Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Got The Beet

Before I start, how many of you are humming the Go-Go's song in your head? Come on, I know I am not the only one! That's neither here nor there- I'll keep it between us.

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I am amazed every single day at how food can be used in so many different ways. I have learned over the years how it can be used not only to nourish us but also to make our bodies become stronger, better and (dare I say) as a form of our own medicine? Now I'm not saying that food is the end all, be all but I am saying that I believe in the power of healthy foods being used to optimize our health. I am saying that there are so many foods out there that are just waiting to be discovered as yet another key to some of our health issues.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor,I am not certified in any way but that my journey through food allergies has opened up my eyes to having to look at alternatives for many different things in my life. This includes utilizing foods to promote a healthier immune system. I will admit, when I was offered a chance to try out Pines Beet Juice Powder, I was a bit on the fence. I have had many people ask me to try out things such as essential oils, protein powders, supplements but I usually decline because I am uncomfortable telling people that these are safe for them. The fact remains that just because something is natural or organic does not mean that it is safe for anyone. But I was intrigued with the Beet Juice Powder. This was a bit different to me- it wasn't mixed with anything else, it doesn't contain any ingredients that I was unsure of and upon checking out the company's website at WheatGrass.com, I felt more at ease at giving the powder a shot.

Beet Juice Powder...What the heck do you use it for?! That was my first question. I mean, I am truly not a beet person. Beets- blah! Don't like them pickled, in salads, nothing. But I realized that I need to do what I recommend to others and that is to keep an open mind. So, I did what everybody else does- I Googled it. What I found was interesting. It turns out that these juicy little guys can reduce blood pressure, improving blood flow and stamina. I also found that it may provide protection against stress-related disorders and beets contain antioxidants (that word has been popping up all over the place lately!). Antioxidants keep our immune system strong by protecting or delaying healthy cells from getting damaged. Kind of like Superman in a food fending off kryptonite.

And, the Taste? This is where it gets difficult for me to describe so just bear with me. The smell of the dry powder reminds me of roasted vegetables. Not too bad, right? The taste is something like a cross between carrot juice and the leftover warm milk after you have eaten Grape Nuts cereal. If you have ever eaten it, you understand me. It's not a terrible flavor but it's definitely not something that you try for the first time and say "Wow, now that's awesome!" It has a funky, kind of earthy taste and the taste does linger a tiny bit afterwards but it's not something that stopped me from trying it each day.

I first tried it in water, then in a bit of juice. I can say that the juice mixture was a bit better but I do recommend mixing it with a small amount of warm water first to prevent clumping. I also advise that you start off with a smaller amount so that it's easier to swallow down. Again- it's not terrible but it's easier to get used to when there's less of it to drink.

What Did I Notice From It? I do have to say that there were some noticeable plus's to using the Beet Juice Powder. Keep in mind that this is just my own personal experience so it may be different for someone else. I did notice that I had a bit more energy, my 3 o'clock lull was not dragging me down and I felt as if my mind  was a little more clear. I'm not saying that I went out and ran a marathon while reading War & Peace but I did feel a boost both mentally and physically. It was like I had a cup of coffee without the jitters.

Will I Continue to Use It? Yes, I am going to use it for awhile and see if I feel that it's a helpful supplement to my dietary needs. (See, if it was that terrible, I wouldn't) I am interested to see how it helps out my husband as well who goes to the gym regularly but is trying to increase his cardio workouts. I think he's afraid to try it out but I keep pestering him to add some into his shakes.

I would like to thank Pines for the opportunity to review their product. I do want to mention that the product was sent to me at no cost and specifically for me to review. I was not compensated in any way (other than the free product). For a complete list of their products, you can visit them at www.WheatGrass.com or check them out on Facebook.  Pines is also gluten free, certified organic, they are Non-GMO Project verified, certified kosher and they support and are member of the Natural Products Association.

Now with all of that to brag about, how can you beet that?!

photo courtesy 123rf.com


  1. I've seen beets used to make a copycat tomato sauce for people with tomato allergies. I wonder how this powder would work out in a recipe like that.

    1. Not sure, I'm wondering if it might be just a tiny bit too strong but anything is worth a try, right? Please share if you use it successfully :) ~ Tracy


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