Saturday, May 4, 2013

Food Allergies- The Upside

Food allergies can be tricky but I always try to keep on the lighter side of the situation. I feel that keeping a sense of humor is very important not because I am making fun of anything so serious but simply because positive thoughts bring positive actions. If you are negative, your actions will tend to be more negative. I am a proactive food allergy parent- I do not dwell on the "can't" but I do strive for the "I can".

Having food allergies is quite..well, plain and simple, it can just suck sometimes. In the beginning, it can take a toll on new found allergy moms and it can be the cause of many family fights as well. But I am here to say that you need to push beyond that. There are undeniably great reasons and I have come to share them with you. Please keep in mind this is all in fun and not meant for anything other than a good laugh.

                                              You Get to Stay in Better Hotels
What?! Yes, you do. When you travel with food allergies, 99% of the time you need to have accommodations that include a mini fridge and microwave or a kitchenette. This means no cheasy-sleezy motels and less worries of a possible bedbug infestation. While your friends are complaining that they had to bunk at the worst nightmare hotel ever, you can smile to yourself knowing that your family had a decent dinner, sat by the pool and were not afraid to take a bath in the tub of your room. It sounds like an over site but it truly is a perk in my opinion.

                                A Great Reason to Stay Away from In-Laws
Has your family ever been invited to stay with that not so great relative but you did not know how to politely decline? Worry no more- food allergies can be your built-in friend to lean on. That sister-in-law who cooks the terrible casserole that everyone else loves will no longer be a threat to you. Your Great Aunt Ida who loves to pet her long-haired cats while chopping up vegetables can no longer torment you. You have a safe out, a good reason and nobody can say a word to argue.

You Actually Save Money
Movie theaters, sports arenas, amusement parks- that all love to double and triple their prices on food and drinks. When you have food allergies, there is very little that you can safely purchase at any of these places. Most of us will pack up a lunchbox or cooler and head out just to have fun. This means not having to spend $5 on one bottle of water and not getting sucked into all of the chintzy tourist items that are around every corner. Just say no to their overpriced items and yes to a safe and still happy family.

                                              You Get Special Meals
Many people think this is annoying and makes a person feel like an outcast. In reality, how many non-allergic people do you know of that get special treatment from the Chef? Now, I am in no way saying that this is ideal for everyone but the only other people that I know of who get the VIP treatment are VIP's so why not embrace it? Utilize your knowledge to stay safe, allow someone to spoil you with a new, personally planned meal and smile while everyone else in the restaurant whispers and wonders who you are that made the Chef come to your table to take notes.

No Peer Pressure
All parents drill into their children's head to stay away from certain things that may be offered by friends as they get older. Think of how a food allergy also relates in this situation. Scenario- children will go to a party and be offered new things to eat or drink and those offering may push, saying it's something that everyone is having. If you have food allergies, you cannot chance cross-contamination anywhere and this includes ALL food and drinks. If this situation arises what better excuse than to say "I have food allergies"- discussion done! There is no blame on parents, being too afraid, nothing just a valid reason. You may also get some new camaraderie from it.

The moral of my post is to use what you have and embrace it to the fullest. We all have things that could weigh us down and make us droop but who wants to do that? As perfectly stated by Lakeisha Williams "The moment you realize how powerful you really are...and not run away from it. But embrace the heck out of it."


  1. Great blog! I always enjoy the humor you include. It makes raeding about something so serious, easy

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you being a reader and being a part of what I do!
      ~ Tracy

  2. You also wield a great deal of control over other people. An entire classroom of 20 +/- children have to accommodate your child's food needs. Must be good to be king or queen.
    Also, all family celebrations revolve around one person's needs, and instead of the focus being on someone's special birthday or milestone occasion, it's all about what allergic Jenny or Johnny can or cannot eat. Just think of all the secondary benefits when everything is about you.

    1. David-
      As always, thank you for being a reader of my blog.If you were a regular subscriber and if you had read my comment before the article, you would understand that this was written in fun to help take the edge off of having food allergies. I am sorry you feel this way but your perception is a bit warped and I am guessing you are not a food allergic parent, which is great for your family. Have a blessed day~

    2. Some other great things about food allergies:
      1) You get to "travel the world" with your new found avoidances. New recipes can "bring" you to Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.
      2) You get new kitchen equipment. Can't risk cross contamination!
      3) You learn empathy for others with a similar situation
      Best of all, you meet others who make you smile and you REALLY appreciate it when you can eat at their house and not look at every surface with an eye of distain and fear.