Monday, April 14, 2014

Got the Holiday Blues?

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How many of you are upset because you did not win my Easter & Passover Giveaway? Awwww, no worries and it's ok that you are feeling a little blue because I have a last minute extra giveaway for you! No, it's not the Easter Bunny and no, it's not your favorite family member that you like to see during's a bear. (Pssst, what is she talking about?! Has she gone bonkers??) Bonkers, well maybe but in fact, this giveaway is hosted by a great company that I just came into contact with. And what better way to show all of you who they are than to offer an extra giveaway. Are you smiling now?

Everyone, I would like to introduce Blue Bear Aware. Blue Bear Aware, these are the people that I told you about. I know everyone will get along nicely and I'm happy to show you the wonderful things that Blue Bear Aware has graciously sent to give to two winners. They have sent a Zipzicle, two coloring pages, a gift certificate for $25 for purchase of Blue Bear Aware items and they have secured it all together with an even cuter paper clip. How can you beat that?!

I bet you are wondering what the heck a Zipzicle is, right? You know all of those corn syrup-laden ice pop treats that everyone eats? Well, this is their wonderfully healthy version of how to make your own popsicle. Not only can you pick healthier, safe ingredients but wait until your child gets to make it themselves! I warn you that there may be a fight over who gets to try them first.

Now although this is great, I do recommend that you also check out all of the other awesome items at their site. They have badges, temporary tattoos, clothing auto injector pouches, books and they are all allergy-related with a twist of coolness.

Ready for the Giveaway Rules? I will post a Blue Bear Aware logo on my Facebook page every day now through April 21. When you see the Blue Bear Aware logo, click "Like" and comment on how "I am aware because". Two winners will be chosen and announced on April 22. As always, I ask everyone to share the contest links as sharing is always nice.

Only two winners will be chosen BUT you may enter as many times as you want too as long as you have clicked "Like" on the Blue Bear Aware logo reminder.

A special thank you to the folks at Blue Bear Aware for allowing me the honor to spread the word about their great products! Please visit their site at and let them know that Nutrimom sent you.



  1. How insanely adorable are those Zipcisles? I think I just spelled this wrong!? You have the BEST give aways!

  2. Thank you :) I'm glad you are a part of what I do :)


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