Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Why Winona?" Winner

As many of you know, I have teamed up with Winona Pure Oils to host a biweekly giveaway. (In case you missed the original post that announced the details, you can view it HERE.) The plan is that I share some difficult pictures of foods and meals that I have made utilizing Winona Pure Oils Popcorn Butter Spray. Those who commented and were correct were entered to win. I have to say, there were some very interesting guesses to my odd pictures but I love that everyone had their thinking caps on.

I am happy to announce that the contest winner for this round of "Why Winona?" is

Hayley Wallace!

Hayley, please send your shipping information to me at so that Winona Pure Oils can get you your goodies ASAP (well, please be patient and give them 7-10 business days to ship it out)

So what were these pictures? Let's have a look and find out:

Cinnamon & Sugar Waffle Bites
A great alternative to cinnamon toast- simply add Winona Pure Oils Popcorn Butter spray to your favorite waffles, add cinnamon & sugar and cut into bite-sized pieces. Perfect for for a snack or for little fingers.

Rice Pasta Water
By adding a touch of Winona Pure Oils Popcorn Butter spray to your gluten free pasta while boiling not only helps keep it from sticking but it also adds a nice, buttery flavor.

Warm Amaranth Cereal
Add some Winona PureOils Popcorn Butter spray to have a buttery, warming cereal. Need a recipe? I've got that for you right HERE

 Baked Chicken
Add Winona Pure Oils Popcorn Butter spray before you bake it and enjoy the buttery taste with the added bonus of keeping it moist.

Thank you to Winona Pure Oils for making such great, allergy-friendly products that are safe for so many families and can be used in such a wide variety of ways. I am grateful and honored to help share your product with so many people.

Are you still asking yourself "Why Winona?"?! I invite you to view all of their products and information at 
AND next week, I will be posting another chance to win some products so stay tuned!

*Nutrimom is proudly sponsored by Winona Pure Oils for this years AANMA (Asthma and Allergy Network Mothers of Asthmatics) Anaphylaxis Summit.

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