Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats Book Review

A few weeks ago, Debbie Adler sent me a copy of "Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery" book to review, how cool is that?! Ok, the first thing that I have to say is that the cover alone made me drool...I mean, come on, look at this-

Is it me or could you lick the front page?!

I have to admit that I was even a bit envious- all of the pictures look divine, comforting, coaxing but enough about the pictures, down to the knitty gritty.

What do I like about it?  Goodness, where do I even begin?
  • Photos are awesome and appetizing (we covered that), good selection of recipes (can never have too many recipes), she uses many grains that are power-packed, such as amaranth and chia (a woman after my own heart) and all of her recipes are 12 steps or less (which is key when you are trying out allergy-friendly recipes). 
  • Debbie also includes helpful information such as information on the ingredients that she uses and why they are more than just replacements but also healthier for us. 
  • She includes a section on which kitchen items you will need for the recipes so you will not be making a mad dash to the store in the middle of baking. Being prepared is always good! What's worse than getting psyched up to try a new recipe only to realize that you don't have the supplies?
  • Resources- where do you get the ingredients? She's got you covered!

What did I not like? Not much, and to be honest the only thing that I did not like was a personal thing, not Debbie's fault at all and that is ingredient availability. This is purely a circumstance due to where I live and what is available to me, nothing more. That being said, I think she's rockin' the recipes, wouldn't you?

What did I learn? I learned that there are a bunch of allergy-friendly ingredients out there that I still need to try! I knew that products are constantly coming out but I have an entire list of new items to try out and I cannot wait to see how they are. I also found out that Debbie and I have similar paths- she started doing what she is doing because of her son. This hits close to home and I feel even more encouraged than I did before.

What was my favorite recipe? I have to be honest- I cannot pinpoint one specific recipe that would be a favorite, I liked them all. I have a bit of a sweet tooth by nature and the fact that Debbie also incorporates protein into many of them is an added plus in my book (no pun intended). For me to share one specific recipe (I feel) would not give the entire book justice. My best advice- grab a copy and go for it!

Where can I find out more? In case you didn't know, she's got a full page of contact information for shipping out her goodies (yay!) but you may also view her website (click here) for her book, additional information, questions and bunches of other things. She can also be found on Facebook so make sure you stop by her page and let her know that Nutrimom sent you.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to Debbie for allowing me to review her book. It was an honor and I am grateful for being included in the process of helping to spread  the word about great allergy-friendly resources like you!

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