Friday, August 5, 2016

Make a Mad Dash for Enjoy Life Foods!

#WaradyWonka ;)
Ok, well, maybe the term "mad dash" may not be the correct way to phrase it- who could ever be mad when they get more Enjoy Life Foods products? And it's uber-awesome how I've seen so much more availability in many of my local food stores as well. Less gas, less zooming to and fro and more allergy-friendly items right at my fingertips. What else can a food allergy parent ask for? Well, I could ask for exactly that- having Enjoy Life Foods right at my fingertips. Literally.

So now there is a really cool feature that has been introduced called the Enjoy Life Foods Amazon Dash button. Why do I love this button? Let me list just some of the reasons:
  • If you are not as lucky as me & need to get faster access to Enjoy Life Foods this will do that
  • You can actually get the Dash button for free (see details here)
  • When the weather is bad, just push and you shall receive
  • A great way to make sure your allergy-friendly snacks never run low
  • You can rename it your "panic button" and use it for fast, last minute needs like birthday parties, school events, sports practice and more
  • It comes in a cool, little box and hooks onto things
  • As a parent, you (may) even use it as leverage to get your kids to do chores and homework
  • Your husband can secretly order your favorites without telling you
How Does it Work Exactly?!
Do you love Enjoy Life Foods? Do you have an Amazon account? Order a button and you are done! Push, order and in a few days, watch for the package to arrive on your doorstep. Make sure you watch for it- some neighbors may get wind of it and be inclined to "borrow" your Enjoy Life Foods rude. 

For complete details on this new feature, visit the Enjoy Life Foods blog here, go directly to the Enjoy Life Foods Amazon page here or if you are still not sure, watch this quick video that shows you how it all works. Then all you need to do is relax and eat, which I like to do....did I mention that I like eating? 

What This Button Cannot Do
Sadly, there are a few minor flaws to this new age contraption. 
  1. You cannot keep it within your childrens' reach or you will wind up housing waaaay too many Enjoy Life Foods products before you planned too. 
  2. You cannot give it to anyone's cute baby to play with (for the same reason I just mentioned) plus, the button would get all full of baby slobber. 
  3. You cannot use it as an emergency spoon
  4. You cannot wear it as a cool new fashion trend because too many people may get jealous (well, and people will want to push the button and we already know how that goes). 
  5. You cannot reuse the little box it comes in because nothing else actually looks like it...well, maybe you can fill it with some Enjoy Life Foods Mega Chunks but then they would fall out of the cute little window thingy
  6. And, it is not a magnet so you cannot put it on your fridge for easy access...hmmm, hey Enjoy Life Foods, can you do that? Make it into a magnet for the fridge? And maybe compensate me for the idea? I accept all forms of payment including products :) 
Order yours now (here's the link again in case you are too lazy to scroll back up) and for goodness sakes- somebody pick up the button off of my floor- you know I'll wind up stepping on it and breaking it! Broken button means no extra goodies to NutriFamily and what kind of a mother would I be then?!

#eatfreely #dashbutton 

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