Monday, November 17, 2014

Free Food Allergy Answers

I am all for sharing, especially when it involves helping others feel less overwhelmed when dealing with food allergies. I have been there- I have been that parent that had zillions upon zillions of questions that not only went unanswered but were not answered correctly. I am happy to share that there is now a free, down loadable booklet for all of you who just want simple, precise answers and information on what to expect as a food allergic parent.

Kathy Penrod (author of Tumptin's Sneeze and MyKidsFoodAllergies) and Mary Ellen Ellis  have put together a collection of everything that you need to know after receiving a food allergy diagnosis. The book "An Overview of Food Allergies for Parent in Need of Answers" is less than 30 pages but it has easy to read information that guides you through the basic questions that many of us have once our world has been halted by food allergies. This ebook includes:

- What are Food Allergies?
- Types of Food Allergies
- How are Food Allergies Diagnosed?
- Treatments for Food Allergies
- Avoiding Food Allergens
- Living With Food Allergens

Each chapter is just a handful of pages but they all include helpful information, food allergy myths, quick links for additional support and a breakdown of other names to look for on labels for the top eight allergens.

This is something that I would love to see available in physician and allergy specialist's offices to help explain so many of the facts that are very often just not described by our medical professionals.Unlike some of the materials that most of us are given after a diagnosis, Kathy's ebook stays on the side of pleasant pictures and facts ( none of those scary photos that are usually used inside a food allergy pamphlet). And, it's FREE- one less thing to add to our worry list.

As a Food Allergy Consultant/Blogger/Author/Mother, I highly recommend this ebook to others. I suggest this be used within food allergy support groups for newcomers, passed along to doctors that your family feels may need to give some extra guidance to other families as well and even sent to other family members who are unsure about what a food allergy diagnosis means going forward.

Knowledge is power and safety should always be the first priority in keeping our families safe. I'm thankful that Kathy has shared her knowledge with us to keep our families that much safer. To get your free copy of this ebook now, simply visit MyKidsFoodAllergies at and download it now.

Special thanks to Kathy for asking me to review her ebook- I am honored to have been asked.

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