Saturday, March 1, 2014

Where's Winona Winner

I hope everyone has enjoyed the past few months of my "Where's Winona?" giveaways because I know that I have. I am honored that I was allowed to present Winona Pure Oil using my own methods to keep it creative but still professional. A big thank you to Winona Pure Oil for trusting me to take care of them just like they take care of us.

Why Do I Recommend Winona Pure Oil? I found Winona Pure Oil when I was looking for a baking spray that did not contain soy, chemicals or propellants. I happened to see it in my local food store and I have been hooked ever since. I recommend this oil to all of my new clients, friends, family and to anyone else that is looking for a healthier oil to use while cooking. As with any item that you are using in your kitchen, the less ingredients on a label, the better. Need proof? Simply view the labels on the cans that I currently have in my home of the Canola Oil Baking Spray and the Sunflower Oil Baking Spray.

So who is the Winner Already?! I am pleased to say that I had so many responses with this giveaway as well as the others. The winner of the last "Where's Winona?" Giveaway is...


Courtney will receive a three pack of Winona Pure Oil Canola Baking Spray shortly. Courtney- thank you for always being a part of what I do, for participating in my giveaways and please feel free to share your thoughts on Winona Pure Oil.I always love to hear from others what they have found out about the products that I recommend and how they have used them. I also encourage you to visit their website at If you like their product, they even have a testimonial page that you can send them some words of appreciation (click HERE to get to that page).
Where Was Winona Anyway? For those of you who did not find Winona, please see the photo  below

Sneaky, little Winona- hiding inside of the jar like that! 

For those of you who did not win any of my Where's Winona? giveaways, don't give up! I always have giveaways throughout the year. AND, if you would like me to have some more using Winona Pure Oil, please visit their Facebook page and ask them- I'm sure they would consider it. It never hurts to ask, right? Let them know that Nutrimom sent you or, try begging too (hey, whatever works, right?) 

As always, thank you everyone for being a part of what I do!

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