Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Got EpiPen? Mylan Has an App For That!

Anyone with food allergies understands the necessity to always carry epinephrine- always! Being proactive will always keep you one step ahead as far as your health but having a safety net and additional information is even better. This way, you can be armed with your lifesaving device as well as allergy-related information.

Mylan Specialty has announced that they now have an EpiPen App - yup, I said it, I shared it! My EpiPlan (trademarked) App reinforces Mylan's commitment to awareness and preparedness for a life-threatening allergic reaction (aka anaphylaxis). This is a new, free (yes, FREE) app that is available on iTunes and GooglePlay.
Thought you knew everything about your EpiPen? This new app can help you by
  • Learning - You can never have too much knowledge. You will get articles on living with potentially, life-threatening food allergies, travel tips and bunches more. 
  • Tracking- You can keep track and share your personal allergen profile, register your EpiPen (you haven't done this? You get some really cool stuff when you do!) and you will get reminders when your EpiPen is going to expire. 
  • Training- Are you unsure how to administer an EpiPen or need to show someone else? This app will also has a step-by-step video on how to use an EpiPen. 

It's great to see Mylan Specialty continually striving to stay up to date with technology to get us important information so quickly. The fact that they care enough to continue to give us these free goodies is nothing less than supportive. Thanks Mylan!

(What, you don't know what free goodies I am taking about?!) Don't forget these other great offers through Mylan Specialty to help get those life-saving EpiPens out there-

EpiPen $0 Copay Offer  In case you had not heard, Mylan Specialty extended this offer extended their $0 copay offer through December 31, 2014. Make sure you take advantage of this offer, share with your friends and family and let your local pharmacies know about it too. Get the word out and get those EpiPens out there too!

EpiPen4Schools Are you afraid that your school is not well prepared for allergic reactions? Are you afraid that, just once, there won't be an EpiPen available at your child's school when it's needed? Mylan Specialty also has this covered for you too with their EpiPen4Schools program. This offer expires December 31, 2015. Through this offer, your school can recieve four free EpiPens or one EpiPen Jr. to qualifying public &  private schools (kindergarten up through high school). To see if your child's school can participate, have the school complete the necessary form (link here).

*All photos courtesy of Mylan Specialty. I have not been compensated in any way to promote these programs, I simply share to help others become more aware, to learn to stay safe and to (hopefully) prevent future unnecessary anaphylactic tragedies.

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