Monday, October 14, 2013

A Nut-Allergic Squirrel?!

I can guarantee that everyone reading this has squirrels in their yards (well, unless you live in an apartment). They are cute, fuzzy and they all scurry through your yard day after day trying to collect their food supply of nuts. But I am here to report that there is one, lonely squirrel who cannot do this. Folks, I wanted to introduce everyone to the world's only known nut-allergic squirrel, Skeeter.

Now as all people with food allergies know, having a nut allergy can be tricky but we always prevail and adapt and this is exactly what the people at Skeeter Snacks were able to do. They are able to provide products that are completely nut free. Picture it- I can see Skeeter gorging himself on those yummy snacks all winter while the other squirrels have plain old nuts. 

To help out even more, Skeeter Snacks is having a celebration. What is it called? What else would it be called but...
No Nuts About It!

Skeeter Snacks is celebrating the holidays with a fun & interactive contest. They invite you to be a part of  a nut-free holiday celebration and earn points to win cool prizes! Start by following their board & then check back daily for a chance to enter to WIN! ... Plus, you can search around their Pinterest weekly for their biggest fan, Skeeter, for a chance to earn MORE points!! 

And the best part of all of this? Skeeter Snacks has offered to work with me for a giveaway (Yay! Who doesn't love a giveaway?!)

Details on my giveaway to follow soon so make sure you stay tuned to have another chance to win.

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