Saturday, September 9, 2017

The New Allergy Solution

I admit, I am a food allergy mom but also a bit of a geek when I get the opportunity to check out new resources. After all, none of us have the same allergy needs and allergies are not "one size fits all". To me, this means that research, information, ideas and anything else allergy-related is a part of the constant journey to find a knowledgeable, safe life within the food allergies. I refuse to let food allergies consume me but I absolutely embrace the continual knowledge to consume me. Having knowledge is the key to surviving and growing- utilizing it and knowing that your brain can, indeed, continue to welcome more is empowering.

I was asked to review The New Allergy Solution by Clifford W. Bassett, M.D. This is 325 pages full of LOTS and LOTS of allergy information. I admit, at first glance my brain kind of twitched and pushed it to the side for a bit. Once I opened it up, my complete geek put on it's glasses, grabbed a pen and began reading every single page- not thumbing through, not skimming paragraphs but reading it. The words on the cover
Supercharge Resistance, Slash Medication, Stop Suffering caught my eye immediately. Thinking this was yet another book about how food allergies can be cured (which I do not believe), I was pleasantly surprised to begin reading about Dr. Bassett and how much I wish he had been around for our family when my son was first diagnosed. On page 14 his statement "You should be invited to partner in making yourself better" and page 38 "And I wanted to find solutions that might make more sense than the by-the-book, short-term fixes that so many doctors prescribe" made me shake my head in agreement over and over again. Dr. Bassett gets it- he understands that we are in need of one-on-one help and that our families are screaming for doctors to find the sources not just the fixes.

This Book is Thorough Dr. Bassett very clearly took a lot of time and energy to ensure people reading this book get every possible part of allergy information at their fingertips. He includes prevention, testing, allergy triggers, whole health allergies (skin, food, environmental and more) and he offers not only information for each but discussed how important it is for everyone to have options when it comes to their treatment plan. I highly recommend that anyone diagnosed with any type of allergy read this book. I would also love to see it made available to patients in allergy specialist offices as a research tool. Very often, many of us that are diagnosed feel there is a lack of doctor/patient communication which leads to misinformation, feeling overwhelmed and the need to find answers so that we can live with our allergies versus living around our allergies.

I want to applaud Dr. Bassett for sharing this wonderful resource with me- I am honored to have been asked. You can order your copy on Amazon and you can find him at Allergy & Asthma Care of New York.

As always, no compensation for product reviews except for the products themselves as my opinions are always honest and my thoughts are my own.

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