Friday, April 20, 2012

I Have Been Given a Sunshine Award!

Can I just say that as a mom, I LOVE Fridays! It's the last day of school, I can sleep in (a little) the next day, my family is home together and I just feel a relief when the end of the week is here. But this Friday was a little different and a little more special. This Friday, I received the Sunshine Award from one of my fellow bloggers, The Food Allergy Chronicles ( What a nice treat that someone thought of me and passed this along to brighten my day! And, honestly, I cannot remember the last time I received flowers (virtual or other).

The idea behind the Sunshine Award is that we get to share a little bit of ourselves by answering questions and we get to pass the torch to other bloggers that we feel deserve to have a bit of sunshine of their own.

Question 1- What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is a pale, grey-blue. This color is soothing to me. As a Pisces, I love the water and this color reminds me of the water and the sky. I love things that connect me to the earth.

Question 2- What is your favorite animal?

I would have to say that I love cats and I always have. I love that they have an unspoken language and that they can be your companion yet be on their own. Most of my life I had a cat until I found out that my son was allergic. My only solice is that one day, when my son is in his own home, I will have a cat again.

Question 3- What is your favorite number?

My favorite number is 7. This is a number that has always popped into my head whenever someone asks "What number am I thinking of?" I tend to see it in a lot of places as well. Some people might call it superstitious but I call it lucky.

Question 4- What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

This is favorite drink was coffee until I had to give it up because of my own allergies. I love the way it smells and I love having a warm drink in the morning. But since I have stopped my caffeine intake, I generally love water with lemon. I know, it sounds lame but I have never been a soda or juice person.

Question 5- Which do you prefer- Facebook or Twitter?   

I am a Facebook fan through and through. No hard feelings, Twitter but with the most recent exception of the horrid timeline change on Facebook, I have found that Facebook has been very good to me and my needs. Why fix what is not broken?

Question 6- What is your passion?

My passion has always been to help people in whatever way that I am able. My mother always nags me and says that I should have been a nurse or a Doctor (sorry Mom). But I honestly and truly do love what I do right now. I am blessed to say that when I realized that this was my calling, I felt grateful that not only do I know what I want to do but I enjoy doing it ever, single second.

Question 7 - Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

I am a giver, definitely. I like to see the look of surprise or happiness when someone receives a gift. To me, it's not about what I get but what I am able to give.  My favorite time of year is Christmas because of the look on my children's faces.

Question 8 - What is your favorite pattern?

I am a Damask person at heart. My taste is more traditional with a hint of romance. I don't like a lot of "fluff", just simple and stylish.

Question 9 - What is your favorite day of the week?

Well, we kind of already covered that at the beginning but to reiterate...Friday!

Question 10 - What is your favorite flower?

My favorite flower to receive is a fire and ice rose. My favorite flowers in the garden are iris. The only bad thing about me and flowers are that my allergies prevent me from having any sweet-smelling flowers (like lillies) because they tend to give me a headache.

Here are five great bloggers that I appreciate for their dedication and hard work-

1) Allergic to Air - The day I saw the title of her blog, I knew we had an unspoken bond! When my son was younger, rather than tell people all of the things he is allergic to, we would simply say "He's allergic to air".

2) A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows- Priscilla is not strictly a food allergy blogger but I love her! She always has awesome recipe ideas, great healthy information and she makes you think about what you are putting into your body.

3) The Spunky Coconut- Kelly began removing certain foods from her family's diet and saw wonderful results. She takes great pictures, which I feel is always helpful... I am envious!

4) RescueHealth911- A site maintained by the Doctor that taught me everything that I know. Again, not just food allergy based but a lot of good resources and she's always reminding you that everyone needs to think outside of the box to enhance your health.

5) AllergyMoms- A great resource website that offers you a free email subscription. Gina sends out great advice, has wonderful articles and is a just another food allergy mom.

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