Monday, October 20, 2014

Soap Nuts, What?!

I know what you are probably thinking- Oh my, not another product that I have to avoid. Do I have to contact them to see what else they produce? Is it something that also limits our families products because of our allergies?

I am happy to say no to all of the above. Not only is the Soap Nuts Liquid that I used free of nuts, it's also non-toxic, organic and it's even got a 90 day money back guarantee. I know this is starting to sound a bit like an infommercial so let me get back to what I thought and why.

In my personal journey of food allergies and how foods effect everything in our lives, I have even began to look at non-food items as well. The more I learn, the less I feel good about everyday items that I have purchased and used for so many years. I know I may sound a bit "earthy-crunchy" but everything truly it connected. What we put into our bodies, our soil, our water- all of this impacts all of us. So I try to do my part to the best of my abilities, which also means finding better products to help me do that.

What I Noticed
First thing I noticed was the scent of this liquid- it's kind of a gentle smell, similar to flowers in the garden but not at all overpowering. I myself am sensitive to strong, overpowering scents- so much so that I have had to return items because they just made me ill (headaches, clogged nose, etc). The Soap Nuts Liquid didn't bother me a bit. When you squirt it into the washer, you can smell it a bit stronger at first but once everything is washed and dried, it just seems like a faint built-in fabric softener kind of smell. You know, that kind of comfy, warm cuddly blanket smell.

I doubted at first because there were no suds or bubbles. You know moms- we need proof that it was cleaned (like all of those times you smell your kid's hands to make sure they used soap). I mean look- where were the bubbles and how did my clothes actually get clean? Then I remembered that I cannot control everything and I just went with it. I was pleasantly surprised- my clothes were soft, smelled nice and nobody had any reactions to anything.

Just as a side note, I tried one load with just a shirt and pair of pants of my son's and had him wear them all day while we were home in case he had a reaction. I'm happy to report that he said repeatedly how much softer they were and he was reaction-free.

Then, I decided I was going to to be Super Mom and test the amount of loads that it said it yields (120 loads). The woman who sent me the product to try was probably rolling her eyes after reading my email telling her this but it's all good. So did I actually do 120 loads of laundry? Uh, no! Because after going through about 20 and not even getting through half the bottle, I hung my head and decided to again trust in the product. I mean gosh, who truly wants to do 120 loads of laundry anyway?!

I also tested the product on a long time friend NutriDaughter's- Poodley. Poodley has been at my daughter's side since she was about two years old and has never been washed (ugh, I know, I know! But I was always a super clean freak mom and Poodley never went anywhere except her bedroom). My daughter was also reluctant- what if Poodley didn't make it? What if she fell apart or ripped? The world would end and she would never sleep peacefully again. After much debate, NutriDaughter handed her over to me for a bath in the washer. I am happy to report that Poodley not only survived but she is fluffy, soft and has that added comfy smell.

Notice how fluffy her little pink paws are now and how her ears are poofier (I only use very technical terms).

Overall Thoughts

  • Scent is good, easy to use (comes with it's own dispenser), small container versus the usual store-bought plastic bottles and price is comparable. Soap Nuts Liquid 8 ounce bottle sells for $18.95 for 120 loads which is about the same as what you would pay for your usual neighborhood food store detergent except that Green Virgin Products offers a money back guarantee (so, win-win, right?).  
  • Would I buy it? Absolutely! (And if Green Virgin Products ever feels the need to send me some, please feel free it would be appreciated).   
  • Anything that I would change about it? Just a tiny suggestion- consider having a see through bottle so that you can have a better idea of when your liquid supply is getting low. Better to have it for when you need it so you are less likely to run to the store and get the detergent that you used to use just because it's already there.
  • Additional thoughts- I would love to try more of their products and be able to find them at a local store in my area (I am a stickler for mail order).
Want to know more about them? You can find them at as well as Facebook and Twitter. If you decide to check them out, please let them know that lovable, old Nutrimom sent you to see them. I don't get anything other than the knowledge that I passed their name along to others. 

Thank you to Green Virgin Products for sending me your product and asking for my thoughts. I would like to say as with any product review that I have done in the past, I am never compensated other than receiving the products that I review as my opinion is always my own. 


  1. Looking at that bottle, I assumed you were talking about a hand soap through more than half of this post, ha! I actually had a reaction to a hand soap at my aunt and uncle's house a few years ago--didn't realize the bathroom soap had nuts until I started eating some finger food for dinner. Bleah.

    Anyway, I've been there on the child anxiety when cleaning their loveys. My sons' animals get semi-regular baths inside a pillowcase, often following an overnight leak--there's just no choice, usually. :) Thanks for the product suggestion. With my own allergy, I certainly would have passed them by with a name like that, but it is nice to find green products.

    1. So glad to have given you a new option, Eileen & thank you for being a part of what I do, I appreciate it :)


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