Thursday, June 30, 2016

Saying Goodbye

Let's face it, running a business is not easy for anyone. Trying to recreate yourself, constantly thinking ahead to see what product or post will be the product or post to gain more interest for your audience is a constant game of marketing stress. But what breaks my heart is when I see a business that I have known for so many years suddenly say they are closing up shop. Our food allergy community thrives on helping each other out so I am reaching out to all of you to make the farewell of a special company be a heartfelt farewell.

Blue Bear Aware is ending their business as of July 15th. As sad as I am to see them go, my hope for them is that they will thrive in a brand new area to help others, even if their new path is not quite clear to them yet. I wanted to send them off with a nice post that would show how much I respect what they have done for our community over the years and all that kept coming to mind is the song from The Sound of Music "So Long Farewell"

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Perhaps my mental "So long, Farewell" is not so far off- The Sound of Music is a classic! It touches on numerous areas of what we should be doing to help ourselves as well as everyone else, to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for what you feel is the right thing. These are all of the qualities that the wonderful peeps at Blue Bear Aware have presented to us so, perhaps, it is fitting. 

Wave Farewell 
Let's join our food allergy community together and send Blue Bear Aware off to their next journey with the biggest virtual farewell wave ever! Need some examples? Try these:
  • Visit them Go to NOW 
  • Check out their awesome going away sales- they have ALL of their items waiting to be yours for up to 75% off
  • Share this post and include #BlueBearAware on all your social media channels to help them out
  • Refer friends- there are always people looking for allergy items so why not tell them?
  • Tag other businesses- Blue Bear Aware needs to sell their items and this means other companies can purchase their products too
  • Think Ahead- because the prices are so low, this would be a great time to shop for holidays, gifts or even larger sizes for next year
  • LOTS of goodbye itemsBlue Bear Aware carries autoinjector casesclothingbadges & labels and accessories. With their going out of business markdown prices, nothing is over $21! 
  • Contact them- send them a farewell note to make them feel loved 
Don't Be Blue
This is no time for tears, this is a time to support Blue Bear Aware. From one allergy advocate to another, I want to say thank you Blue Bear Aware. I applaud what you have done for us and I will always be here if you need anything in the future. This is not goodbye, it is simply "see you soon".

UPDATE! Blue Bear is Back!

Great news, folks. We're still here!! We're sure that wasn't what they meant by Christmas in July but we're celebrating all the same. 

Blue Bear Aware is now in the hands of another family active in the food allergy community and we are thrilled to be able to continue the Blue Bear mission. The transition was a fairly quick one so we have much work to do before we really "relaunch" Blue Bear Aware but we can tell you that this includes new products, both new to Blue Bear and the allergy apparel market in general. (EXCITING!!!) 

While we are busy working through all those details, Blue Bear Aware remains open for business. There are still items at a deep discount and we will continue to honor those incredible prices through August 3 (2016). If there are items that you are interested in but are not currently available or not available in a particular size, let us know.

Team Blue Bear

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