Monday, April 21, 2014

If You Like It, Put a Surf Sweets Ring On It

What is one of the best parts of what I do? Product reviews! Of course, I am always honored when companies contact me and ask if I would like to try out their new products but I do admit....I am a product review junkie! Between you and me, it's like having my own stash of presents being sent to my home. Sometimes I share and other times, I just have to try them out alone. Oh, the delicious pressure of it all.

This time I was lucky enough to get some Watermelon Rings and Peach Rings from Surf Sweets. Now anyone who is familiar with food allergies most likely knows that Surf Sweets products have no artificial colors or flavors, no corn syrup and their products are organic. And, as an added bonus, they are also gluten free, dairy-free, casein free and they are produced in a facility free of the top ten common food allergens. All in all, they are one of the safest companies when it comes to allergy-friendly treats. Of course, everyone's allergies are different so I recommend that you always read the labels and check with the company directly to ensure they are completely safe for you.

Woah, Watermelon! I am a fan of watermelon so I couldn't wait to see what these tasted like. Can you see the gummy, stretchy goodness? The rings themselves were just as easy to bite into as the other gummies available but the larger size makes them seem a bit sweeter than they are (in my opinion). Maybe it's the added sugar in a larger amount? Either way, still a great little morsel to have for a treat, a snack for lunch bags or even to put on top of other treats (say, a cake or cupcake?) Wait, did I say little morsel? Gasp! Not so- the size is definitely not little! Apologies.

Now the flavor. This is were it gets tricky just a bit. Absolutely great tasting but we had a family vote and found that we felt the taste was not really watermelon but something closer to bubble gum. Like I said- still very good so no complaints, just our observation.

The other? Just Peachy! The peach rings were just that- peachy. There was no question that these tasted like a peach. Again, same great gumminess (is that a word?) and that extra little punch of
sugary sweetness. So delightful that you could see the enjoyment that was had by many of the NutriFamily.

I do have to say, in all honesty, that I have never had a bad tasting Surf Sweet. Ever. I've covered them in chocolate, I've used them in other recipes and I have eaten them plain. The fruit flavors are always juicy and flavorful- never any type of aftertaste that you might have noticed with some other gummy products made by other companies. I also love that Surf Sweets is involved with so many great causes as well (click HERE to see all the awesome causes so you can help too!) This tells me, as a Food Allergy Consultant/Blogger/Mother/Author that not only do they care about what goes into their products but they also care about how to keep their consumers and our planet on the same track and I love that.

You can find Surf Sweets in many local stores or you can purchase them right from their website at They are also on Facebook so make sure you check in with them there too (Psst! They have giveaways there too! Bonus!)

 As always, thank you to Surf Sweets for allowing me to be a part of what they do. They have been a part of our family for awhile and I even listed them as an allergy-friendly product in my Ebook "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies" because I think so highly of them.  After all, couldn't we all deserve to have a little sweetness added to our lives?

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