp popsicles. No whining, no having to deal with the begging and pleading as you walk through the
aisles of the store- just your own personal ability to get a brain freeze in your own home. I'm pretty sure that our ICEE drinks didn't come in flavors like Red & White Cherry, Green Apple & Watermelon, Blue Raspberry & White Cherry or Strawberry & Kiwi. In fact, I'm pretty sure our choices just consisted of "I''ll have red".

The Dark Side of Popsicles
Speaking of popsicles and drinks, I want to discuss a far more important factor of popsicles. It's something that happens to all of us at one time or another..... I'm talking about that horrific moment when your popsicle melts. Most of us are sad, some of of us may dry our eyes, pull up our big boy pants and slurp the wonderful juices right out of the plastic. But what if there was a way to make it even better? What if there was a way to have an easy, two ingredient (dare I even say) fancy form of your popsicle that is yet again, another childhood favorite? I am talking about a Popsicle Float people- it's a real thing and it is delicious!!! Simply take your slushy popsicle and add your favorite frozen ice cream (ours was So Delicious) and bam! Having an evening soiree and need something different? Serve the float in a crystal glass and you are done.

Want to make the float but don't have any melted popsicles? I got you covered! Remove the popsicles from their plastic and place them in a tall glass. Allow them to stay at room temperature for approximately 35 minutes (yes, I actually timed it). The rest is the same as above. I feel it is important to also tell you that 3 popsicles were enough for two 6 ounce glasses so plan accordingly. Nothing is worse than not having enough of whatever item you are planning on sharing- how awkward is that? OK, we have popsicle floats for everyone! Oh...wait, well, almost everyone. Sorry Tommy, you'll have to wait another 35 minutes until I can get you one. Don't be that host.

Sending out slightly frozen kisses to PhillySwirl for sending this awesome package for my family to try out. I am also additionally grateful for their efforts to understand what their consumers need and for their newest products. From our family to yours, thank you ~

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As always, I never receive compensation for product reviews except for the products themselves as my opinions are my own and are always honest.

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