Friday, September 12, 2014

There's a New Wave of Lunchs Coming!

During my yearly school shopping efforts, I happened to come across a reusable lunch bag. At first glance, my immediate mom-budget brain kicked in and being so zoned in on school shopping, I dismissed it as I am admittedly cheap when it comes to lunch bags. But alas, NutriDaughter (who has a weird fascination with containers and boxes of all sizes) grabbed one and continued to open it up to show me all of the items stashed inside. "Look!" she pleaded "It's not just the lunch bag, it's got all of the containers and a water bottle! I could fit all of my lunch in this. Look at it, mom!" And, as many moms do while shopping with their children, I murmured "Not today" and we walked on.

But the nagging did not stop there. NutriDaughter began to lecture me on how much it usually costs for just a lunch bag alone plus separate containers and a water bottle (which we go through like mad since none of them are ever leak-proof or fit inside of an actual lunch bag). "I will pack my own lunch every single day. They have all of the containers- one for my fruit, a veggie, a wrap, chips, and I don't know what that meshy-thing was but I could put stuff in that too!" Yes, NutriDaughter did have a valid point. So I decided to investigate it further with NutriDaughter at my side, of course. And much to my daughter's happiness, a product review was requested and thus began the waiting game which ends every single school day with "Did we get the lunch bag yet?!"

The lunch bag is produced by New Wave Enviro Products. The Litter Free Lunch Kits include 1 BPA-free reusable bottle, 4 BPA-free reusable containers and the insulated lunch bag. And, as pointed out by NutriDaughter, the inside also contains a mesh pocket for additional storage. Even better, all of the containers are safe for the dishwasher and the microwave (dishwasher safe- yay but microwaving...not so much. To each his own I guess).

New Wave Enviro Products also sent me one of their 12 ounce stainless steel water bottles as well. As a mom, this water bottle is awesome. Why? The stainless steel water bottle is different- not only does it also fit interchangeably in the Litter Free Lunch Kit but I decided to give  it a 24 hour drip test (upside down, in a bowl in the fridge). The result? Not a single drop- just a dry bowl and a full water bottle that was ready to be used in another lunch. For all of you out there laughing at me, it's ok. I am assuming that you either don't have children or do not use reusable water bottles because if you did, you would be nodding your had in agreement as to how this is so wonderful to hear.

We've Heard the Pro's, any Con's? The only teeny, tiny mention would be the sealing factor of the containers. The containers are great, they all fit inside of the lunch bag and stack however, I noticed that the tops do not stay closed as tightly as I would prefer they did. My thoughts are flashing forward to younger children using this at school, talking with their friends at lunch and spilling the contents. But in the vast scheme of the world's issues, is this a deal-breaker? Nope. I am still very happy about the product and the basis of how the company if encouraging all of us to help the environment.

Who Wants a Chance to Get One Too?! Because I am so excited about this product, I was even more excited when New Wave Enviro Products offered to be on of the Sponsors for the upcoming Mega Allergy-Friendly Giveaway starting Monday! What, you haven't heard about it?!! Beginning September 15th, myself and multiple companies have teamed up to bring one lucky person a slew of 36 item to win. Intrigued and excited? Mark your calendars and get over to Brothers-All-Natural to enter right HERE (please note this link will not be active until Monday, September 15th). Please feel free to share the contest news as it is open to all.

A big, grateful thank you to New Wave Enviro Products for allowing me to review these adorable lunch bags. I can tell you that it is already in immediate use and has been fully claimed by NutriDaughter who was generous enough to give the additional water bottle to NutriSon. As I tend to say often "I wish something like a new lunch bag would make me that happy!" but honestly, this one does.

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