Friday, September 7, 2012

My Funky Food Experiment

I have learned over the years to first listen to all information that I am given and then react rather than the opposite. I will admit, when I was younger, I would immediately react whenever I heard something that I did not agree with. As I have gotten (a-hem) older..more mature, I realized that just because I don't agree with someone or something does not mean that there may not be a small piece of that information that could be useful in some way down the road. I stopped being overly critical of others and I patiently heard them out, read articles on various subjects that I normally wouldn't have read, listened to Doctor's ramble on about this and that and because of that, I feel I am well-rounded now. The reason? I am trying to figure out what is most important in my life for myself, for my children and for our future. To me, this means tearing down your old way of thinking and just going with the flow. This doesn't mean that you have to continue with the flow to the end of the river, just see where it takes you and get off when you are ready. You may get further than you thought you would.

Alright, enough with that. Food has become a major part of our lives between my son's food allergies, things that have popped up for myself and my husband and this makes me see food in very different aspects. I recently saw a blurb in a magazine that suggested replacing deodorant with a sliced lime. first, I dismissed it.Weird, right? Who would do that? But then I started to think about it, trying to be open-minded and I decided to give it a try for a week. What's the worst that would happen? I'd be a little more stinky for a few days.

So, for $.50, I purchased my deodorant for the week. I sliced it and I put it into the refrigerator. Mental note- Label your lime VERY clearly because if someone were to go to use it...eww! For one week, I skipped my deodorant and rubbed the lime in my armpits. It was the hottest, stickiest week we have had for awhile so it was the perfect time to really give it a shot. I will say that my husband was giving me very strange looks but he does that anyway, so I forged forward.

The results? Surprisingly, it really does work! There was no smell and it was all-natural. One drawback- it does not prevent you from sweating so I was definitely damper than I had been the week before. Another thing that I will mention- I highly recommend that if you decide to shave your underarms, do it the night before applying your daily dose of lime because OUCH! Not fun when you rub the lime on and all of the freshly shaved skin is just screaming at you.

This may be too off the deep end for some of you and that's fine. It was a little off the deep end for me as well but like I said, it was harmless. Food effects us in so many different ways that I like to find the positives rather than the negatives. Food and food allergies seems to very often be painted as a limiting, horrific thing but our family has embraced this new lifestyle. Food is a good thing- you just have to find the ones that are meant for you. As Jack Penn once said "One of the secrets to life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks." I am skipping over the stepping stones and building a towering mountain with mine.

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