Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Enjoy Life Brings New Life to Our Favorites

For as long as I can remember, Enjoy Life Foods has been an active line of allergy-friendly products in our kitchen pantry. NutriSon will be thirteen this fall (gosh!!) and I clearly remember how the selection of allergy-friendly items was so limited in the beginning stages of our journey of food allergies. Somewhere along the lines, I found Enjoy Life Foods and all of us were hooked (and satisfied and safe!). I am overjoyed that they continue to improve their products as well as introduce new items. Perhaps I am biased because then I usually get to try them out (chomp, crunch).

It seems that Enjoy Life Foods has updated their packaging and has asked me to look at a few products and share my thoughts on them. Of course (rip), I am always willing to help out (crunch) and share (hmmm, I'll hide this one for later!). How could I not? Sharing is what I do! So let's first discuss the new packaging, shall we?

I have the brand new boxes that were sent to me and I snapped a picture of the older boxes at a local Lowes Foods that carries tons of their products (yay, love that!). As you will see, the new boxes a bit "earthier", more of a "Hey, look at our yummy items" but in a calmer tone which showcases the pictures a bit more. They are still bright and cheery but I feel they appear to be more appealing at first glance while also noting that they are free of gluten, dairy and soy (the previous boxes only highlight gluten free on the front). You may also notice that the new packages proudly display that Enjoy Life Foods is a part of the Non GMO Project (we are all smiling about this!).

My one teeny, tiny request is the missing coupon on the back of the Grab & Go cookie packets. As anyone with food allergies knows, our foods are not only a bit more limited to find but they are usually a bit more expensive than your average items at the store. This means coupons are a MUST and make us all smiley and happy (which then leads to us purchasing more of the products). You know, the coupons that were on the backside of the 2 packs....here, I'll show you:

So my little plea is that Enjoy Life Foods (please) consider either adding back the coupons or maybe putting some on the cardboard packaging? (FYI, as a mom, the cardboard would be easier to cut and keep....just saying).

Recipes! This is always the fun part for me (and my family who is always willing to taste-test). I usually try to come up with some new recipes but this time, I was instantly intrigued by this Chocolate Graham Sunflower Seed Butter Bars recipe shared by Enjoy Life Foods and I had to give it a try! Not only did I try it but I decided- if I'm going to have some chocolate, then HAVE chocolate! I changed just a few ingredients (see below for substitutions used) but still an awesome recipe (thanks Enjoy Life Foods!). I didn't change it to step on anyone's toes but as a known chocoholic, I had to try it using the Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookies. Plus, I got to use SunButter so there was just no question about trying it out. The results- very, very easy to make and they taste almost like a huge chunk of a Reese's Cup (gasp!! I hate to even say that peanut-related word but that's as close to a description as I can get!) I do recommend lining the dish with parchment or wax paper for easier removal. They do need to stay in the refrigerator but we placed a few in to the freezer to pack for lunchbox desserts and it worked out just fine.

(Recipe substitutions: I used Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray for the shortening, Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookies in place of the Vanilla Honey Graham Crunchy Cookies, Arrowhead Mills Quinoa Rice & Shine Cereal in place of the quinoa flakes and 1 cup of Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips rather than just 1/2)

I am proud to say that the next few were my own creations. A fast, easy treat that is like a portable s'mores (and come on, you can't tell me these aren't just too cute to pack into those lunchboxes!) Just four simple ingredients~

S'mores Smileys
1 package Enjoy Life Foods Sugar Crisp Crunchy Cookies
1/2 Cup Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips
Winona Pure Sunflower Oil
84 Mini marshmallows
1 popsicle stick (to make eyes)

Place all of the cookies (flat side facing up) on a flat surface. Place all of the needed marshmallows in a shallow bowl for easy access and set aside.

In a medium pot on medium/low heat, combine the Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips and a squirt of the sunflower oil. Stir frequently to melt evenly. Remove from the heat.

Cover the top of the flat side of the cookies with the melted chocolate and add the marshmallows (2 for the eyes and 4 for the mouth). Dip the end of the popsicle stick into the melted chocolate and dot the eyes. Let them cool completely. Enjoy!

Makes 14 cookies

And sometimes, sadly, some of these precious cookies get broken in shipment. Have no fear- we food allergy parents have learned that we need to use everything!!! So when a package gives you crumbles, make Cookie Bark! Simply place the broken bits of cookies on some parchment paper, drizzle with melted Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate and let cool. Voila- instant treat! This is also an easy recipe for allergy-friendly class party bags, holiday gifts in a jar or for mommy's secret stash.

Oh, you still have more melted chocolate leftover? Gosh, we can't just toss it- that's like liquid gold! When in doubt, dip your whole cookies into the melted chocolate and let them cool for a cheery but slightly different packable snack. (Is it me or do your children get excited when they find cookies that are just a bit out of the norm?) And it's like I said before, if you're going to have some chocolate then have some chocolate! I only repeat the things worth repeating.

As always, I am ever so thankful to Enjoy Life Foods for including me in these reviewing processes. As one of their Preferred Bloggers, I am grateful to have the honor to see what else I can do to help raise allergy-friendly awareness while showing everyone how tasty the world of food allergies can be. Remember, having food allergies does not mean you should limit your diet- you want to expand it. And when we are offered reliable products from a company that continues to help us expand our diets, we can only do one thing ~

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