Wednesday, January 7, 2015

After-Holiday Giveaway NOW!

In true Nutrimom fashion, I could not help but gather bunches of wonderful companies together to give everyone a chance to enter yet another contest. I like to give back when I can, I like to share products that I find along my journey and I am so grateful when they help me to give back to all of you as well. And, it seems that perhaps I just cannot help myself as each giveaway seems to get bigger than the last one. Don't believe me? My last giveaway was 9 brands, 36 items and that was so much fun for me to watch all of you enter & share (missed it? Click here). But alas, my spirit grew listless again and so, I began my new quest and I was again surprised at how many companies were just as excited as I was to give all of you a wonderful gift after the holidays.

Details, we need details, don't we?! 
In short, this contest will run from January 8-16th (2 winners to be announced on January 19th). And although I arranged all of our companies, Brothers-All-Natural was kind enough to be our giveaway host on their site (thanks guys, you rock!).

Prizes, What are the Prizes?!
Ok, you asked for it. Hold onto your seats because this one is a doozy! 2 winners will each receive:

Ready to Enter? 


Enter and share, share, share (please share) 

Just a gentle reminder- to show how grateful you are that all of these companies wanted to do this for you, please make sure you visit their sites and give them a "Like". The more attention they get, the more we get too!


  1. Awesome! I'm sharing it on my blog for Friday Freebies.

    1. Wonderful, thanks Rozelyn! Make sure you enter too & good luck :)


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