Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Am Forced to Watch My Son Be Sick

I wanted to end 2016 with a personal story from a page member who wanted to share to help others. This is her story of what she has and is going through with her son. I am sharing this because our food allergy community learns from sharing with each other. With all of the changes over the years, it's important to remember that we can never give up hope, we can never give up fighting and we can never give up supporting each other.

I do warn that this story is heart-wrenching. As a food allergy mother who has seen her child sick, I cannot even compare my story to theirs. The journey they have been on and continue to be on is one that needs everyone's support. Here is their story:

How is a mother supposed to sit back and watch her child get sick, especially if she has the medicine that will help him?

My son has been sick for the majority of his life (nine years). He gets Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Bronchialitis, Sinusitis, and urinary infections over and over. He is on a schedule of prednisone and antibiotics (on for 10 days, then off for five days,then back on the prednisone for seven more days, then off for five days, on for 10 days, off for seven days and then back on both prednisone and antibiotics starting the cycle all over again). When he is off the prednisone by day five, his oxygen level is at 92/93 percent. His inhaler no longer helps- he is wheezy and he can’t stop coughing. This happens every year. He only has three months out of the year where he does not have these issues and they are during the summer months. After many years of testing, we found multiple things that could be his problem.

When my son was born he was three weeks and six days early. It was a dry labor and he almost did not make it. He was not breathing and it took (what felt like) forever but was only half a minute or so to get him breathing.We had to stay in the hospital for seven days because the doctors were not sure if he was going to make it. After we got out, my son would try to eat but every time he did, he would cry and his stomach would be rock hard. He would be covered in hives. The doctors said he was allergic to something I was eating so I had to take out all major allergens from my diet and I was told after two or three days, he should get better. He did not get better- in fact, he got worse. So doctors decided he was allergic to my milk altogether. The next challenge was finding a formula that he was not going to react too. When he was four weeks old, he got his first cold (coughing, fever and vomiting). I took him to the doctor and she said "Babies get sick. It is just a cold and there is nothing we can do but wait it out. Push fluid. He will get better."

That was it. There was nothing else that could be done for him according to the doctors. Days passed and he got worse and worse. I continued to take him back to the doctors where she told me the same thing every time. She never called for any tests and just assumed that I was a paranoid first time mother and a burden for her. When my son was 8 weeks old, I took him to get his pictures taken. He was in a little baby tuxedo and was the most adorable little 8 pound baby I had ever seen. But as we walked into the store, I looked down at him and his lips were blue. I stopped dead in my tracks. He was breathing but his lips were blue. I immediately called the doctor's office- she told me that she just saw him yesterday and had patients that she needed to see that actually required her attention and that the best place for an overly dramatic parent like me was the urgent care center or the emergency room. After hours of waiting, his temperature was 103, his o2, 90-percent. They did not believe that this was accurate so they checked and rechecked. They then ordered a chest x-ray. By this time it was just after 7 P.M. and it was raining harder than I had ever seen before. The doctors and nurses frantically came into the room and told me that my son had bronchiolitis, was severely dehydrated and his oxygen level was way too low. I would need to then go to the E.R. for him to make it through the night. At 1 A.M. we finally got called back to be seen. He came back positive for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (R.S.V). They checked his oxygen level and found it at 83%. By that point they immediately admitted my son to the pediatric ward of the hospital, hooked him up to oxygen, gave him an I.V. and started running a few more tests. We had to stay at the hospital for 13 days. When we left, he was given a nebulizer and told to take it three times a day for at least a month.

He continued to get sick and seemed to be sick more often than not. He threw up every night multiple times but was fine during the day. He had hives on his stomach and face that came up after he ate and lasted for a few hours. The doctors decided that when he was 6 months old that he needed to take benadryl one hour before eating his meals. When he was 15 months old, he was diagnosed with a very severe dairy allergy and I was given strict instructions to take dairy and all 29 derivatives out of his diet. I was given a list of the derivatives and then I was sent home with no further assistance. When I got home I started going through all of the food that we had. At least 92% of the food in my house had dairy or a derivative in it!! And to top it off I had no idea how to cook. I sat down in the kitchen surrounded by all the food that my son could not eat and cried. For awhile, we had very simple meals of plain cooked meats and noodles/minute rice. Eventually I got better and learned some things to make that were dairy free. It seemed as soon as I got comfortable with him having a dairy allergy he got a new allergy. Every 6 months he would have an anaphylactic reaction to a food that he had previously been okay with.

By the time he was 5 years old, we had done every test I could think of. The doctor was not sure what was wrong with him so she had told me that any test I thought might fit she would run so we did. Years of blood draws, sweat test, x-rays, cat scans- everything came back normal. I was hoping for one of them to come back abnormal; that way, we would have a starting point. We would know what was wrong and could work towards fixing it. I felt like a horrible parent to be wishing that one of these would come back abnormal but I was exhausted from having a sick child and not being able to help him. I spent my days tending to my sick son, taking care of my 5 other children and household duties as well as taking online college classes and my nights researching his symptoms. His doctor thought that an E.N.T. might be able to help us so she sent us to see a local one. He asked why we were there, saw my son's chart and stated it looks like I have had a lot of unnecessary testing done on my poor child over a cough. He said that he felt sorry for my son to have a mother like me and was not sure why the state has not come in to take him away yet but he would be putting a call in himself. I told him that the doctors all approved of the testing and that it was not just “a cough”- it was severe, persistent and caused him to turn blue. The E.N.T. said that the only thing he could do is put a scope up his nose to view the inner workings. He looked at my son and told him that there would be no numbing medicine and it was really painful and that I (his mother) was wanting him to go through this suffering for nose reason at all other then I wanted attention. He said he knew he would not find anything in there and that when he found nothing, he would make sure that he did not have to go home with me. I was so upset that I had no words I literally sat there dumbstruck with my mouth open and no words coming out. I picked up my son and walked out of that office never to return.

Halfway through his fifth year of life I found something that sounded just like him -Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) and Candida. I printed out the information and made an appointment to see his doctor. She agreed that this sounded much like him but that she was not the one that could test for or diagnose such a condition so she would have to refer us to a pediatric Gastroenterologist (G.I.). The G.I. was so rude when I saw her which was not my first encounter with rude doctors as most treated me as though I was insane and making up my sons issues. She gave in and did the testing after a lot of discussion and arguing. Sure enough the results showed that he did have EOE, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Candida. She sent me an email telling me that she was sending some prescriptions to the pharmacy and that she was not going to be my sons G.I. anymore so I would have to find a new one. The medicine for the EOE was called the “budesonide slurry” it was where he would take one vial of budesonide and mix it in a medicine cup with 5 packets of splenda then drink it. He did this twice a day. It had a plethora of side effects and was not helping him. After a year of this I decided to look into other options. I found that eliminating certain food could help but had already taken out all the allergens I could think of so I looked for a test that might help. Through the help of a page I found and now friend on Facebook (Nutrimom) I found a blood draw called A95-E95 and it tested all sorts of different foods and environmental allergens. The results of this were able to help me take even more things out of his diet and after 6 months he had a clean scope (which means that his EOE was under control). With his EOE under control, I thought that he would get better but he did not. He was still getting worse. All of his doctors told me that he may be that kid that is just sick and that I would have to learn to deal with it. We would treat the symptoms but never know the cause. This solution did not sit well with me. I cannot believe that all of my doctors were in agreement that this was what it had come to.

Over three and a half years they did minimal additional testing. They did a sleep study and found he had severe sleep apnea, so they gave him an adenotonsillectomy. While they did this, they found a few abnormalities in his throat that may also be causing issues but decided not to do anything about them at the time. They did a sinus surgery to help open up his sinuses so that he could breathe better. They inserted a Bravo pH probe to see how bad his GERD actually was (it found that while he is laying down the acid stays in his esophagus for 179 minutes at a time then would go down for 10 minutes and come right back up. During the day it was constantly coming up as well and not just when he ate.). They discussed doing a stomach surgery but I opted out of that at the time as there were many risks. They did a colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, ciliary biopsy, and another sinus surgery. Yet he was STILL getting sick all the time.

I had no idea what to do anymore but knew I would not give up. I knew that we needed an allergist but I would most likely have to pay for it so I started trying to save up when I found an allergist in my town that took state insurance. At the appointment I explained to the doctor (in as much detail as I could recall) all that we had been through. He was impressed at how well I had kept track of all of my sons health problems and all we had been through. He said that he has a list of multiple questions that he usually asks parents and most of them the parents do not know the answer to but I knew them all.  He had asked me if my son had ever been tested for what is called Primary Immunodeficiency (P.I.). I told him that I had no idea what that was and so I was confident that he had not. He explained that there are over 300 different kinds of Primary Immunodeficiency but there were four that were more common than the others so he would test for them. Unfortunately my sons labs all came back in a relatively normal state. His IgG was low but not low enough to classify him out right with the P.I. Hypogammaglobulinemia (hypogamma) and he did not have the labs for any of the other 3. His symptoms all matched with a patient with hypogamma. His labs were almost there so his allergist said that he was confident that my son has a Primary Immunodeficiency - he just does not have the supporting labs so we could not label it as Hypogamma but rather a “working diagnosis.” He explained to me that the way to treat this was to do either I.V.I.G. or SubQ. I told him I had no idea what either of those were or meant. He said the IVIG was when they put in an I.V. with special medicine and that it had to be done once a month at a clinic or hospital for 8 hours. He explained that he did not believe it to be the best option because the way my son would feel was sort of like being on a roller coaster through the month (because he would be sick for about a week after the treatment then he would feel better and better and then start to feel worse and worse and feel horribly sick the last week before his treatment). Where as with the SubQ (subcutaneous) he would have 2 to 3 little needles inserted into his subcutaneous layer of his stomach, done once a week for about an hour at home and was more like a gentle wave. But what was this medicine being injected into him and how would it help when nothing else did? The medicine was IgG. A specialty lab (or labs) takes blood and breaks it down to its finest form. They take out only the IgG of the people who have a good, high immunity and then give that to my son so basically his body is surviving off other people's strong immunity (at least that is how it was explained to me).The doctor also explained that if it was not a P.I. this treatment would not do anything, it will not hurt him to try and it would not help him if it was not so that is how they can determine if it is since the labs were inconclusive.  

Sadly, the insurance denied covering the treatment as the labs were not supportive enough so the doctor said we would try a 30 day sample program to see if the results could change their minds. The doctor explained that a 30 day sample is usually not enough to do anything and most people do not show improvement until they have been using it for 3 to 6 months but it was our only shot. When we started the treatment sample my son had already been sick for over a month with no real help from the prednisones or antibiotics. The nurse that came to help us administer the treatment could hear him wheezing from across the room. Through the stethoscope he was so loud that she was concerned and his oxygen level was at 93%. She suggested taking him into the doctor after the treatment so that he could get on some stronger medications. An amazing thing happened- something I never thought possible and something the nurse had never seen. By the end of his treatment, he was 100% better!! His oxygen was at 100%, his lungs were clear- he had energy! Had I not been there myself I would not have believed it possible. Had the nurse not been there, the doctors probably would not have believed me. The nurse said that he may go back to being sick in a few hours after all of the medicine absorbed but he didn't. The day before his next treatment, he started to act sick again but once he had the treatment, he was better. The nurse had a client who switched medications and had leftover, unused medication. Since we only had four weeks worth, the nurse asked if I would like it for my son while we wait for insurance to approve it. I said "Yes, please that would be amazing!" So now we have five more weeks worth of medicine which is exciting since I know how slow my insurance is. I used one of the extra weeks worth and it was the day before I use a second extra sample when I got a call, asking how my son is doing and letting me know that they still have not sent in the paperwork to the insurance. I let them know he is doing well and they get suspicious as to why since it is said to be two weeks after stopping. I tell them the truth and I am told that I might have just given the insurance company a reason to say no. Since they took so long to send the information in, the insurance company requires proof of how bad he gets quickly after stopping to see if the medication is truly as needed as we say.

So now, I know I cannot give him anymore of the medicine that I have sitting in my room. The medicine that I know makes him feel 100% well and that I might have also screwed him out of a chance to actually get it approved by the insurance company. With this knowledge, I am left unknowing. All I can do is cry and wait. I have to sit back and watch my son get sick again. With every day that passes, he gets sicker and sicker. By next week he will need to be on prednisone again since the insurance company still has not approved this new treatment. The prednisone will help but nowhere near as much as the treatment and has side effects. I have to tell my son there is nothing else I can do, even though I have four treatments left. What will I do if the insurance company does deny these life-saving medications again?I cannot go back to the way things were but I cannot afford to pay for this treament on my own. My son finally feels well enough to try to make friends and sit near people without fear of hospitalization and I have to tell him that we cannot do the treatment anymore for who knows how long. I am at a loss but I will not give up. I will give the insurance company a couple of weeks to decide and then I will figure out what I have to do next. There is always a way, even if I do not know what it is right now- I will figure it out somehow.

He has gotten sick again. Prednisone for 7 days, nebulizer treatment 3 times a day, antibiotics for 10 days. The insurance has, in fact, denied the treatment again. They say it is because his labs do not support the diagnosis but everything else does. We gave them a letter of medical necessity as well as all of the documentation from when he was on the sample program yet they only care about the labs. There are hundreds of different forms of Primary Immunodeficiency and we only have the ability to do lab work on four of them so the others are determined by if the treatment helps (which it did) so why does the insurance not seem to take this into consideration? What will I do now? How should I proceed?

  • I am asking his doctor to do a Peer to Peer review with the insurance. 
  • Second, I am contacting an allergy law firm (they are on the east coast and I have no idea if they will help). 
  • Third, I am contacting the Immune Deficiency Foundation to see if they have an advocate that will help me get the insurance to pay for this treatment. 
Unfortunately my son has to suffer while I fight the insurance. There is no way to tell how long it will take to get them to do something. Since the treatment will cost about $1000 a week there is no way I could afford to do it myself - I have to get insurance to cover this. It is considered a “life saving treatment” since the longer he goes without it the worse he gets, his body is slowly shutting down while us grownups argue over cost. I will never give up and I will never stop fighting for him no matter what.

For the sake of this boy and this mother, PLEASE share any thoughts, information or advice that may be able to help them fight this. 

The insurance company that is denying this child
these necessary treatments is Umpqua Health Alliance.

*I was given permission to share her son's photos

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Scoop on Litter Allergies

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A few months ago, our family took a leap of faith. After many years of being pet free and deciding to remain pet free after I saw how much NutriSon's asthma was reduced, we decided to adopt a cat. We researched which breeds were considered to be less allergenic and which cat would shed less. We even made several visits to our local animal adoption shelter to visit with our potential new family member as well as discuss the possibility of having to return our prospective adoptee if my son's allergy symptoms returned. After all, no matter how cute and loving a cat is, my son's health always comes first. Luckily, we found Sofi and my son has had no allergy or asthma symptoms. It seemed as if we had found our newest family member and saved a furry purry love in the process.

But Then, I Had Allergy Symptoms I keep her litter box in my office. At first, I thought I had a cold. Or maybe it was because we had turned the heat on (you know how those lovely air vents get after not being used for awhile). NOOOOOOOO!!!! I was freaking out! After making sure my son would not be at risk, I never even considered someone else being allergic to a cat. Especially not me- I grew up having cats all of my life. Was this a cruel joke from the Universe? I love this cat, WE love this cat and I was beside myself. Until one day I realized that when I moved downstairs to work, I felt better. Soon after, I had a sign from the same Universe that (I thought) was punishing me. I was scrolling through cat supplies and I came across a heading that caught my eye "Hypo Allergenic Cat Litter".

Epiphany: It's the Litter, NOT the Cat I tested it out and sure enough, whenever the cat came into my office to use the litter box, I got worse. I decided to see if using Dr. Elsey's cat litter would improve my sniffly situation. Dr. Elsey's boasts that their cat litter is 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic and has superior odor control. The box I got was the perfect amount to fill up the litter box. Is it weird that I got excited to try cat litter?! Well, even if it is, so be it- I'm ok with it. The very first thing that I noticed as I emptied the box of Dr. Elsey's cat litter- NO DUST! Like, none. Not on the cat box, not flying through the air and inhaling it- truly nothing. As a blogger, I later kicked myself for not taking a video because proof is in the picture but my word is good. 

Let's Get Up Close & Personal ..who knew I would ever say this about cat litter?! The cat litter granules are larger so it reduces tracking it through the house as well as added dust control. Larger litter means easier to vacuum up as well as less stuck inside of my carpeting (which will also reduce the chances of my previous allergy symptoms). Odor control- this worried me as I am hypersensitive to many smells and scents. Truly- if I go into Yankee Candle, I honestly feel as if my head will explode after it gets done pounding from the immense intake of perfumery. So the odor control was one area that I was thinking may give me a problem. The result with this- a lot less cat litter odor and a lot less sinus irritation. That's three for three (less dust, less clumps, less odors) and I worked happily for a week without any of my allergy symptoms. I was also thankful that I had figured out the culprit was the cat litter and not the cat... I also wonder how many other people (may) give up their cats thinking their allergy was the animal and not their products. 

Watch how Sofi reacted here

I'm Happy & Sad I was so thrilled to find this product for myself and my cat. I'm sure that it was no coincidence that Dr. Elsey's cat litter also helped with the decreased eye watering on my cat that quickly returned when I had to go back to another cat litter. I was saddened when I searched the online store locator and none of our local businesses carries Dr. Elsey's! They do offer online purchasing as well (phew! Awesome!) but until my order arrives, Sofi & I are both stuck with our allergy symptoms. Patience is not usually this blogger's strong point but I have to be satisfied with the fact that I found an item that does what it says it will do and that I do have some way of getting it again. Sending out unstuffy, tear-free hugs from myself and Sofi to Dr. Elsey's for sending us their litter and for providing a product that actually does what it says it will do.

Be sure to check out and browse their other items too (food, various cat litter products and a selection for your veterinarian). You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

As always, no compensation for product reviews other than the products themselves as my opinions are always my own

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Another Year, Another Food

It's unbelievable to me that 2016 is coming to an end soon. I know we all say that every year but honestly, I have been blessed this entire year with so many new and wonderful products, people, places and anything else that I could have asked for. And in the shadow of what may have seemed a grim couple of weeks in the summer time, I truly feel that out of the negative comes the positive, always. With this year being a flurry of blurry happy collection of events, I thought it would be the perfect time to remind everyone to step back, relax and reflect. Often when a year ends, we forget and forge forward. This keeps us strong but so does remembering some of the great things that kept us on track to get there.

How to Hold Onto What is Needed When 2016 began, I wrote this post as a reminder to myself as well as a reminder to all of you. Our years go by and as adults, we are never told to embrace our inner child. Do this, every single day. It IS necessary and it IS something that too many adults refuse to do. Do this with your foods too. Food is a part of our lives so why not embrace that and let it empower us rather than knock us down. For every food you are limited by, find one that can replace it. Use your imagination, use your funny side, use your mommy voice that tells you right from wrong but most importantly, find the strength in what drives you. Don't listen to the people who don't support you. Embrace the ones that do.

ALWAYS Think Outside of the Box I pride myself on sharing my weird ideas on how to use allergy-friendly products that you CAN use safely. But have you really tried using products outside of the box? Literally? I have. Not only did I but you can make these with your kids, you can be the #1 neighborhood eco-friendly person and (I bet) you will unlock a side of your creativity that you didn't know was hiding. Take a look at this picture then click on the link to see how you can make this too. Is it what you thought? Are you really maximizing the way that you are budgeting as well as using every single item within your family's reach? Repurpose your food packaging as well as your foods. It's a win-win. It's absolutely acceptable to use what's inside of the box as well as the box.

Food On the Table And by this, I mean in a totally different way. Recipes are fun but so are settings, decorating and finding out how your foods can enhance your meals on a whole new level. Did you know that gluten free pretzels can help make your table romantic?
Click here for more
Did you know that that someone right this very second is eating pretzels out of their lunch container when they could use it as an edible napkin ring? Or that the silver packaging could be your next goodie bag or balloon holder in disguise? Read more here and you may never look at some of your allergy-friendly foods again in the same way. Life is too short to worry about what everyone has told us to do with our foods. As long as we are being safe, there are no rules. Food allergies should never, ever mean that our lives have been limited. A food allergy diagnosis means that we were given a different path and new ways to take that path. Some people may find fear within a diagnosis but I choose to embrace what I do not understand and fuel myself to gain more knowledge on how I can handle it. In life, there are people that will eat you alive with negativity. Beat them at their own game, show them you can offer them support. Choose to walk on the beach versus swim with the sharks. Either way, make sure your foods are something that you can share with others.

Make these now
In the End, There is Love, Always At the end of each day, each month, each year- there will always be love. Love for your family, love for your support network and love for your foods. Have you traveled out of your comfort zone to see what the world of food allergies offers? Have you felt the amazing amount of love that can be found in support groups and advocacy groups? Have you asked all of your non-allergic friends to learn more about your safe foods so that they can have the knowledge they all need as well? Food allergies is not just about foods- it's about everyone and everything in your life for the rest of your life.

Recipe Here

Tell me- How will YOU begin a new year?

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Potatoes Are Flat

Yes, potatoes are flat. I can even tell you that sweet potatoes are flat. Now before you freak out and try to prove me wrong, I have proof. They are flat, gluten free and you can use them in ways that you may not have thought possible. Still don't believe me?

Enter Potapas
This is what the flat potatoes are called (I didn't name them that, they came to me like that). Potapas is a brand of gluten free tortillas that are actually soft and pliable! And made of potatoes and sweet potatoes... I told you they were flat.

One Potato The original potato tortillas contain water, dehydrated potatoes, garbanzo bean flour, cassava flour, modified tapioca starch, non GMO canola oil (yay, non GMO!), chicory inulin fiber, potato starch, salt, konjac gum (that's a plant) and xanthan gum.

Two Potato
Did I mention there is also a sweet potato item too? These contain all of the same ingredients as the original plus sweet potato. See, two flat potatoes! Same rules apply but the sweet potato have just the tiniest hint of roasted vegetables once heated (well, to me anyway).

The key to these gluten free tortillas is to heat them before you eat them. But what is also fun is to make sure that everyone in your family gets their own Potapas so they don't eat yours! How does a typical food allergy mom do this? Easy, I did what is second nature- I labeled them.

Need mini letter cutouts? Get them here

The easiest trick in the book- label, wrap and pack. Then when someone grabs one and begins to open up the wrapping, their initial should let them know that it's theirs or not theirs. I do warn that because these tortillas are so tasty, some of your family members may choose to ignore the labeling and eat yours anyway. Another cool trick? You know how your food allergic child is always asking what a hot pocket tastes like? After you get done explaining how unhealthy those are, make them a better, allergy-friendly version to bring to school and make the other kids jealous of their lunch.

Potapas Pockets
Potapas Pockets
Super easy, you choose the ingredients and watch as your family devours them!
  1. Heat the tortillas as directed
  2. Lay the tortilla flat on a cutting board
  3. Add your choice of ingredients
  4. Make 6 cuts in the tortilla, leaving the center intact
  5. Fold the sides of the tortilla inward
  6. Lightly oil a glass dish
  7. Lay the side with all of the folded pieces facing down
  8. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes

Other Observations

  • What do they look like? Prior to heating, they smell and look similar to a corn tortilla. Once they are cooked, they become bendable and don't break apart (yay, another win!)
  • How do they taste? They don't have much of a flavor at all (this is a good thing). That means you know your foods won't have any gummy, starchy after taste that you sometimes get with other gluten free tortillas. Way to go Potapas!  
  • Are they packable? YES!! I am happy to report that I tested this for all of you! I heated the tortilla, rolled up some tuna and left it in the fridge overnight. The tortillas were still soft!!! (For those of you reading this and who have never encountered trying to pack most gluten free tortillas, it can be a nightmare. Most of them have to be heated to be pliable and must be eaten right away or they get rock hard and break your teeth or they fall apart) 
My Only Wish
Dear Potapas people who made these wonderful tortillas....PLEASE make a larger size! I don't mind the smaller size but you have never seen how NutriKids can eat! I would love to have a bigger burrito size to have that much more Potapas tortilla to eat. So please, for the sake of all of those gluten free people out there that love your product and even for those who have not gotten to try your product, consider adding a larger flat potato of gluten free goodness to your product line. 

For those of you who are now dazzled by my post and are frantically Googling where to find Potapas tortillas simply click here for their store locator OR enter to win some before December 15th! Full details here so get to it.

Thank you Potapas for sending me your wonderful tortillas! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will see these in my local stores in 2017. For more information be sure and visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram