Friday, January 10, 2014

Where's Winona Going To Land This Time?

Look at this wonderful arrangement of sunflowers that I picked up today- happy, bright, cheery and pleasant OR, are they sneaky, secretive sunflowers?

Dun Dun DUUUNN!!  (In case you didn't put two and two together, that was my description for mystery music.)

So why the flowers and why accuse them of being not so innocent? Well, in case you have not heard the news, I have been hosting monthly giveaways for Winona Pure Oils. Yeah, I could have had a simple "Enter here, chance to win" but I like to keep things a bit fun so I put a twist on the contest.

Photo courtesy
Do you remember "Where's Waldo" from way back when? Waldo inspired me to send Winona off to play hide n' seek to help me out with the giveaway and she plays very play, if I do say so myself. Sure, it's not to the same degree- you haven't seen Winona hiding somewhere in a vast amount of people or things but still, fun and tricky (I think).

Enough, so how do we do this????
Easy and simple-
Step 1:   Study the picture very carefully
Step 2:   Locate the hidden bottle of Winona Pure Sunflower Oil Spray
Step 3:   Email me your guess to
Step 4:   Share when possible because the contest is open to everyone and sharing is a nice thing to do
Step 5:   Begin to count down the days until Friday, January 24th when the winner will be chosen
Step 6:   Either jump for joy that you won, grumble & moan that you didn't win or patiently wait for the next round of "Where's Winona?" in February.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing! In fact, in case you have not had the pleasure of meeting Winona before, I can tell you that you can only gain from using Winona Pure Oils.Why? Because the only ingredient that you will find in their spray oils (with the exception of the flavored sprays that also contain spices and flavoring) is just oil- no propellants, no soy and no additives. Not sure where to find them? Simply check out their store locator or order online directly from them. Unless you are this month's winner- then you will receive a three pack of Winona Pure Sunflower Oil Spray to your home and that means no purchasing or even leaving your home. Think about all the bragging that you could do about that one!

Why are you still reading this? Goodness, nobody is going to enter for you so get to it and good luck!


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    1. Thanks for entering Rachel and good luck! Please be sure and share as this contest is open to everyone.

      ~ Tracy