Monday, March 11, 2013

20 Things I Never Would Have Said 20 Years Ago

This year is a biggie for me....I am turning 40! And the biggest part of what floored me is not the age that I will be (because in my mind, I am still 28) but that somehow, I was thinking that I had one more year until I was forty. How did I just lose an entire year? Do I feel old? No but I am pretty sure that I am mad about becoming old (er). After all that I have been through and all that I have done, I realized that maybe it's not my new age that is bothering me but that, perhaps, it is certain things that I have caught myself doing that make me think I am starting to get old (er).

By the way, by me using the term "old(er), this means I am not actually old :)

So what have I noticed to bring me to this conclusion? I'm sure you can agree that you start to say things that you would have never imagined that you would be saying twenty years ago. Now, I realize that my life is much different now then it was then but once I started to actually write down some of what I was saying, I thought it was interesting.

"I wish these boxes of quinoa came in a larger size."

"I need to get more reusable grocery bags."

"Do white chia seeds and black chia seeds taste the same?"

"Can I actually eat the honeycomb?"

"Ooohhh, hummus is on sale!"

"I need a second shelf for my gluten free pasta."

"I can't eat that, it has yeast in it."

"That coffee filter is biodegradable."

"I didn't know that had antioxidants in it too."

"OMG, try this almond milk pudding- it's amazing!"

"I use a compounding pharmacy."

"Here, I have a coupon for those organic gummies."

"Who ate all of the sweet potato chips?"

"Wait- make sure you wash that banana before you eat it!"

"Oh, this deodorant has hops in it..bummer."

"I'm in the middle of blogging, what's up?"

"I found the Dryer Balls on sale this week."

"I tried this recipe for Pecan-LESS Pie and it was delicious."

"Go wash your hands, you just ate something with eggs in it."

"My son has life-threatening, multiple food allergies."

What we all need to keep in mind is that our life is a journey- where we are now is because of everything that we have done and been through to bring us to this point in time. Who cares if I am old? (Well, I do a little...) but what worries me even more is what I have done with my life and what I expect to do going forward. We get one life and what we do with it is our choice. I choose to be a better person, to help other people as much as I can and to continue to figure out how I can make myself better. I may be old (er), I may not be the best but I strive to be and that's what counts.

Now, you will have to excuse me as this happens to be the day that all gluten free items are 15% off at the health food store :)


  1. Absolutely wonderful blog post. Amen! Okay, the only one I didn't say or get (other than hummas, allergic to sesame seeds around here), was washing bananas?

    Really? I didn't know that! This is my favorite post!!!! LOVE IT.

    1. Thank you :)

      And, yes, if you Google what's on bananas, you will be horrified! (avocados too!)
      ~ Tracy

  2. About the bananas:

    "Scientists have introduced a spray derived from shrimp and crab shells that allows bananas to stay fresh for a longer period of time."

    I know, ghastly! :O

    1. That scares me even more as my son is allergic to shellfish but I was referring to the study that revealed that very often, feces is one of the many gross things found on the peels.

  3. Hi Tracy,

    I have a son who is allergic to dairy, eggs, all nuts, seeds and shellfish. I love your blog and totally relate to your "ageisms":)

    Thank you for being a huge help to the food-allergic community!

    Debbie Adler
    Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes
    The Allergy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-free and Sugar-free Bakery

    1. Debbie-
      Thank you for your kind words and for being a part of what I do! As always, I think bit of humor always helps :)

      ~ Tracy

  4. Yea, I never would have though ME, the little girl who ate everything would have celiac disease and other food allergies!

    1. Hugs Rebecca! But look at where it has all brought you! I appreciate what you do for our community <3

  5. I feel like I'm in the same boat, but luckily we have so man great, healthy options now!

  6. Great post! I, too, ate everything, but always had various problems. Then I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. Thank you for sharing so much information.

    1. So glad you were able to pinpoint things and feel better :)

  7. LOL. This cracks me up but perhaps you need to be in your 40s to get how funny this is. Great post!

    1. Thanks Elle- I do remember thinking how odd it was that the doctor I worked for had all organic foods, almond butter, etc and now it's me :)

  8. This looks like my to-do list- Ha! Love the words of wisdom!

  9. I love some of these comments! "Can I actually eat the honeycomb?" cracks me up! I ate honeycomb as a child because it was something we heard would hep with allergies. Thanks for sharing and opening up about how food allergies have taken you on a path you didn't expect to go.

  10. Isn't it so neat how we can continue to evolve? Love it!

  11. Ha I love this list! Minus #1 of course...I'm 25 and I'm completely different than who I was 6-7 years ago in terms of health/nutrition. Looking forward to all the future holds :)

    1. It's been something I never would have expected but also the best gift :)

  12. Ok so I just read the comments about the bananas because I didn't get that.... seafood on bananas?! Crazy!