Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Minnie Beasley's is A Big Surprise

Minnie Beasley's Handmade Cookies was kind enough to send me a tin of their Almond Lace Cookies and a package of their Key Lime Cookies. On first impression, the packages looked a bit on the small side. Don't get me wrong- any samples that I receive I am always grateful to have. Just from a product review point, I like to give all information as I see it. Upon opening up the tin, I noticed that they were several cookies packed into those small packages. I guess what they say is right- good things come in small packages!

Now I do have to say that the cookies are also quite different than I expected. They are not really your typical cookie shape but more of a "dessert straw". But they are also unique in that they have a buttery, crunchy taste very similar to a toffee. And the hard part of eating these cookies is that I found it very difficult to eat only one cookie. I found myself crunching and munching and I was satisfied and yet, they are just the right size to sneak in another without feeling guilty about it.

The Almond Lace Cookies were like a butter crunch toffee that my Grandmother used to give us every year for the Holidays. (May I also say they are a perfect fit for lunchboxes for that "I just need something a little bit sweet" craving.) The ingredients are butter, almonds, sugar, heavy cream, milk, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, salt and xanthan gum.

The other cookies, Almond Lace Key Lime Cookies were like a crunchy piece of key lime pie. The lime was not overwhelming and there was still the toffee-like taste...almost like a possible key lime creme brulee rolled into a neat little cookie. The ingredients are butter, almonds, sugar, heavy cream, milk, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, salt and xanthan gum.

I do have to advise that although these items are gluten free, they are not dairy free and they do carry an allergy warning that states "Minnie Beasley's Cookie Company uses good manufacturing practices to segregate ingredients in a facility that also processes wheat and may contain peanuts." So sadly,my son was not able to help me out with this product tasting but this mama doesn't mind having something of her own just every once in awhile.

I want to thank Minnie Beasley's for allowing me to review their product. The fact that they are this delicious and gluten free is fantastic and I appreciate that their company makes such a tasty product.

For more information or to view their complete product line, please visit their website at www.minniebeasleys.com. They have cookies but they also offer specials, a monthly club and gift baskets with some other items in them. This could be the answer to your last-minute Holiday gifts!


  1. Thank You so much for the review. Your words were too kind and we are glad you enjoyed the cookies.

    Just a quick note to any Celiac readers. We do test production runs with Elisa 20ppm test. We understand the importance here and hope to have a dedicated GF facility someday.

    Harmon Canon
    Minnie Beasleys Cookies

    1. Harmon-

      Thank you for allowing me to be a part of what you do. Thank you also for the additional information regarding teh gluten issues.
      ~ Tracy