Monday, September 24, 2012

RW Garcia Chips Product Review

I first found RW Garcia chips in my local food store- this by itself was a good start. Let's face it, since food allergies have entered our lives, any food that doesn't have to necessarily be mail ordered or found at a store 20 miles out of our way makes us that much happier. Don't get me wrong, I do order, I do drive all over the place to 3 and 4 stores to get what we need but sometimes Mama is just plain tired and can breath a sigh of relief when it's right there, in front of you.

The first thing that intrigued me to buy a bag of these chips was the packaging. The front says both "Non GMO" and "Gluten Free". I have been very careful with corn products in the wake of some recent news with corn and GMO's. Although they had several flavors, I bought only one to see how it would be welcomed in my house. Picky eaters means many, many products tried and failed. Happily, this one was highly accepted.

As a Food Allergy Consultant and blogger, whenever I find a new product that is great, I like to share it on my page and check in on the product site as well. This time was like a double surprise- RW Garcia offered to have me do a product review. How great is that?

We received a big box of 6 bags of chips. Our shipment included 2 MixtBag (Yellow & Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Red & Yellow Tortilla Chips) and 4 bags of their Dippers (3 Seed Savory Dipping Chips, 3 Seed Veggie, 3 Seed Curry & Mango and 3 Seed Blue Corn). I didn't even know where to start or what to try first. Talk about a difficult decision! I finally just closed my eyes and picked one out. So silly, I know, but you have to start somewhere.

My first product was the 3 Seed Blue Corn Dipping Chips. I whipped up some homemade guacamole and began dipping. I don't know who came up with the concept of a dipper but they nailed it! What better way to dip a chip than to have a longer, thinner version of a chip. It removes the threat of the dreaded and awkward "chip face" that you normally get when dipping a chip. FYI- chip face is when the sides of the chip are too wide to fit properly into your mouth, thus leaving behind residue of chip and dip on the sides of your face. The Blue Corn were perfect- not too dry, good texture and flavor and slightly salty but not too salty. Although I had them with guacamole, they were also very tasty alone.

Next were the 3 Seed Veggie Dipping Chips. These were in the same great dipping shape but they came in a variety of flavors that include Spinach & Garlic, Red Beet & Onion and Carrot, Tomato & Sesame. Again, as a food allergy mom (or, any mom in fact) any product that tastes great and gets some hidden vegetable in there get an automatic A+ in my book. This also works on picky husbands or people that are too lazy to slice up their veggies but still want the benefits. All in all, I loved all of the flavors and I could not even say if I had a preference because each flavor was different but hit a different taste bud.

The 3 Seed Savory Dipping Chips were tried out next. These offered two types of flavors- Himalayan Pink Salt and Tellicherry Cracked Pepper. I packed some into my daughter's lunch for school as well as my husband's. Both came back with empty lunch bags and full bellies. Even though I liked the other flavored chips, I also liked the simplicity of salt and pepper. What can I say, sometimes you just want what you want. And depending on what type of foods you are eating them with determines on how the flavors will be brought out. I packed my husband some chili with his and the Himalayan Pink Salt made a great flavor enhancer but the Tellicherry Cracked Pepper also gave the chili a heartier, roasted taste. Either way, still a great way to have the best of both tastes.

My next victims, I mean bags were the MixtBag Red & Yellow and Yellow & Blue Tortilla Chips. Now, I do have to tell the truth that these do run the risk of giving you "chip face" but in this case, it's acceptable. The first thing that I noticed about these chips was that they are a heartier, thicker chip but without being too crunchy. Don't ask me how they did it but they did. The other thing that you may be wondering about are the colors. This is not food coloring, the ingredients list red beet powder and ground blue corn as items so no worries about food dyes or anything unnatural. I did not manage to get a picture of the Yellow & Blue chips because they were all eaten but I did snap one of the Red & Yellow. Look at the grains in these chips!

Luckily, my next chip was also while I was trying a recipe for my next newsletter and it was a great flavor combination to have Pumpkin Hummus and 3 Seed Curry & Mango Dipping Chips. Now, as you can see from the picture, the flavor is just bursting off of the chips. At first taste, I was like "Wow, a little sweeter than I thought it would be" and then- BAM! The curry kicks in and your mouth is yelling "Water, water!" These were addictive. This would be like a healthier, cheese-free version of a spicy Dorito chip but so much better. As spicy as the chips were, I found myself being unable to eat just one or two. The more I ate, the faster I drooled from the heat but then reached for another one. One plus- drooling but no chip face.

I have to say, there was not one chip that I didn't like. All of the ingredients are pure, simple ingredients and certified gluten free. RW Garcia is an official participant in the Non-GMO Project and have already received product verification for the Organic Veggie, Soy/Flax, Blue/Flax and MixtBag® Special Recipe products.You will also see from their website at that they also make several charitable donations and do whatever they can to decrease any unnecessary energy sources for their products and building.

~I secretly believe that RW stands for Really Wonderful.


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