Register, Set, GO!

During 2020, we have all been introduced to a new way of doing just about everything. Nothing seems normal anymore. Along with this transition, many have adapted a way to still remain active and stay in touch with others. But the big news within the food allergy community is the announcement about The Nourished Festival-


Since they knew everyone could not come to them, they decided to come to you! From September 24-26th, you can attend this event FOR FREE from whatever or wherever you want too. How cool is that? What other events say it's cool to show up in your jammies and fuzzy slippers? Think about it- no travel required, no parking fees, no crowds and no worries about the weather either. ALL FOR FREE! 

Are you ready to register? This is the how and what:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the green Register Now button
  • Click and complete
  • Wait patiently for The Nourished Festival to begin!
While you are waiting, here are a few extra things that you can do to show them you are excited about the event (let's face it, everyone can use a little extra love right now) :

FOLLOW THEM! Not in a creepy way, in a supportive way. By following the Nourished Festival on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you will get to hear any and all tidbits. 

SHARE THEM! Sharing is caring so why not tell your friends and family about the Nourished Festival? It's open to everyone and (again) it's free so get to it! 

TAG THEM! If you are on social media, tag them to show them even more love. Why? Because it shows them that people are excited about the event and they are always happy to hear from those who attend their events. You are the consumer voice, let it be heard so they can make it even better. Not sure how to tag them? I've got it all for you here- 

Twitter @nourishedfest
Instagram @nourishedfestival
Facebook @nourishedfestival

If you really wanna show them some love, include #OnlineNourishedFestival

But WHY Should I attend? The reasons are endless but here are just a handful of why I recommend you be a part of this event.

... why are you still reading? Go get registered!