Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nutrimom Gets Seedy

For those of you who follow me, you know that I constantly stress protein- all of the time, every meal, always. I try to teach others to embrace different ways to incorporate all forms of protein into their eating styles to get the most benefits. When Super Seedz approached me for a product review, I envisioned not only new proteins to eat but flavored sources of proteins. After all, we all kind of get bored of eating the same thing over and over again. Why not get some taste buds tingling?

So here I was, a lonely food allergy blogger faced with eight different varieties of pumpkin seeds. How does one begin? Which flavor do I start with? When in doubt, eeny-meany-miney-mo always works best. I landed on Somewhat Spicy. These are perfect for someone who likes just a hint of spiciness without running away feeling as if their mouth is on fire. Check out the oodles of spices on each seed- do you see the flavor specks?

I sat down to eat my lunch and it was missing something. Oh, I don't know, maybe some more protein? (I did mention that I like protein, right?) What would bring my salad up a a notch? Perhaps a tad bit of flavor, a side of crunch....Original Curry was just what I was craving. The flavor was not as much spicy as it was just very flavorful and just downright good.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (yeah, yeah, we know, protein...freakin' protein). It was a drizzly day, so dark and just blah! I craved something that would warm me, make me feel comforted almost. Something to drive away the dullness and push me into a better day. Can we say oatmeal topped with some Sugar & Cinnamon seeds? Mmmm! A little bit of raw honey, some seeds, maybe a piece of banana here and there and I was off munching.

You say tomato, I say toe-mah-to....I was in an Italian kind of mood. I had some gluten free pizza mix, I had some Tomato Italiano seeds staring at me. Behold- the crunchy crust personal pizza was born! (Not that I would mention this but do you also notice the protein on it?) I had my own little crunchy heaven and when kids started to ask if they could have a piece, it was like I was a vampire hovering over my prey. Of course, the seeds would have been just as good to eat by themselves but I was in an adventurous mood.

Sometimes you do just want a simple, crunchy fast and easy snack on the go. I took advantage of my ability to do this so I popped a handful of the Sea Salt seeds into my mouth. We were out the door but I had my snack. Not too salty (don't want to be drinking eight gallons of water later) but these seeds definitely tempted me to take more than a few handfuls. Plus, it's just a really great source of pr-...I mean, good for you.

Ok, admission time... I have a personal relationship with chocolate. It tempts me, it finds it's way into my life almost daily and sometimes I find myself thinking about it all day, especially on tough days. Am I an addict? Coco Joe says no, that I am just a hard-working blogger who has kids, has to get her book published and who can be comforted by a special treat. Special? The best combination ever- chocolate flavored protein! (wink, nudge, see how I worked that in?)  Mix it with a bit of popcorn and you have a chocolaty salty crunchy goodness. Although, I did find myself picking out more of the chocolate seeds...

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your foods can just be a bit bland? You need an extra kick or spice or something? There I was- I had my noshing items all set but there was just something amiss. I needed to be dazzled, I needed to have tastiness... I needed something Super Spicy that day. I do have to say, these were spicy! Still not tongue-burning but the flavor was great and it was just the right combination for me to say yowzer! (BTW, yowzer spelled backwards is protein).

Can you guess what happened next? I am here to tell you that I, Nutrimom, went naked. (Did she just say naked?!) Yes and it will probably not be the last time (it's probably all of the protein, it's gone to her head!). And not just naked but Really Naked.  And I have proof right here-
(smiley photo courtesy
Disappointed, really? Come on now, let's not go overboard. All kidding aside, these seeds were awesome- a hearty almost nutty and milky flavor, if that makes sense. Because sometimes you don't need all of the extra fuss, you just want simple. Plus, they're crunchy and crunchy always seems to help when you are in a snacky kind of mood.

Super Seedz are produced by Kathie's Kitchen. Kathie’s Kitchen is dedicated to bringing America healthy great tasting snacks. So what's so special about pumpkin seeds? They are loaded with protein (see, even Kathie says it!!), low in carbs and are naturally vegan, gluten free, tree nut free, peanut free, dairy free, MSG free and soy free. I for one would like to say thank you, Kathie for striving to make snacks that not only taste great but they are healthy and allergy-friendly.

For more information, please visit their website at

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