Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free Gluten Free Holiday Recipes

Who needs some fast, gluten-free recipes for the Thanksgiving holiday next week? Who needs recipes for the entire holiday season? I do, I do!!! We are in luck- Pam Jordan (also known as I'm A Celiac) has a free ebook available on Amazon right now! I do admit, I felt privileged to have been offered a sneak peek but it's available to all of you right now (just click HERE to be zoomed away to the magical land of gluten free) so please make sure you get your copy and share with others who can use it as well.

Are you curious what is in this holiday cookbook? My first instinct is to insist that you download it right now but for those of you who like a little information first, I'd be happy to give you a quick breakdown. Although it's a shorter book (21 pages), Pam gives a variety of appetizers, side dishes, main dishes and desserts (Mmmm, desserts!). She adds in helpful holiday tips to dine safely and she offers a list of the products that are used in all of the recipes in her book including a direct link to make it that much easier for the reader to get what they need before the holidays jump on us. How's that for skipping all of those long lines at the stores?!

For those of you who may be new to a gluten free diagnosis, Pam Jordan is an author/blogger/mother who has Celiac Disease and is one awesome supportive person to help all of us so we don't starve or feel the least bit unsatisfied with our gluten free diets. She shares tips, recipes, menus and most of all, Pam is a regular down-to-earth person just like you and I. Her passion to help other people shows through in everything that she does (which is why I personally like her).

Thanks to Pam for looking out for all of us and for continuing to help us through the difficult times of the year. Download your copy now for free and please share with others as sharing is caring. (Well, I'm sure you were going to do that anyway!) For your speedy, still-sitting-in-jammy-shopping experience, here is the link

Enjoy the recipes and eat safely <3

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