Saturday, September 17, 2011

The World's Easiest & Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have perfected the recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie that is free of gluten, egg and nuts! Now, before you judge me, I do use a box recipe and add to it BUT, in the words of Bette Hagman, "Use as many prepared items as you can". This has saved my life because I am still making most everything from scratch, just with a little help and a lot healthier. This is the recipe I use:

1 Box Arrowhead Mills GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1 4-oz cinnamon applesauce
Ener-g Powdered Egg Replacer

Prepare the box mix as directed EXCEPT omit the oil and use 4 oz. of applesauce. Omit egg and add Ener-G Powdered t the mix. Add the butter (can substitute with soy butter or alternative) and add water. If the batter is a little too thick or dry, add tiny amounts of water until the batter is still thick but moist. You an also add a milk/milk substitute if you desire instead of water.

Do not spray the cookie sheet. Drop the cookie mix onto the cookie sheet in desired amounts, depending on if you want a smaller cookie or a larger cookie.

Bake and keep an eye on the cookies. The bottoms will brown but the top will still be very tender. Using a spatula, gently lift a cookie and check the underside. Cook them until they are browned but not burned.

When you go to remove them, they will be very pliable and can easily break apart. But, if you use a flexible plastic spatula, you can gently slide it under the cookie and lift it off without crumbling the cookie..there's a joke in there somewhere!

Cool on wire racks. They last about 3 days, if not eaten first.

Happy snacking!

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