Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Cup and a Smile

I was always curious about Sun Cups. I saw them everywhere- Facebook, magazines, emails, blog posts but the one place I did not see them was locally (sad, frowny face). Image my excitement when a representative from Sun Cups contacted me, asking if I would like to try them out. Trying to compose myself, I answered "Of course, would love to" and then I proceeded to run into the other room to let my family know that a package would be arriving soon. You know that I love packages (and coupons, too but that's another story).

I checked out their website and was happy to see that Sun Cups do not contain gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, corn or soy and they are made in a nut- free, gluten-free facility. Alright- already off to a good start. After a closer look, I realized that they do contain dairy (sad, frowny face again for my son). But, there is always an upside- I can try myself...and enjoy them without grabbing hands. Does this make me a bad mother because I am eating these things in front of my child? (slowly putting Sun Cups up sleeve and silently leaving the room to rip open the package).

Stairway to Heaven!
I am a dark chocolate lover so my first instinct was to try out the Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups first. As I took a bite, I noticed the cups are very similar to other cups but just a tiny bit crunchier (crunchier is good). The consistency and flavor were good and I quickly munched both of them down. My only complaint- maybe make a four pack for us moms who really need a good chocolate fix? Just a suggestion.

My next sampling I decided to share (secretly) with my daughter was the Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups. They were smooth, gooey and they reminded me very much of a Twix bar without the cookie part. And the silly thing was that for some odd reason, I was surprised when I bit into it and it was just chocolate and caramel. For some reason, I expected Sunflower Butter with the caramel (I know, weird combo) but both of us were very happy with them.  We were licking our fingers clean.

 I let my daughter choose the next flavor- Dark Chocolate Mint Cups. I  felt that I had to have two cups so I settled with one of each (due to  sharing). Now, I am not generally a min and chocolate kind of person  but these little cups were really good. The peppermint was mild so there  was no overpowering, ever-lasting mint breath where you feel as if you  will breath cold mint forever. The inside was creamy and it was, in my  opinion, the perfect combination of dark chocolate and mint.
The final sample was the Milk Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups. These were just as tasty as the dark chocolate but they were a bit creamier. They almost melt in your mouth (mouth watering thinking about them). Since these were the last, I did not share, I did not ask if anyone wanted to share and I enjoyed every bit of it (smiling, patting belly). I was a happy camper. That was, until I saw the circle of sadness...the empty wrappers!

Overall, I would gladly recommend Sun Cups as a great alternative to a certain unnamed product (winking). I do hold strong onto my hopes that the company will hear my plea, strive to be different and come out with a 4-pack....imagine the heaven! (drooling again). To view the complete information about the company and it's products, please visit them at

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