Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winner of the Blue Bear Aware Giveaway

After Easter and Passover, everything just feels so....I don't know, almost like how we feel after Christmas. The build up, the preparation and than it's all done. Now what, right? That's why I decided to have an additional Post Easter and Passover Giveaway (click HERE). Why not? There are no rules, right? So why not brighten somebody's day when I can?

What? You missed the announcement?! Ugh, well, the good news is that I am guaranteed to have some type of giveaway in future so don't be too upset. This time around, I have a lovely package coming from Blue Bear Aware. This package includes a Zipzicle, two coloring pages and a $25 gift certificate good toward your purchase at Blue Bear Aware. And not only did they send one but they sent two! (clapping) And who are these two lucky winners?


Congratulations and thank you for participating in this giveaway! Amber and Julie, please email your shipping information so that I can get these packages out to you.  Please allow 7-10 business days for your package to arrive.

Thank you to Blue Bear Aware for not only making such cute and awesome allergy-related products but also for so generously donating these items for the giveaway. You can visit them at http://www.bluebearaware.com and you can stop at their Facebook page to see what's going on there are well.

To everyone else that participated in the giveaway and are a part of my page and blogs, thank you too! Because of all of you, I can do what I do!

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