Thursday, March 27, 2014

SunButter For One, SunButter For All

As you know, I am proud to be an official SunButter Blogger. Our family has used SunButter for as long as I can remember since it's healthy, allergy-friendly and very versatile. I love to play in the kitchen and see what new recipes and ideas pop into my head to share with everyone. And now, SunButter is asking everyone to let them know what you can do with it too.

It's simple, easy and everyone who enters will receive a free jar of SunButter of their very own (yay, clapping, happy dancing all around). Ready for all of the details so you can get started?

#1: Visit SunButter's Facebook page (HERE) and post your photo or video of how you use SunButter

#2: Complete the form found on their Facebook page to get that jar of SunButter into your very own hands

#3: Continue repeating the clapping and happy dancing until you are tired, bored or your jar of SunButter has finally arrived (no particular order is necessary)

Now how fun is this going to be?! It's clearly a win-win situation. You get to have fun, share with everyone else and you get some more SunButter to do it all over again just because they appreciate you.

But, Wait, How Long Do I Have to Enter???? As of today, you have 25 days to enter. Are you freaking out because you were away and just opened this post now? No worries, when you open the form it also has an automatic countdown on it to keep you up to speed on how much longer you have. But why wait, get to it NOW!

As my daughter always says "SunButter is the best butter!"

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  1. My daughter JUST submitted her video idea for SunButter (fingers crossed!)