Thursday, February 20, 2014

Well, Where is Winona Going?

Sad to say but this is the final round of my "Where's Winona?" giveaway...sniff, sniff. It seems just like yesterday that I was hiding my first can of Winona Pure Oil Baking Spray. Ahhh, how they all tend to leave you eventually. You know how it goes- there's a great sale at the store, you pick up a few extra bottles to have on hand and boom- suddenly, you are left with yet another empty can going into your recycling bin.

So where did Winona hide this time? Well, I thought since March is just around the corner and March typically reminds many of St. Patrick's Day, I would decorate the scene in green. Especially since this last round will give everyone a chance to win a three pack of Winona Pure Canola Spray, I thought it was an omen to show that same spirit.

You Know the Rules Like I mentioned, this is the fourth and final round of "Where's Winona?" so many of you know the rules. But for those of you who are new to my sites or got caught up in one of those many snow storms, here are the basics for you-
Imagine this x's 3!!!

  • Below, there is a beautiful picture and somewhere within that picture, there is a bottle of Winona Pure Oil Canola Baking Spra
  • Seek out the can of Winona and don't tell anyone (it's for your benefit!) 
  • Secretly slink into a quiet room after making sure that nobody followed you to email me your guess and shipping information to  
  • Please click "Like" on my page when I mention the giveaway and share because (and I cannot stress this enough) sharing is caring... unless there is a family member that you just don't like, then be selfish and only enter for yourself.  
  • Please make sure you also go to Winona Pure's website and/or Facebook page and give them a "Like" too. They appreciate all of you enough to have this giveaway and I know that they would also appreciate it if you told them you were there to support them.

When Is the Winner Announced? Saturday, March 1, 2014 I will announce the winner here on my blog and Facebook page but make sure you check daily for updates. Please allow 7 - 10 business days for shipment. Apologies- no substitutions allowed. Ready?


Good luck to all of you and a very special thank you to Winona Pure Oils for allowing me to do this for them. Why are they so wonderful? Because their oils have no additives, propellants or chemicals and you can recycle the bottle when it's empty. They care about our health and our environment, so what's not to like? For more information and interesting facts, please visit their website at 

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