Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Found Winona?

A few weeks ago, I announced a giveaway called Where's Winona. The rules were simple- I post a picture of a Winona Pure Oil and somewhere in the picture, people like the picture and email me for a chance to win. This was the infamous picture...can you find Winona?

Today I have the lucky winner of this giveaway....drum roll please-


Still searching for Winona? Look carefully- the bottle is hidden in the popcorn container and you can just about see the spout. Those oils can be pretty darn good at playing hide-n-seek! What is not sneaky is that they do not contain all of those ingredients that you are trying to stay away from, such as propellants, soy, lecithin, chemicals or additives. And why should they, all you really need is the oil.

Wendy, please email me your shipping information to You will be receiving a package from Winona Pure Oils shortly. 
Thank you all who participated and for being a part of what I do! Also a big thank you to Winona Pure Oils for allowing me to work with them to help spread the word on how much I love their products.

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