Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spicy SunButter?!

You know that a a Food Allergy Consultant, Blogger and official SunButter Blogger that my mind is always pondering my next SunButter recipe. I try to come up with fast, easy and unique recipes utilizing SunButter because my philosophy is utilize the items that you can use. This also means thinking of ways to use them that are not the norm, giving you more of a variety and just because it's fun to do something different.

And so my latest summer creation evolved! Who loves to have a combination of protein, crunch and spiciness? Who is all for a fast recipe that can be put together in a flash,thrown onto the grill in some foil and served to last minute guests? I know that I do! And so I present my recipe for SunButter Bacon Jalapenos. (For a printable recipe, simply click HERE.)

SunButter Bacon Jalapenos
Jalapenos (cleaned)
SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread of your choice

Slice the jalapenos in a "T" slice (across the top of the stem but not all the way through, then down the middle of the pepper). Remove the pulp. Fill with SunButter and bits of bacon. Wrap an additional piece of bacon around the outside of the pepper. Place in a foil-covered pan and broil until the bacon is sizzling and cooked.

Serving sizes vary depending on how many pepper you use.

I do advise less SunButter than more as the heat makes it bubble up and out. You may also choose to use a hotter, spicier pepper as cooking the jalapenos will remove some of it's spiciness.

As always, keep an open mind and don't be afraid to try new recipes in your kitchen. I know that half the fun is just getting in there and seeing what happens. Some of my best recipes have been foods that I just throw together to see what happens. But, of course, how can anything with SunButter be bad?

Happy munching!

*A hug of gratitude to SunButter for allowing me to "play" with their delicious products and for letting me be creative to show others how allergy-friendly eating can be scrumptious.

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