Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FARELY Safe Holiday Tips

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In everyday life, we have bumps in the road but with food allergies, there's even more to consider. Simply said, holidays + food allergies= stress! So how do you chill out when the cooler weather brings you so many extra worries? Lucky for all of us, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) offers some simple tips to keep our spirits jolly all holiday long. 

(OK, this is a no-brainer because honestly, it's just rude if you don't anyway, right?)

Be a great guest by contacting your host as soon as your invitation arrives. Start by communicating gently and by educating others; remember, your host is hoping to plan the “perfect” holiday party or meal.

The rules (There's always rules but these are absolutely, positively necessary) 

Go over “the rules” for parties with your kids in advance so that the most important safety rules, such as not eating a food unless he or she knows the ingredients, will be fresh in their minds when they arrive.

Make it and they will eat 
(A perfect time to bring your most delicious allergy-friendly dish and to see how people rave about it. Sneaky but good)

Offer to bring safe food so that you know there will be something there that your child can eat and your host doesn’t have to worry about separate food preparations. Share dishes that would be allergen-free.

Ship ahead 
(Imagine trying to get through an airport with your luggage, kids and boxes of stuff. Uh, no!)

If you're flying to visit friends or family, you may want to make some simple allergy-free foods that travel well and ship them to your host ahead of time.

Start the trend
(This is even better than a new hairdo because it not only looks presentable but it saves lives)

Include an ingredient listing card with your food contribution to the party. Also, add an ingredient card to all food gifts you send out from your kitchen. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness at a party and with friends.

Tag-team parenting
(Safety in numbers, enough said!)

If your whole family is invited to a party, plan ahead with your spouse to divide the task of supervising your young child. With designated "on duty" times, your child will be supervised, and each parent will have time to socialize. This keeps little hands away from allergens that may be out (such as a bowl of chocolates or nuts).

Carry medications 
(Always, always, ALWAYS be prepared. Did I mention always?)

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Per the NIAID food allergy guidelines, always have immediate access to two doses of epinephrine just in case unrecognized food allergens are hiding in holiday treats. 

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and allergy-friendly season. Remember- keep calm and carry epinephrine, always!

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