Friday, June 15, 2018

Don't Go Nuts, It's A Re-Launch

Do you remember the first time that you found a product that you thought actually tasted good and your kids like them too?I do. But I am a mom so I may be biased. Moms remember weird things that may not seem relevant to some but for us, all of those little details are important. Our mom brains suck in all of the information that may save us time and energy in the future so for us, it's like a mental superpower. I first saw the Don't Go Nuts products at the 2014 Food Allergy Blogger Conference. They handed them out and honestly, there were so many samples that I tucked it into my take home bag (Nothing personal Don't Go Nuts people). In the midst of unpacking and sorting safe goodies, NutriDaughter pulled a bar out and asked if she could have it. She has raved about them ever since.

Flash forward four years to now: I was asked to try their new re-launched bars Gorilla Power, Whitewater Chomp and Blueberry Blast that are now USDA certified organic and the Blueberry Blast flavor was reinvented. Did I have to fend off greedy little hands when the boxes arrived? Yes. (Well....not so little anymore but that's another story). NutriDaughter was ripping open the boxes, she was there when I turned around and you can bet her hand was out as soon as I took a bar out of the box. Not that I teased her but.... yeah, I teased her.

Whitewater Chomp bars - these were interesting as I almost taste a hint of a peanut butter-like taste (which, of course, is impossible). Other than that, they taste like a typical crispy bar but slightly chewier which is good, so no cracked or chipped teeth from biting into something rock hard. I can't be the only one who passes on ultra-crunchy granola bars, can I? As you can see, they were a hit at the local pool. Anything grab and pack is a good thing. Not to mention, most of us budget and bringing a snack versus purchasing a snack is (almost) always cheaper.

The Gorilla Power bars have chocolate chips in them so I may be just a little biased as I am a definite chocolate lover. Pair it with chocolate, I was off to a great start. There is a slight taste of coconut in these bars. There is a good balance of chocolate- not too much, not too little. Nothing worse than skimpy chocolate, right?! And I did not notice any chocolate leakage....ok, that may sound icky and unappetizing but (again) as a mom, I am pro-clean, finger-licking snacks vs. anything that leaves smudges on clothing and towels and anything else that is touched during the snacking event. Those are snacks I avoid. Those are snacks that mess up my white towels and make me not want to buy them.

The final bar I got to try was the Blueberry Blast. For some reason, I found it to be chewy with just a little bit of crunch...maybe it was the same on the others, not sure. To me, it tasted like a blueberry cookie in bar form ( a positive). Overall, a good little granola bar that I would definitely eat again. Sometimes when you need something sweet, a bar that has some heartier ingredients are better than a cookie.

What I liked When I read the ingredients, multiple words organic. Every single ingredient starts with organic. This is a huge plus for me- I really feel that the more organic foods we use, the better. The texture was good and the consistency was good (not dry, not too gooey, no weird chalky aftertaste). I liked the size because, although one may argue the bar size could be a tad larger, they are actually pretty filling.

What I wish was a bit different Dear Don't Go Nuts people, let me say first that I like your products and I truly appreciate that you asked me to try these out. This being said, my wish list of things for you to maybe consider 1) I found the bars to be a little too sweet/sugary 2) Any thoughts of looking into a facility that does not also process dairy 3) any thoughts of (trying) a dairy free bar for those that contain dairy? I wouldn't suggest these things if I didn't wish more people could also enjoy your bars.

Regardless of my wish list, try them (as long as the ingredients are safe for you). They are a good little bar! You can find Don't Go Nuts on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (Ugh, how did I not know this?!), Instagram and YouTube. They also have a handy dandy store locator here or just look for their adorable logo. Hugs to Don't Go Nuts for thinking of me and sending me the samples!

*As always, no payment accepted for the product review except for the products themselves as my opinion is always my own.