Monday, November 23, 2015

Allergies Are ALWAYS Fun!

As one of the bloggers that has worked with Mylan in the past, I sometimes receive information, updates and materials*. But this time around, not only did I get information, I got an entirely adorable box that proves having food allergies is always fun and never limiting. In case you haven't heard, Mylan has paired up with Disney and My Allergy Kingdom to provide our food allergy community with gentle reminders that life with food allergies can always be enjoyable- even for those without food allergies. Rather than exclude your guests that don't have food allergies, include them with your allergy-friendly safe party plans. Chances are that this won't make any difference in the level of fun and food that is planned for everyone. The safer the foods and crafts are for everyone, the less their is a chance of an allergic reaction for that event.

Who Wants to See the Box? I could have written a post about it but let's be honest- we are a visual world and we all want to see everything as if it was in our own homes. So NutriDaughter helped me out and we wanted to open the box with all of you. Ready? Just click & watch -

You are NOT Limited by Your Foods, Only Your Knowledge on What to Do With Them! I have said this before and I will continue to say it until I am blue in the face (or, in this case, teal since that's our official food allergy awareness color). This kit is just another example of how food allergies do not limit our lives but actually bring us closer together. With information, there is always power and strength. And when there is food, well, we all love food so why not share it (safely)? And, of course, always have two doses of epinephrine with you at all times because (as we know) an allergic reaction can happen anytime, anywhere so always be prepared!

Who Wants One Too? What perfect timing with the cool weather and so many school holiday breaks- this kit would be a great surprise to your children to pass the time. It's fast and easy- simply visit HERE and you can get all of the details necessary to have your own movie night too. My Allergy Kingdom also has bunches of information, crafts, articles, recipes- you name it.

Thank you to Mylan, Disney and My Allergy Kingdom for continuing to support our food allergy community in such a positive way.

Need more information on what's what in the world of epi? Click here

*In the past, I received materials and information for providing my thoughts and ideas to Mylan. All comments made by me about medical treatments or Mylan are at my own discretion and based on my own opinion. #materialconnection

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