Thursday, October 3, 2013

Allergy-Friendly Candy Corn

I am so excited to have found these- my son is going to be twelve and has always wanted to try candy corn. This year, lo and behold in our local Walgreen's was the golden bag. Wrigley's has come out with Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn!

The first time we saw them, I didn't buy them because I am stubborn (and I didn't want them in the house because I knew we would eat them). But after posting a few recommendations on various Facebook pages for people looking for a safe candy corn, I knew I had to grab a bag and try them out.

Before we taste-tested, I called and spoke to Tammy at Wrigley to make sure there was nothing that was labeled incorrectly. The bag does not list any allergens or cross-contamination warnings but always ALWAYS better safe than sorry. As per Tammy, she said that all with the exception of Creme Savers, Wrigley products are made without nuts, tree nuts, eggs or dairy and that they do not process items with these ingredients as well. I was also assured that although the Creme Savers are made with some dairy, there are still no cross-contamination worries. Of course, as with anything and since everyones allergies are different, I strongly recommend that you also personally check the packaging and with the company to ensure that you and your family are kept as safe as possible.

So how are they? Three words- yum, yum and YUM!!!! The consistency of the candy corns is exactly like an original candy corn (bravo Wrigley's) followed by a bunch of juicy fruit flavors which include orange, strawberry and lemon. I am not a huge candy person myself but they are pretty darn tempting. Warning- do not leave the bag open as the tantalizing scent of fruits will cause you to continuously reach into the bag for more.

What's in them? Well, as with most candy, there are some not so healthy ingredients but I think we all occasionally indulge so here is the ingredient list- sugar, corn syrup, less than 2% of malic acid, lactic acid, socium lactate, acacia, confectioner's glaze, natural and artificial flavors, salt, mineral oil, colors (red 40, yellow 6, yellow 5, blue 1).

As always, I am excited for my family as well as other families that can enjoy another new Halloween treat. I hope all of you enjoy safely-


  1. I am excited about this candy too! Last year, I wanted to make some Thanksgiving cookies with candy corn to decorate cookie turkeys. I couldn't find any egg-free candy corn, so I am going to grab a bag of these to try.

    1. So glad that you saw this- I hope they work out well :)