Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nutrimom - Fact or Crap?

Those of you who follow me or know me understand that I try to add a touch of humor to much of my information. This is not to make fun of any situation because we all know that food allergies are, indeed, very serious. Recently, I was informed of some pretty harsh things being said about what I do. Now, I know that you cannot please all of the people all of the time and I get that there will always be some who feel it's their duty to belittle you and I've brushed them off. This was something a bit different, a bit more malicious maybe? and to me, that was something that simply could not go unnoticed. The few professionals that I approached had not heard these allegations and I was relieved that their first reaction was one of laughter and disbelieving rather than even giving it a chance to be somewhat true. This strengthened me and told me that no matter what, I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing and to move forward.

So with the start of a new year, I welcome a breath of fresh air. I release this negativity and, in my own fashion, I invite all of you to play

"Nutrimom- Fact or Crap?"

Are you confused about the fact or crap part? Have you never seen the slightly distasteful but completely hilarious games and calendars lovingly called Fact or Crap? (see image for your convenience).

photo courtesy spinmastergames.com
Now that we have that clarified, let's move onto the fun part- the game!

Rumor #1- Nutrimom goes into people's homes and feeds their children peanut butter to see if they react- Fact or Crap?

First of all....really? How would this even ever make sense? I have a peanut-allergic child, I am a food allergy mother/blogger/consultant, I have been honorably invited to summits by Mylan and AANMA because I want to spread knowledge on how to avoid unnecessary reactions so how would this even be believable? I am going to assume that this local person was just feeling a bit desperate for whatever reason and that was the last hope of tarnishing my image for whatever reason. Peanuts, really? Next please.

Rumor #2- Nutrimom gives out medical advise to her clients- Fact or crap?

Once again, if this person had taken the time to ask me what I do, what kind of information I give to my clients or even to approach me person to person, then I would have clarified this in an instant. I am very, very careful and specific with all of my clients and even my comments on my posts. I am not and have never claimed to be a licensed medical professional and there are statements on all of my sites, recommendations that go out to clients, my book and anywhere else that I feel it is necessary to make people aware that no medical advise shall be given. I ask each and every client that I meet with to sign a disclaimer that states exactly that- I am not a licensed professional and that I will not give out medical advise. People are more than welcome to ask me whatever questions they want but that does not mean that I will always be able to help them or answer them. I rely on my network of doctors that I trust and I ask other people to do the same thing to be as safe as possible. My mission is to help others, not to make them worse or harm them in any way. 

Rumor #3- Nutrimom is telling people she is a Nutritionist- Fact or crap?

Again, if that person had taken the time to speak with me about the concerns, I would have clarified this too. I am not a nutritionist but what I do is not the same thing as what a nutritionist does at all. I do not give out fat or calorie content, I do not tell people how to balance out their calories or how to weight their body mass...no, no, no! I am the person that does research for each client individually. I provide recipes that do not include their specific allergens (some mine and some that anyone can find anywhere on the internet), I give them websites, books, products that are available, pictures of those items, coupons, where to buy those items on a cheaper scale, ideas for food replacements...shall I go on? I am a fact finder, I am the person that tries to help those who don't know where to start or where to look because I was that person, I was there and I don't wish that on anyone. Not even you, local person who decided to say these things. 

Rumor #4- Nutrimom refuses to work with other local allergy-related organizations- fact or crap?

(sighing) This is just false, period. I am always willing to work with any groups that would like my help. One of my motto's is "sharing is caring" so why not help when and where I can? This same person is one who I tried to approach several times but I was pushed away. The fact is that I tried to contact you, comment on open pages that are about sharing and helping and my comments were erased - I didn't erase myself so it seems there is something not jiving here. I think it's best put in something that I read recently that said 
"I am in competition with no one.
I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.
I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday."
Perhaps the one who is casting the stones should put the stones down, sit and think about it for awhile.

Rumor #5- Nutrimom kept her plans about setting up the Winston-Salem, NC FARE Walk a secret and did not call me to help her plan it- fact or crap?

When I returned last year from the Mylan Bloggers Summit, I had the idea that I wanted to start a FARE Walk in my own area, Winston-Salem, NC. I followed the proper procedures and I called FARE, asked questions and I was told that nothing NOTHING could be announced until we had a solid date, time and a go-ahead that would even ensure that a Walk could happen this year at all. So, yes, in that aspect I did keep it a secret because I was told to do so. As far as not asking for help- did you not read all of the posts asking for volunteers, donations, anything that anyone wanted to do to help us out? Did you ever approach me for the good for the cause and be a part of it? No, you did not. The fact is that you refused to work with me. Several of your group members did attend so I am happy to see that they do not feel that they have restrictions like you seem too. Life is too short, local person that I refuse to name, too short to fight other people and waste your energy when it could be put to so much better use, don't you think?

With all of this being said, I am wiping the slate clean- a new year a new mindset. I have had such a wonderful, glorious, blessed year and I know that without all of you with me being a part of it, it would never have happened. As I always, always say because I truly do mean it- I appreciate each and every one of you! I am here to help.

Best wishes for everyone to have a safe and happy new year.

*Other photos courtesy of 123rf.com

Monday, December 30, 2013

Super Easy Lemon Tartlets

My son and I are lemon lovers. I must admit, I do still crave those mini lemon pies that my mother would get for me at the store. So in my quest to find something to quench that lemon pie craving, I came up with this recipe over the holidays. It may not be quite the same thing but the flavors are similar and I can say that it left my son and I with a satisfied belly.

Easy Lemon Tartlets
1 box Ener-G Powdered Egg Replacer
Baking Spray (we use Winona Pure Oils Sunflower)
2 Boxes Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Cookies (we use Snickerdoodle or Gingerbread Spice)

Prepare the recipe for Lemon Pie Filling as seen on the box of Ener-G Powdered Egg Replacer. The box states it takes about 5 minutes to thicken but I found I had to stir much longer, so don't give up). Let the filling cool completely in the fridge. If you add hot/warm filling to the pie shells, it will just leak right through.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Prepare a mini muffin pan with baking spray (it's best to squirt a small amount into each cup and then coat evenly with your finger). Set aside.

Remove the cookies from the package. Using a rolling pin or your hand (or, a jar covered in plastic if you don't have a rolling pin) gently flatten each cookie, trying to spread each one in three different directions to get an even oval shape.

VERY GENTLY, mold each cookie into each muffin tin space. They can tear easily so use a lot of care. They do not have to meet the bottom of the pan, you are just using the shape to mold the tartlet shells. Leaving them less attached to the inserts will also allow for easier removal. Bake for about 10 minutes and then let them cool completely. The shells will be soft when they come out of the oven- do not remove them, just let them cool. If you remove them too soon, they will still be too flimsy and they will fall apart.Once cooled, fill with lemon pie filling.

Now, you will notice that the pie filling doesn't look as bright yellow and "lemony" as a normal lemon pie (actually, it looks somewhat like a glob of petroleum jelly, ugh!) but I suggest adding additional toppings, such as lemon peels, powdered sugar, etc to make them more visually appealing. I promise they do taste good.

Keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days (shells begin to get a little mushy after that). Makes 24 tartlets.

Not a fan of lemon? Good news- this recipe also works by adding melted Enjoy Life Foods chocolate and other toppings (cherries, broken allergy-friendly candy canes, gluten free pretzels, etc). The best recipes come from using up what you have leftover in your kitchen.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to send out holiday wishes to everyone because I truly appreciate all of you! I would never be where I am without all of you being a part of it with me.

There are a few reminders that I want to mention as well (not because I am trying to be pushy but because the offers end in a few days and I always share).

- If you haven't already entered, please make sure you click on this link for a chance to win a 24 pack of Brothers-All-Natural fruits crisps and a copy of my new book "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies".

Haven't heard about my book yet? "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies" is a must-have resource for living with food allergies" - as described by Brothers-All-Natural (thanks guys, I think your products are a must-have too!)

Don't want to wait? You can also purchase a download of it for your Kindle or a PDF right from my website at www.AllergyPhoods.com .

- Mylan has also just announced that they are extending their EpiPen $0 copay program for a full year through December 31, 2014! For details, please view the link here.

- Auvi-Q is offering a $0 copay that will expire December 31, 2013

(photo courtesy Auvi-Q.com)

- Winona Pure Oils has been super wonderful and allowed me to host giveaways for a chance to win three bottles of their products. We are calling it "Where's Winona?" and the next one will be in January, so keep posted to enter to win! (to view previous giveaways, please click November, November Winner, December and December Winner).

- January will also be a great month of some other giveaways that I will be involved in so make sure you pay close attention to enter. I like to give back and share

Remember- an allergic reaction can happen at any time. Always, always keep epinephrine with you at all times because that is the only medication that will save your life! Keep calm and carry epi.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweets and More Sweets..

A big thank you to Debbie Adler of Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats! She was kind enough to offer two free giveaways of her cookbook "Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats: Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery". (In case you missed the initial blog , please view details here). I am in the process of reviewing her book and will post and share my personal favorite recipe in January so stay tuned!


And who are the lucky winners of this yummy giveaway?




Congratulations to both winners and thank you so much for participating in this event. Debbie will be getting those books out to you soon so check your mailboxes!

Upset that you didn't win? Not a problem because I am also proud to announce that Brothers-All-Natural is also hosting a great giveaway (details here)! Why not start the new year off with a 24 pack of  healthy snacks and a new book? Enter to win some fruits crisps and a copy of my book "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies".

Haven't heard about it yet? Read the full article on what my book is all about and why I wrote it HERE!

Thank you to all who entered and for being a part of what I do!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Was Winona Found?

I am so happy to say that I had lots of great guesses and entries for this round of Where's Winona? But alas, I am only able to choose one lucky person to receive Winona Pure Oils Olive Oil Spray. And why use Winona Pure Oils instead of any other brand? Simple- no propellants, soy additives or chemicals, just oil. Isn't that what we want to stay healthier?

Are you dying to find out who it is, are you, are you?????? Of course, but first the answer to the question of Where's Winona

Do you see the bottle hiding out, enjoying the comfort of the tree branches?

And who is the lucky winner??????? 
I am proud to congratulate Jennifer McFadden!

Jennifer will receive three cans of Winona Pure Oil Olive Oil Spray. Jennifer, please send me your shipping information to info@allergyphoods.com so your package can be sent out to you.

Thank you to Winona Pure Oils for giving me the opportunity to be creative in this giveaway. I appreciate being a part of spreading the word about great products.

Thanks to all that participated and, as always, for being a part of what I do!

*I would like to state that I was not paid or compensated to promote these products.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Sweet Giveaway

I was honored when I received a request from Debbie Adler of Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes asking if I would review her cookbook

Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats: 
Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery

Now, although I just got my copy and I am dying to go through it, I have not reviewed it just yet. I did, however, want to announce that she has offered to send out a copy of her book to two lucky winners of a giveaway that I am hosting for the holidays! How awesome is she? (Psst, that's how she got her name Sweet).

In case you haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, check out the cheery front cover with all of these tempting cupcakes on it

Her cover boasts that the book is free of gluten, eggs, dairy, soy and nuts. What better way to end the holidays than to have a chance to get a copy sent right to your home.

To Enter- Simply email me (you know, Nutrimom) at info@allergyphoods.com with the subject "Sweet Giveaway". Please include your name and mailing address and then wait patiently, secretly praying that I will choose you as one of the winners.

When- NOW, right now! The winners will be chosen and announced on Friday, December 20th here on my blog as well as my Facebook page.

Who Can Enter
Anyone as this giveaway is open to all. So grab your mom, your uncle, maybe even an ex boyfriend who owes you a favor and ask them to send in an entry NOW, before it's too late.

Sharing is Caring
Remember, since this is open to everyone, please make sure you share with others. And don't forget, if you haven't checked out Debbie's page yet, make sure you stop by and let her know you are thankful for her giveaway this holiday (click here for the sweet page). And her website, have you seen her yummy, mouth-watering website?

Good luck to everyone! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FARELY Safe Holiday Tips

Photo courtesy of foodallergy.org
In everyday life, we have bumps in the road but with food allergies, there's even more to consider. Simply said, holidays + food allergies= stress! So how do you chill out when the cooler weather brings you so many extra worries? Lucky for all of us, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) offers some simple tips to keep our spirits jolly all holiday long. 

(OK, this is a no-brainer because honestly, it's just rude if you don't anyway, right?)

Be a great guest by contacting your host as soon as your invitation arrives. Start by communicating gently and by educating others; remember, your host is hoping to plan the “perfect” holiday party or meal.

The rules (There's always rules but these are absolutely, positively necessary) 

Go over “the rules” for parties with your kids in advance so that the most important safety rules, such as not eating a food unless he or she knows the ingredients, will be fresh in their minds when they arrive.

Make it and they will eat 
(A perfect time to bring your most delicious allergy-friendly dish and to see how people rave about it. Sneaky but good)

Offer to bring safe food so that you know there will be something there that your child can eat and your host doesn’t have to worry about separate food preparations. Share dishes that would be allergen-free.

Ship ahead 
(Imagine trying to get through an airport with your luggage, kids and boxes of stuff. Uh, no!)

If you're flying to visit friends or family, you may want to make some simple allergy-free foods that travel well and ship them to your host ahead of time.

Start the trend
(This is even better than a new hairdo because it not only looks presentable but it saves lives)

Include an ingredient listing card with your food contribution to the party. Also, add an ingredient card to all food gifts you send out from your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness at a party and with friends.

Tag-team parenting
(Safety in numbers, enough said!)

If your whole family is invited to a party, plan ahead with your spouse to divide the task of supervising your young child. With designated "on duty" times, your child will be supervised, and each parent will have time to socialize. This keeps little hands away from allergens that may be out (such as a bowl of chocolates or nuts).

Carry medications 
(Always, always, ALWAYS be prepared. Did I mention always?)

Photo courtesy of EpiPen.com
Per the NIAID food allergy guidelines, always have immediate access to two doses of epinephrine just in case unrecognized food allergens are hiding in holiday treats. 

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and allergy-friendly season. Remember- keep calm and carry epinephrine, always!

For even more tips on safety and food allergies, visit www.foodallergy.org

Monday, December 9, 2013

Where's Winona? Winona Pure Oils Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to the next addition of 
"Where's Winona?"

(In case you missed the first round, here is the last post.) Intrigued? You should be- Winona Pure Oils is a healthy line of spray oils that not only does NOT contain chemicals, additives or propellants but you can also recycle the can once it's empty. Bet you can't say that about those other brands, huh! I'm not sure about what your family has researched but ours has found that food allergies are not only about the foods that you should avoid but are a whole, healthy lifestyle change. The foods and products that you are eating need to be free of other allergenic triggers for optimal health.

Enough, we want the details! Show me the giveaway, right?
OK, here's the plan- You see the picture below? Somewhere,within that picture is a bottle of Winona Pure Oil Spray. Look closely as those bottles can be pretty darn good at playing hide-n-seek, especially for the Where's Winona? game. Do you see it? Good!

Next Step
To enter, simply email a specific description of where you have spotted Winona to info@allergyphoods.com. One guess per household so make it good! The winner will be chosen on December 16th and announced on my blog and Facebook page. PLEASE SHARE as this contest is open to everyone. Sharing is caring.

Wait, So What Do We Get?!!!
Patience,patience, I was just getting to that. The winner will receive a package of Winona Pure Oil Spray sent right to their doorstep (unless you don't have a doorstep, then, most likely, the delivery person will knock and politely hand it to you). So not only do you get to try a great, healthy product in time for the holidays but you don't even have to leave the house to do it. Gosh, if only I could figure out how to do this with so many other things!

I want to also send out a personal thank you to Winona Pure for allowing me to be a part of this giveaway in such a fun and creative way. They are awesome, after all.

If you haven't done so, please visit them for more information at www.winonapure.com and tell them that Nutrimom sent you.

Now what are you still doing here, reading? Shouldn't you be looking and emailing to win????

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Help For the Holidays

I am proud to announce that my book
"The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies" 
is now available in PDF form (Kindle format in process). 

So what is it? What can you expect to find inside? 

This book is a resource guide for the beginning stages of food allergies. It's free of wheat, egg, dairy, nut but not love. 

It includes a complete list of taste-tested allergy -friendly products including their ingredients and company information, kitchen must-have's, substitution lists, recipes and other resource information that I needed in the very beginning all included in one book.

To purchase, simply visit my website at www.AllergyPhoods.com

As always, I appreciate all of you being a part of what I do!